Recap: What is Biltmore Basically? David Answers

Host: We are back now with David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan and all morning he brought some beautiful examples of what is trending right now from luggage to jewelry and you spent a summer for those who love David every Tuesday here at Sonoran Living. He spent his summer just traveling and see what’s out there what’s new so he brought that back for as you will be sharing that with us. For those who don’t know what does Biltmore Loan do?

David: You know it’s a great question and we really like to be asked that question because were so often compared to so many different types of businesses. Basically we are the new bank and we say yes when the banks say no. In 2008, the reset button was hit as we talked about, a way of explaining what happened in our world and people had become cash poor and stuff rich and basically after reinventing themselves and going to the cash crunches of the recession and they’re still going through that what they have is things that are left but they don’t have cash and then they have unexpected expenses that come up like veterinary expenses or health care expenses or repairs in their house or air conditioning break downs. There are so many different things what we really do is we bring the liquidity to items that people have whether be borrowing on it and using it as a loan and/or selling it we give them direct outlet to sell it or take a short term loan on it and really to get to them through that in a short period of time.

Host: OK, we’ll show some videos of two branches that you have. How are you different than a pawn shop?

David: Very different and we never use that four letters when you describe us. In Biltmore we have nothing for sale. There if you look our office you’ll see there no show cases, no guns, bicycle, jewelry, anything for sale. It’s a bank office, its a private banking brought to the 20th century, ahh, 21st century and now what we’re doing is with now we’ve opened a 2nd location in Chandler where if you don’t need to make an appointment or something that is just stop by and you need a quick evaluation you come in for free evaluation and we’ll go over it with you give you the options to buy or sell your item or loan on it and what we do we buy entire estates so many baby boomers today don’t want the stuff our parent had and being a baby boomer I can expect you know I can appreciate that, we are collecting the same types of thing that we did 30 years ago so many people have these items and it could be from handbags to automobile that we loan on to land, to jewelry to art and take a short term loans on them and or sell them.

Host: And David and his team they are the experts if you have question from diamonds to maybe an old piece of furniture snap a photo and send it to [email protected] you can also give them a call there are two branches two offices on Scottsdale location you do not need to set up an appointment, Its 480-991-5626 and or their Chandler location you can walk in 480-705-5626 they’re also online at It’s been great seeing you today we’ll see you back tomorrow at 9:00.