Where to Sell your Asian Antiques

Have you been wondering where to sell your Asian antiques? You may want to sell Asian collectibles or antiques but are not sure exactly where to sell these. There are a number of different places you can sell your Asian antiques and knowing where to go is going to be the key to your successful sale. Here are a few ideas about where to go to sell your Asian pieces.

Asian Antiques OnlineJar with dragon design, Korea, Joseon dynasty, 1750-1850 AD, porcelain with underglaze cobalt - Asian Art Museum of San Francisco - DSC01433

Naturally, one option is to sell your Asian antiques online. Some options for online sales include eBay. Sellers sell everything from antiques to armoires in these sites and you will find a good market of interested sellers for your antiques. Before you actually push through and start your listing, it is a good idea to check out other similar items and see what price range the other pieces are selling for. Price your item according to the going market prices for a more successful sale. Appropriately pricing your item will garner more interest from buyers. There are procedures to listing Asian antiques. Knowing what these are will help you get your listing live sooner. If you have never sold online before, there are various tutorials you can watch to get you started on your first successful sale. Of course, knowing the risks and the precautions to take will also be to your advantage. For example, shipping breakable items may cost more and reflecting this on your listing will help avoid any unnecessary hidden charges for your buyers.

Asian Antiques at Consignment Shops

You may have consignment shops in your area or online that are willing to help you sell your Asian antiques. Consignment shops will need to actually display your item, or at the very least, show a picture of it with a number to call for interested buyers. The advantage of a consignment shop is that you won’t really have to do any work as they will do the selling. The disadvantage is that they will take a percentage of the final price, so you won’t get the full price when the item is sold. Pricing the item appropriately will ensure a win-win situation. Finding a consignment shop with experience selling antiques will help your items sell faster than approaching consignment shops that don’t have experience with Asian antiques.

Asian Antiques at Biltmore Loan

If you are in a hurry and need cash quickly, find a branch of Biltmore Loan in your community. Fill up our free appraisal form to get your item appraised and then decide whether you want to sell your item at the selling price that the appraisal gives you or if you want to use the Asian antiques as collateral. If you use the Asian antiques as collateral for a loan, all you need to do is to indicate this and the item will be kept safely and securely at Biltmore Loan until you pay the item back in full.


Image c/o By Daderot (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons