How to Take Care of your Gold Jewelry: 7 Easy and Simple Steps

Infographics on Gold Jewelry Maintenance

How to Take Care of your Gold Jewelry: 7 Easy and Simple StepsGold jewelry is one of the fine pieces that men and women adorn themselves with. Aside from affluence, it usually signifies an important milestone in life.

The radiance and luster of gold jewelry are main components of their charm and value. But with regular wear, gold jewelry can lose its shine and can be clouded with with a build-up of dirt, body oil, and make-up.

If you own gold jewelry and you want to keep them in good shape for a long time, here are basic yet essential ways to maintain those pieces.

1. Take it off.

It’s normal to fall in love with gold jewelry and want to wear them all the time, but you need to remove them before you take a bath, plunge in a hot tub or pool, do household chores, and play sports.

Exposure to chemicals can affect the color and structure of gold jewelry. For instance, soap can cause dullness to gold and form a film on the jewelry, which makes it look less vibrant. Meanwhile, discoloration and structural damage may also take place when gold jewelry come in contact with chlorine.

Tools used in housework and chores can also pose dangers to your gold jewelry. Gold is a soft metal, and abrasive tools such as scrubs and brushes may accidentally cause dents and scratches to your jewelry.

Playing sports with your gold jewelry on can result to breakage and injury not just to you, but also to the other people you’re playing with.

If you want to keep your gold jewelry in good shape, limit its exposure to chemicals and other factors that can cause damage to it.

2. Put it on last.

When you’re heading out and planning to wear gold jewelry, make sure to only put it when you’re done doing skin care regimen, dressing up, spritzing on perfume, and doing your make-up. Chemicals from hair and beauty products may cause damage to your jewelry, especially if it’s constantly exposed to those substances. So limit their impact on your favorite gold accessories and put them on last before you go out.

3. Be careful with cleaning jewelry on your own.

You can clean your gold jewelry at home. However, be careful with the materials you’ll use and make sure that they won’t cause more harm than good. For instance, bleach, while it may be a common cleaning agent, can be damaging when used on gold jewelry.

One way to clean your jewelry safely is through warm water and a few drops of dishwashing soap. While this method is effective at cleaning gold, avoid putting all your jewelry in the solution at once to avoid bumping and scratching. Afterwards, wipe your jewelry with a gentle piece of cloth and rinse with warm water. If your piece has crevices, use a soft and gentle toothbrush to eliminate dirt in obscure areas but do so carefully to avoid scratches on the jewelry. Meanwhile, you can also purchase cleaning materials specific for gold jewelry.

Aside from using the appropriate materials, it’s also important to consider the other materials in the jewelry such as gemstones and diamonds. Make sure that the cleaning method you will choose is also appropriate for them.

4. Take your jewelry to a professional.

If you think you can’t clean jewelry properly, it’s best to seek the help of professionals. Professionals have the right knowledge and tools to properly clean your gold jewelry without accidentally incurring damage on it.

When looking for a professional to clean your jewelry, ask for recommendations from your family and friends. You can also do a search in your community. Narrow down your options through reading reviews and investigating the firm’s reputation. Meanwhile, consider bringing the piece to the jeweler you got it from and see if they offer cleaning and repairs.

5. Store your gold jewelry properly.

Gold jewelry should be stored in containers lined with fabric, so that movement and bumps will be prevented. Meanwhile, include anti-tarnish strips with those pieces that you don’t wear for long periods of time to avoid dullness and stains.

When traveling, store your jewelry in cases suitable for trips. They are typically made of fabric or leather and usually of compact size, which allows for easy carriage.

6. Check your jewelry for repairs.

Inspect your jewelry regularly to see if it needs any repairs. See if there are any signs of damage such as a tangled chain, loose gems, or a missing lock. Take it to a professional jewelry repair shop right away not only if it needs to be fixed, but also if you notice something unusual with your piece. Just like with health, prevention is better than cure when it comes to maintaining your gold jewelry.

7. Keep an inventory of your jewelry.

While you wouldn’t wish for your jewelry to get lost or stolen, it still pays to be risk averse and create an inventory of the pieces you own.

Important details that should be in your inventory should be the photo of the piece, description, and cost. Having these details filed in one place can be handy should you need to file a police report or make an insurance claim.

Taking care of your gold jewelry is essential and goes beyond its aesthetic appeal. It’s also about preserving its quality and worth. This way, you can expect a high offer in case you decide to sell your pieces or use them for a loan.

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