Recap: Sell your Artwork, Crystal, Bronze Statues and more to Biltmore Loan

Host: We’re back now with David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan and he has all the details that you need to know on how you can get help if you need a little money and you have some treasures lying around and the beauty of this is art comes in so many forms. You bring incredible items on our show and today is no exception.

David Goldstein

David: You know, art does come in a lot forms and necessarily you know, we talk about needing money to sell or to borrow, but a lot of times it’s not about that. It’s about an estate that’s been handed down, there’s no use for. It’s the downsizing there isn’t room for. So this was a situation where, this is a really special photograph. This is a actual photograph by Peter Lik, who was an Australian born photographer who has now has 9 galleries in the U.S and was a, this particular picture is so good that it was inducted into this Smithsonian Institute.

Host: Wow!

David: And this is called “The Ghost” and it was actually taken here in Antelope Canyon Arizona and…

The Ghost

Host: Wow!

David: And it’s just fabulous because of the rarity of the way the light reflected, this has a value of anywhere from 18,000 to 35,000.

Host: And not many of this made correct?

David: 950.

Host: Wow!

David: 950 of those and here were kinda go along and you can see here, the next piece we’re talking about is an Erte statue, ok and this is a bronze done by Erte in the 1980’s and this one is even more special because this was an artist proof. So when we look on the back of this, we’ll see if we gonna close here that this is 1 of 8 where most of these are one of a thousand.

Erte statue

Host: And those are heavy. I tried to pick this up in the commercial break and I could not, can’t do with one hand.

David: Yeah it’s solid bronze and being 1 of 8 versus a typical Erte which might bring $3,000 this is gonna bring in there 30 to 40 thousand dollars.

Host: Can I flip this back over…

David: Sure.

Host: Or can you flip  this back over…

David: Sure.

Host: How important is that?

David: This is everything and this tells you artist proof 1 of number 8 and when it was done. Now, most of them are gonna tell you that there’s a thousand of them made.

Host: Right!

David: So that’s what makes that so much rare.

Painted Forest

Host:  Ok, we’re gonna lift up this last piece and this blew…

David:Really beautiful

Host: My mind because this is a picture right?

David: This another photograph, now art comes in oil paintings, waters and photographs and this particular one is also done by Peter Lik and this is called the “Painted Forest”.

Host: Oh, it’s gorgeous!

David: And this is, everybody does look out this morning and said “Are you sure that’s not an oil that’s been enhanced?” Because it’s quite lovely and very important. And again, these are things that people had in their house. They don’t have, maybe they don’t have a wall for the length of it  anymore. This is a paint, a picture, a photograph that has a value of somewhere around $68,000.

Host: And you made a very interesting point and a very important point David. Estates sales happen all the time, so say for instance, you know you’re part of that in the estate sell, you’re the child your parent have passed on and they have amazing valuable things, they can take them to you and you will give them a very spare price but you will also do the homework on what these things are worth.

David: That’s, what it’s about Susan its about the homework because you know you have yard sales, garage sales and estate sales. They don’t know what they have.

Host: Yeah.

David: So let us do the homework for you. And believe it or not in our environment you’ll see they bring a much better price. Whether its crystal, art comes in so many different forms: crystal, silver, bronzes, paintings, fake photographs. Bring it in, let us do the homework I  think you’d be surprised many times.

Host: Yes, and it’s David and his team. He has a team of people doing the work for you. If you want to find out how much your valuables may be worth, e-mail them at [email protected] or you can give them a call, they have two locations, Call them in Scottsdale at (480) 991-5626. Their Chandler location, at (480) 705-5626. No appointments required. You can also email them and then go to their website at

Host: Hey mom! Go clean out your jewelry box cause I got something to tell you, ok? When you go through it and you think you know what, you come across some items you think, you know what, I’m kinda done with these, I love them, I treasure them but you know what, I just don’t need them anymore. This is the man you called David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan and Jewelry. He is back with us and this is the deal, David is that it doesn’t matter whether not you want to sell sometimes you can actually loan on some of these valuables that we have cause we might not be ready to give them up.

David: There’s a lot of reasons Terry that people liquidate, get rigid off or loan on different things. It could be just a small emergency, it could be just a short term thing or could just be uncluttering.

Host: Aha.

David: And that’s the really big thing we see today with baby boomers. We’re getting handed down things all the time and were just not using them.

Host: Yeah and here it’s just a good example.

David: Yeah this is a great example.

Host: Which one you wanna start with?

David: I think this is a great example right here. Now, here’s a solid 18 carat gold watch. Ok? That looks beautiful and was interesting. One of our camera guy was looking at it earlier saying…

Host: Wow! It’s heavy.

David: That was his favorite.

Host: Yeah.

Gold Watch

David: This is what we talk about value. This is really worth all of the gold that’s in it. It has no intrinsic value as a watch because it’s Concord brand which today, Concord doesn’t make really gold watches and with a price of gold it would be to expensive to make this watch. So this really only brings close to melt.

Host: Ok, so that something to keep in mind you know, but that’s where you come in because I might look at this and know that, you know it’s heavy it’s really gold, thinking it’s worth a zillion dollars.

David:  Or not knowing its gold.

Host: Alright! or maybe it’s not gold.

David: Or maybe it’s not.

Host: That’s what you gonna tell me!

1970's Rolex GMT

David: And that’s what our expertise is. Here a 1970’s Rolex GMT and this is interesting because this watch is called “The Pepsi Watch”. And it’s called “The Pepsi Watch” because the blue and the red and when this watch came out it wasn’t very popular. People didn’t really like it. Highly collectable today.

Host:  Oh! Shasha.. really?

David: So at the time when this watch came out it about a 15 hundred dollars watch, retail.

Host: What it is now?

Davis: And now is a 55 hundred dollar watch in the market.

Host: Wow!

David: So, the…

Host: So sometimes you should hang on to those corky little things, this is what I’m hearing.

David: The things that don’t sell…s

Host: Yeah.

David: When they first come out, end up becoming collectibles.

Host: That’s hilarious.

David: Yeah.

1943 Patek Philippe Watch

Host: What is this? What’s special about this?

David: This is really special.

Host: Or is there something special? Now, on my first glance on this, untrained eye, I think ” Ok, it’s a nice watch”.

David: Right, plain leather strap gold, ok. This is what’s really cool. This is a 1943 Patek Philippe  Watch, retro, and if you look on the side you could see the curled lugs. Ok, this is done in rose gold, now this is a watch…

Host: Only you would know about curled lugs.

David: Right, where you could see where the band enters the watch, how it’s curled.

Host: Oh right there!

David: And it’s very typical of the 1940’s.

Host: Oh, interesting.

David: That’s was a very retro look. This is a watch today that brings between $10,000 and $14,000.

Host: Get out of town!

David: And here’s a watch that has maybe a total limit  has maybe 800 dollars on gold.

Host: So this is when you’re going through your jewelry box you might had something handed down from your father or  your grandfather, whatever don’t take it for granted  you need to go and see the professional and have somebody really place the value on it.

David:  It’s so important.

Diamond Jewelry

Host:  Let’s talk about  jewelry because…

David: Yup.

Host: I mean for us ladies we know diamonds, hello, you can’t go wrong with diamonds but some are better than others?

David:  Some are better than others. Some people, and later in the show were gonna talk about why some are better than others and the way we appraise them. But here’s a typical 3-carat diamond and this was a great story cause this woman came in and we talk to her a couple of times and “No! No! No! I don’t think you can pay me enough.” and you know it’s really wonderful because when she came in, I said to her, you know normally you’re not gonna meet with me. But because you had something bigger, I came over met with her. I give her one number and she look and said “You were 8 thousand dollars higher than the next offer and thank you very much you made this easy”.

Host: Wow!

David: So this is the ring that we paid 25 thousands dollars for.

Host: Wow! She got 8 thousand dollars less from somebody else.

David: From 3 other offer that she had but the point was is that we bring the expertise to it, she brought  us the proper paperwork and we know the value.

Host: Ok! and were gonna talk about paper work a little bit later because that can make all the difference in the world as to the value and actually helping, David help you. Alright to find out, how much you’re stuff might be worth you can email them, send some pictures, a description, copies of the appraisals that other of it, other appraisals that you have to [email protected]. You can also give them a call to their Scottsdale location at (480) 991-5626 or the Chandler location (480) 705-5626 also their website No appointments required.

Host 1: David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan is back with the details on how you can get top dollar for your stuff and a lot of thing, a lot of items actually that people think that they need to have are appraisals and in fact they do. But do you know if their are legit?

David: Yeah, a great question Terry. You know appraisal is one of those terms that so over used. When we buy something the seller is giving us an appraisal on its future replacement value. So, is that really what it’s worth?. No I think it’s really meant to make us feel good. And quite frankly you’ll see that on all these and I put, I pick individual labs not stores that to appraisals because if you see these, these labs they charge for certificate and some of them very drastically.

Hosts: Oh, ok.

Jewelry Certificates

David And we’re gonna talk about, we have an EGL certificate here which is European Gem Lab. We have an American Gem Society Certificate. We have Hoge Raad which is a Belgium Certificate from Antwerp and we have an International Gemological Institute Appraisal. Then we have Gemological Institute of America. What I like to tell people is they try to confuse you. All three of them, all five of these different certificate but have three letters so its very confusing. GIA the “Gospel Gemological Institute of America” a non-profit organization. All these others are profitable. This is a nonprofit organization run by the trade and the diamond ring that we show next to it was the reason that this woman was able to come in that we talk about earlier and get 25 thousand dollars per diamond in a matter of a minute and a half.

Host 2: But a lot of times David we go to this jewelry store and this is what they hand us.

Host 1: And we don’t know.

Host 2: So, I mean how do we do avoid getting dupe to that?

David: It’s not just jewelry, it’s art, it’s collectibles, it’s anything you might buy including houses, we get appraisals on a house. In the old days you remember we got appraisals in our house was really worth really quite we’re appraised for. Today it’s the opposite. Now the real market is telling us if your house is worth 400 thousand all your appraisal comes in it 380 were use to come in it 500 so the real world because of the computer is telling us what things are worth. So if you have something that’s what our expertise is you should be asking for GIA Certificate when you buy.

Host 1: So you can asked for that?

David: Yes!

Host 2: So you can say that.

David: And they going to try to give you every excuse not to sell you that because they’re the least amount of wiggle rooms so to speak in that because its the gospel. So whatever it is that you buy if you have paperwork we think appraisal is a really overused work and you’ll see a lot of our marketing we talk about come in and get a free evaluation now.

Host 1:  Well and I think that a lot of people who are watching might have some appraisals for some of these other companies or organizations so this that mean that we’ve been duped, are we stucked?

David: They can be very misleading.

Host 1: You can still help?

David: We can use them as a guideline but they can be very misleading. What we’re really trying to do is tell people what they really worth so we’re not asking for appraisal when they bring it into Biltmore. You’re asking for evaluations we do that free. When you see people say free appraisal, scary. Scary because then their something inner for them that charging you for the appraisal the better you feel about that appraisal the happier they are

Host 2: So we should wanna spend our little money for that GIA?

David: You should either not wanna spend money and get it from the people that you buy that give it from an independent appraiser. Somebody who you’re not buying it from who has an objective you so know different that when we buy house we buy it from the buyer but we bring it independent appraisal for it.

Biltmore Loan and Jewelry Contact Information

Host 1: Alright really good information this morning. Biltmore Loan and Jewelry [email protected] send in an items that you’re wondering how much their worth. (480) 991-5626 LOAN that’s on Scottsdale, (480) 705-5626 Chandler Thank you David always good information.

Host 2: Take it to the expert so you don’t have to do the work. Well see you tomorrow.