Recap: David has a Visitor at the Scottsdale Location

Host: You know normally every Tuesday David Goldstein from Biltmore Loan and Jewelry comes to our Sonoran living home well today I’m in your home, this is your office David It’s beautiful!

David: We are so pleased to have you here we have spent the last 3 months in your home and we do try tell you through pictures and some wording what out operation is like and how we operate now. I think today is a special day that we get to have you. Your whole team out here to see how we operate.

Host: Yeah because they’re gonna get to really see how it all works so we’re at your office right now. We always say that you know you pride yourself on being confidential and providing people with privacy. So tell me when, first of all why somebody come to Biltmore Loan and Jewelry?

David: A lots of reasons, a hosts of reasons and most importantly they need finances. Whether it be short term, long term, whether they need a loan or whether they need to sell and they can come here and generally the experience you and I are having right now is a typical experience will have on a client. We’ll sit out here, we talk to them about the situation and then you see we’ll go back on our next visit back and how it’s gonna work from there. This is a typical scenario- sit down and see the problem talk about issues and see what we can do help.

Host: And one of the things that David has told over and over again is that this is really.. this is private a lot of people who are struggling if you need some money it could be somewhat embarrassing and this is the opportunity for people to keep their dignity.

David: Its all about professionalism. With us it is about the experience coming in here knowing your banker’s name, knowing our name we come in, we talk we know them personally. We know the situation, we work with them when the banks can’t work with them.

Host: Right Ok. So when people come in I think it also important that you just can’t just show up. I mean you really need to have an appointment because of that reason it is a very secure environment here. (Update – you no longer need to set an appointment for both our locations in Scottsdale and Chandler – just walk in!)

David: It is very secure environment for both the client as well as for ourselves and as you see we’re in a triple A office building in Scottsdale. We’ve want it to be discreet.

Host: So you also encourage people to make sure that they go out and get other quotes, gather information, should they bring all of that with them when they come to see you?

David: Well we frequently promote that. You know it really was the crux of this business, Uhm model from Day 1 was then we went out and tested the market to see what people were paying, we do yes we try to instigate our client and to go get another bids so they can see how reasonable it this.

Host: Is there anything that you won’t loan on or purchase?

David: It’s a difficult question needless to say as you know, I’m a product junkie of a lot of different sorts. My name is David. I have not bought anything for 12 hours. Uhm the real reality is we try to bring a market into some things, but some things are unmarketable. We just have to very respectfully say that it might look better on your shelf.

Host: What’s it worth to you, What’s its worth to David what could be loaned or paid for. Send a photograph with the description to [email protected] and like we said earlier you don’t need to make an appointment. Love to see you. Love to know what you’ve got. 10830 N Scottsdale Road, in Scottsdale. Call us today at (480) 991- 5626 or log on to