Signs You Need to Let Go of Your Jewelry Items

Do you often struggle in choosing the perfect jewelry item to match your outfit? Is your favorite accessory starting to look less desirable than it used to? There are as many reasons to let go of your jewelry items as there are to keep them. This 2022, you might want to review whether it’s time to say goodbye to your jewelry collection or not. Below are the tell-tale signs you should let them go.

Should You Let Go of Your Jewelry Items?

There are plenty of reasons why people choose to keep and collect jewelry. Some do it for self-expression. Others keep them for the sake of memories. Some buy them as investments. Others take them to join a trend or project an ideal self-image. 

But just like all other things, not all jewelry pieces are meant to be kept forever. Trends come and go, lifestyles evolve, and priorities change. If you are a collector yourself, here are the top signs it’s better to let go of your jewelry items now.

  • You don’t wear them anymore

When was the last time you wore the jewelry item you received for your sixteenth birthday? How about the bangle you bought on your last trip abroad? If you can’t remember when then that’s a clear manifestation that it’s time to let the item go.

Maybe the item’s style doesn’t suit your taste anymore, or you’re having a hard time matching it with your outfits due to the demand of your profession or lifestyle. Whatever the case may be, leaving the accessory untouched for years won’t do you any good.

Instead of letting them sleep on the bottom of your jewelry box, it’s best to put them on sale or give them to someone else who can use them. 

  • You are burdened by the memories attached to them

Every jewelry item has a story to tell. While most may be good, some pieces carry memories better off forgotten. If you have any accessory that reminds you of a bad or a heavy memory, it’s best to let it go.

Keeping the item will prevent you from moving on, and you might find yourself stuck in the past whenever you see or wear the same. Although it might make you feel guilty at first, it’s best to keep in mind that not all jewelry items are meant to be treasured, just like not all memories are meant to be kept.

No matter how beautiful it may be or how long you’ve been with it, if it brings you more negative feelings than positive ones, then it’s not worth keeping. Jewelry items are supposed to make you feel good and confident, not the opposite. 

  • You can’t take good care of them

You can just let your jewelry items sit somewhere for too long and expect them to stay as beautiful and valuable as they were when you first bought them. Like all other luxurious items, jewelry pieces demand care and commitment to maintain their beautiful and wearable state.

They require regular cleaning and may need a dark, dry location. Otherwise, the moisture might build up and cause the metals to tarnish. Additionally, you cannot just mix different types of jewelry inside a single container. Even necklaces must be stored in a way that prevents them from getting tangled.

If your jewelry collection is starting to pile up and become disorganized, it’s best to let some of the pieces go and keep only those you can manage to care for.

  • They are broken or have defects

Remember that last DIY you made to upgrade your necklace, but it ended in complete disaster? From broken locks, missing beads to cracks, different defects in your jewelry item can make them less desirable. Naturally, you might opt not to wear them again and leave them in the jewelry box for years. 

While you may always choose to bring them to the nearest jewelry repair shop, you may also opt to simply give them away to your friends who are willing to make an effort to fix them and wear them right away. You may also sell them to those open to accepting second-hand jewelry pieces.

  • You need money

Stressing over your finances? Your jewelry items can be your best alternative to save you from financial ruin. Besides helping you feel more confident and beautiful, jewelry items can also help you with your financial needs.

To date, gold, silver, and other metals remain to enjoy high prices in the market. Diamonds, pearls, and other precious items also score impressive value to save you from financial stress. You can sell them to the nearest pawnshop or talk to an interested buyer.

While it may hurt to part ways with your most favored jewelry items, it will hurt you more when you let yourself be buried in huge debts. Selling your precious accessories will surely give you immediate cash on hand, which you can use to answer for your long-overdue bills and payments.

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