Recap: Get treated BETTER at Biltmore Loan – we are today’s modern bank

Host: We are back with David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan and we’re talking about your items today and how you can get the most value for them if you’re in a financial slump or you’ve just got stuff you wanna get rid of, you’re not wearing it anymore. You’ve bought a plethora of items on this table and I want people at home to understand, “What do you do? What is your niche?”

David: And Biltmore Loan was a concept that we came up five years ago that I like to say is the new bank. Only 1% of our population really today gets treated by bank in the proper way, or could borrow or could work with the bank if you had a business or a restaurant or something that you’re waiting for commission you could be a realtor..any of those businesses they can run into cashflow issues. Now it may not be just a cashflow issue, it could be you really just have something you don’t use anymore…

Host: Right, they don’t need it.

David: …the kids don’t want. The baby boomers were different generations from the millenials that we had all these stuff. What we really do is bring a first class environment and a passion to loving the stuff to finding its second lives.

Host: Alright.`

David: That’s basically what we do.

Host: Okay so I want you to kinda focus right here, right. This is two piles of stuff and we were digging through it just a minute ago. This is an old wedding ring that’s somebody has you know you don’t wear it anymore.

David: You know…

Host: What would you do with that?

David: And so a piece like that might get melted and then we’ll take the diamond and reuse it in another piece.

Host: Okay…

David: So and in this you see sterling pieces, here you see native American jewelry, there you see Tiffany and some coins, that type of things. We are today’s modern bank with the experts. We’re not a gold-buying operation, we’re not silver-buying operation, we’re not coin dealers. We’re experts in coins, silver, gold, antiques, collectibles, we do high end handbags, we do cars, we do lands. Anything that you may have that you have always wondered what the value is, we finally give you an ebay on…in a brick and mortar environment. Where you’re dealing with professionals that have experience in this and gonna bring a monetary value whether buy it, lend on it, or sell it.

Host: And the good thing is if you don’t know the value, you’ll do the research, you and your team of experts will go the the extra mile for me.

David: We will. We have about 85 years experience in jewelry, art, in antiques and collectibles and we see all types of antiques. It could be toys, it could be that someone was a fishing collector, we just got a huge fishing rod collection. Okay, we get a lot of native American collections. People collect all types of things. Then when they leave, there isn’t necessarily someone  who wants to continue the collection. What we do is facilitate either buying, selling or brokering that off, and this is just one of many items that we show.

Host: Right, we’re showing a some of the brick and mortar that you were referring to, this is your Chandler office  and you have a new location in Scottsdale, congratulations!

David: And we’re really excited about that you could now walk in without an appointment.

Host: And I want people to understand though if you do have some items like this in your jewelry box or whatever you’re not using… What is this worth ’cause you will melt it down and what is the value–

David: On this side you have about $28,000 and on this side you have about $15,000 – $18,000.

Host: Wow, so people –

David: But the beauty is if you have a signed piece, or if you had a piece from Cartier or Van Cleef, I’m passionate about that, I’m going to find the value no matter what the piece is, so if you bring in you will see the Biltmore difference.

Host: And if I have a ring David that I do wanna keep some of these stones will you help me with that as well?

David: Absolutely we could redesign it for you, I’ve been, I have 35 years of jewelry experience myself as a gemologist and you’re gonna see more options and we’re gonna give you more abilities to do what you would like to do.

Host: alright so if you wanna, if you’ve got some valuables and you want David and his team to look at them, email to [email protected]. If you wanna give them a call you can get a free evaluation there’s Scottsdale location (480) 991 LOAN or their Chandler location both locations except walk ins (480) 705 LOAN. You could also visit their website or if you wanna buy something that you see David bring on our show go to