Recap: David answers what makes an item an antique?

Host: It is Tuesday and we are back on David Goldstein from Biltmore Loan and Jewelry, and we’re in your office now and everything from the lake swan to diamond tiniest bracelet. You are really take pride in finding out the value of somebody’s belonging. So what is it exactly that you do?

David: We lend it or we buy. Basically on anything that you own value and value is a really difficult term sometimes for relative to each of every person. So we try to do all the research on it and sometimes, unfortunately we have to disappoint people as well. Because sometimes there is none big resell on market for some thing. And it brings to mind that we have some great portfolio come in and some great lithographs recently from 20’s to 30’s just not a great value to them, There’s no resell market to them. So we really do is, we fill gaps for people when they need to borrow or sell something it could be for business or it could be for something for that you just wanna unclutter.

Host: Right because a lot of people collecting are overtime. Alright David has agreed to do some fun facts maybe some little mythbusting off with me and I wanna ask you just a series of question and tell me the answer so, what makes something an antique?

David: You know that’s the question that you know of people use that term. This is an antique, all the time. The legal definition is a hundred years old, takes all the way back to 1914. There are still things from the 20’s and 30’s recently that people do consider an antique but the legal definitions is a hundred years.

Host: Does vintage mean old?

David: Not even a little. Vintage could be week old, literally. Vintage is more a decorative term for used or second hand.

Host: What is the best way to clean a diamond?

David: Asked that often. Interesting, I give the easiest thing I’d chose a little ammonium water maybe a little toothbrush, that’s the simplest. Over the years, I’ve told many people you can use polident or alcasoap. The effervescence best actually works ultrasonic. It might even help again using little toothbrush.

Host: Interesting and how often should we clean diamonds?

David: As often as you like, the more you touch them with your hands or body oils will change, the way that the diamond refract light.

Host: Oh, Interesting. Does a diamond mean? or Is the diamond be most valuable gemstone?

David: You know that’s great question. In average person would say yes. Diamond is the most expensive gemstone. In certain colors, if it’s a rare color, yes. But a white diamond as we know the best quality of white diamond versus the best quality of a fine ruby. Believe it or not, the ruby could dwarf the cost of a diamond. So no, it is not the most expensive gemstone.

Host: Is one hundred year old jewelry always valuable?

David: No, it depends on what people and cycles are in fashion that brings them back into the cycle of people wearing them again.

Host: Interesting and my last question if I had a rolex would you be able to term what year was made?

David: Interesting, Rolex is one of the few companies that in between the mugs of their watches they put serial number on one side and a model number on the other. The serial number will tell you exactly the year that the watch was made. So yes, that is true.

Host: Ok, well if you got a question for David and his team here at Biltmore Loan and Jewelry here’s how you can email them at Biltmore Loan and Jewelry here’s you can email them question or even a photo of something you have around your home that might have valuable. To find out how much your stuff maybe worth email them at [email protected] you can also give David and his team a call there’s Scottsdale location at 480-991 5626 and there’s a new Chandler location at 480 705 5626 you can also email visit their website Both locations does not require appointments.