Recap: Van Cleef and Arpels 1970 Zodiac Sign, Tiffany Jewelry and Cartier Lighter

Host: What can you believe a holiday season, it is already here. Well if you snuck up and snuck up a little bit too fast for, yeah. You need a little extra cash or get that cash flow going whether it’s a loan or a sell, we have a place just for you. Please welcome David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan. He is here to help us out to get us through the holiday season. And I know, you’re watching that segment because the veterans are very special to you as well.

Van Cleef and Arpels 1970 Zodiac Sign, Tiffany Jewelry and Cartier Lighter
David: Yeah, I was really moved Susan. You know first, it was big pit and veterans’ day such a big important holiday. My dad was a veteran as well. And Biltmore is always behind the veterans association and we are involved with Channel 15 in greetings to our veterans and soldiers over there keeping the families in contact. And I think that the family unity is what it is all about and Biltmore is being a part of that is really important to us. And what we do is if somebody had a situation where it’s not always a desperate situation where somebody selling in and very infrequently it’s, are you using it anymore? Would you like to give to another charity like to our veterans?

Host: Would you like to go to college? Like we just saw.

David: Right. There are so many priorities in our life, as life is changing today. And in Arizona, our lifestyle is not quite as formal as it was, you know. We have so many transplants. And so many people came from the east coast here. And they came with things that are really part of the western lifestyle.

Host: Okay.

Van Cleef and Arpels 1970 Zodiac Sign, Tiffany Jewelry and Cartier Lighter
David: And they’re stuck with it. They’re sitting with it. It’s just sitting in safe deposit boxes or on your walls or in your garage whether, you know. For those of you who have watched us time over time, whether it’s land to land rovers, jaguars to jewelry or time to timeless. We show a variety of things in a week after week. More to open your mind up, to what we could do for you. We’re short-term bridge specialists, bridge loan specialists. But we’re also buying and making a market in anything you don’t know about.

Host: So, we have some antique watches here, among other items on the table. But you’re not a pawnshop.

David: No. It’s not at all pawnshop. It’s a professional environment where you could come in and we do a lot with jewelry because jewelry is such a big part of today’s society. But we do see people wearing at less and less. So, watches being a very big part. Fine jewelry, unusual things, you’ll see even down to a Cartier lighter.

Host: Yeah.

Van Cleef and Arpels 1970 Zodiac Sign, Tiffany Jewelry and Cartier Lighter
David: Now, here we’re talking about a Van Cleef and Arpels 1970 Zodiac Sign. This bracelet is Tiffany. This is Tiffany. By coming to us, you will see the difference with going to somebody who does and understand the value.

Host: Right.

David: We’ll do the research.

Host: You’re not an auction house either. And if there is rescue, say when you go to this, some this state sales. You bring your items.

Van Cleef and Arpels 1970 Zodiac Sign, Tiffany Jewelry and Cartier Lighter
David: It’s an unknown. Susan, it’s unknown. When we give to an auction or we give to consignment, it’s an unknown. So, what we do is give you the known. We do the research if it’s a car, if it’s land, if it’s a piece of art, if it’s crystal, if it’s an antique or collectible. Today, we’re just showing you jewelry. Later, we’re gonna show you some other ideas and things you could do. But if you got something, that’s been sitting there for a long time and you really wanna know the value of it and know how you can utilize it more in your life. Please give Biltmore a call. Please give us a call.

Host: Right. Or to this here over the hump, because I know that you would give folks loans as well. So if you don’t wanna part with some of your belongings but you need a little cash right now. You do that as well.

David: And there’s short term to just get you through. We have holidays coming up.

Host: Absolutely.

David: We have a lot going on between Thanksgiving and Christmas, great opportunities for you.

Host: Can we call you for an evaluation?

David: Please. There’s no cost to the evaluation. We have a staff of experts in each and every vertical department. So, if it’s a car that you wanna check on, we have a car expert. If it’s a piece of furniture, we have a furniture expert. If it’s art, we have an art expert. We will do the research for you.

Host: Wow. They are the experts and he has something very special for us ladies. I’m gonna play you to like this. It’s a girl’s best friend. That’s the tease. If you wanna find out how much your stuff maybe worth, email them at [email protected] or give them a call again as David said they will give you a free evaluation. For the Scottsdale location, 480-991-5626 or if you wanna call the Chandler location, they do accept walk-ins there, 480-705 LOAN or you can visit them online at And if you wanna buy some of the amazing items you see here, visit

Van Cleef and Arpels 1970 Zodiac Sign, Tiffany Jewelry and Cartier Lighter