Recap: David Brings Vintage Art Deco Jewelry

Host: …. my outfit changed just a little bit from the first half hour. I love it when David drapes me in jewels and he has done that this morning. David Goldstein from Biltmore Loan and Jewelry with some great examples of how you can get the most money for the stuff that you have around your home. And this is one of those items that you just put it on me, i love it .. i said sure this is something that you found over the summer.

David: Yeah this is something, somebody brought in. This is a probably a Victorian piece because It’s silver and Gold which was done in that period but it’s really really, interesting how you could see the diamond are very much larger than you normally see in that period and the turquoise which so in style today. So when you see a piece like that it… just having its original roots that really make it very interesting having a beautiful model to put it on

Host: Oh. Thank you.

David: Makes it much better

Host: Well I love it because the soon you pull it out you said (Susan) I know you don’t like antiques.

David: Antiques, jewelry

Host: But I said, oh my gosh! this is more vintage it feels more vintage to me

David: This is probably the 1930s

Host: Right

David: But it’s just so in style today because people are wearing these color contrasts.

Host: Absolutely

David: And being a cross, it really has that much more appeal to it. And then some of the other pieces brought from the art deco period which you see a beautiful sapphire, a diamond ring here and emerald and diamond bracelet. A fabulous ruby and diamond ring and an opal diamond ring what’s interesting about the pieces they are original and being original in their original mining is really what brings the value to it. And so often I see people bring half a stone taken out of their mounting and I say to them do you have original mining, oh yes but I didn’t like it and we have to bring that in together that brings a much greater total value to it.

Host: Well This piece are you saying is that you actually design this piece.

David: What we did is we took the original piece and added on a change to it. This is actually original up until here.

Host: So what is this value.

David: The value of that is somewhere between seventeen thousand five hundred (17,500)to twenty thousand (20,000) because it has a very large stone on it. You don’t realize that there’s a..

Host: So the person who owns this might have said you know, I’m not gonna be able to wear it again because it’s broken.

David: And that we try to do generally is to look original necklace, to put it back together. This, we brought today to show so it could be wearable but there’s seven carats of diamond in there and larger stones and what we really trying to do is to bring that expertise to you. So many times we see people come in that they’ve gone to it either an auction house or a consignment store or we buy gold store. We don’t like to compare ourselves to that because we buy it and and or we can loan on it.

Host: How much is this?

David: A bracelet like this is art deco with emeralds and diamonds is the bracelet that we paid twenty thousand (20,000) dollars for it and knowing where to go with it and knowing who the customer is, is really our big advantage.

Host: And look how gorgeous this is? Oh, my… much?

David: Yes, and this is not expensive ring, this is a thousand dollar ring but again original vintage and this is a fabulous ruby original vintage ring and so frequently we’re confronted with the person that you know has a situation where they need a short term loan. That’s where it’s beautiful, we allow them to loan it or sell it.

Host: And that’s the beauty of what you all do. You know, you’re the modern day…what do you say?

David: We are the modern day bank, we buy or loan on anything you own.

Host: Well if you never seen a segment with David or maybe you are just new to our show he’s been gone all summer collecting and finding out the new trends. He gonna explain what his business does on our next segment with him. But if you have anything around the house right now maybe you’ve cleaned out your garage over labor day or you clean out your jewelry box give them a call or send them an email. Snap a photo [email protected] you can call them in their Scottsdale location, at 480-991-5626 or in Chandler location at 480-705-5626 you can also email them or visit their website at No appointments needed!