Recap: David brings Silver to Sonoran Living

Host: Do you have some amazing sterling silver  laying around your house, maybe something like this and you don’t want it anymore and you think “I think this may have some value”. Well you’ve got the right place today that’s gonna tell you what its worth. This is Biltmore Loan, David Goldstein its Tuesday from Biltmore Loan and Jewelry. It so great to see you.

David: It’s good to be here.

Host: This is gorgeous. I love everything on the table, but we just don’t see it anymore. I mean when I was growing up I remember my Grandmother would be sitting in there getting it all polished and…

David: all the single silver

David brings Silver to Sonoran Living

Host:  (continue speaking) … ready for the big meals that we would have as a family, but not anymore.

David: And this is why you know the whether is changing now. People are cleaning their houses out. The garage cleaning time, the house cleaning time. What we really do is try to bring a value to the things that you’re not using anymore.

Host: Sure..sure..

David: So silver happen to be a great example because it’s not in our lifestyle. Our lifestyle is not fancy like this that were gonna use a tureen to serve a coffee and milk  and creamers like this.

Host: Not just the tureen  David, but tureen with  a pearl handle on it really.

David: Yes it’s actually an Ivory handle.

Host: Oh.. gosh..

David: with an external that is made out in sterling from the 1950’s

Host: Gorgeous!

David: But understand that when it was made, silver was 2 ½ dollars an ounce so it was considered elite but now that silver has gone up 10x that, the value of the silver has outweighed the value of artistry so what where really trying to do is tell people and use this as an example it may not be silver, it may be gold, it maybe a piece of art, it may be a piece of land, or maybe a car or maybe an antique or collectible you have. The bottomline is Biltmore is there to give a loan to you against it and or buy from you at a serious price.

Host: And you’ve said it many times you are the Modern Day Bank.

David: We are the Modern Day Bank and we look… this week.. you know We noticed on the paper this week  on Sunday there’s a 100 different ads for people to buy buy buy. What we try to bring expertise so if you want a professional expert opinion, we really really would like you to come in and I think you’ll find the difference.

Host: And I mean obviously we can look at the beauty and all of this  but some of these pieces let’s be real ok some of this they haven’t been polished in a while, they don’t look so great perhaps but you’re saying It doesn’t matter what condition your stuff is in.

David: No

Host: (continue speaking) at least find out the value, see what its worth because you can look through the fact that it needs to be polish and…

David: Frequently we find the diamond in a rough and frequently we find something that we have to say I’m sorry this is really gonna have no value.

Host: But let’s address that? Let’s address that, I wanna hear you tell folks out there because not everything is worth something, don’t get your feelings hurt but you gonna give the honest truth.

David: One of my favorite lines is that I’m not always the bearer of good news but I am always the bearer of the truth and what I really trying to do is help people that “Look, I can’t tell you what you wanna hear but I’m gonna give you a real number and real facts  on this and consequently, if you come in you will find out about it” and we encourage them to get a second and third opinion because about 98% of our customers either come back or are repeat customers.

Host: Alright, well tell us the value of… I know different of folks owned this. What’s the value of something like this?

David: Well let’s start with this tea set. this was $4000 tea set.

Host: $4000 tea set.

David: We actually purchased that and there’s a perfect example of something that someone’s not gonna be using today that they can turn it to cash or a loan.

Host: How about the flatware?

David: the flatware will range in and this is a real typical example of what you see a lot of people having around today is odds or ends or pieces you know they are not complete sets… that kind of thing and then not using stoney flatware. This is ranging $1000 to $2000.

Host: Ok there you go thousands of dollar on this table if you are cleaning out your garage. Maybe have something in your living room or in your kitchen you wanna know the value, snap a photo send over the team there [email protected]. They will asses your merchandise and get back with you. You can also give them a call at (480) 991-LOAN appointments are not required. Visit them at or you can also follow them on We’re just getting started, David has some more beautiful things still ahead.