How to Tell if a Birkin Bag is Fake

A Hermes Birkin is a great investment. In fact, more and more celebrities and regular folks alike are buying designer bags and for good reason. Knowing the real deal from a replica is one way to protect your hard earned money! At Biltmore Loan and Jewelry, you know we aim to protect all your investments. The reason is that your business is truly important to us.

It is important to know the real thing from a great replica before you invest in a valuable Birkin or Kelly bag. Kelly is the smaller version of the famous Hermes Birkin. Hermes Kelly and Birkin bags have gotten quite a surge in popularity. This resulted in fakes flooding the market. As a matter of fact, some theorize that up to ninety percent of bags sold online are not genuine. For any fashionista planning to buy the bag of her dreams, this is truly worrying news.

Consequently, being able to spot a fake is becoming harder and harder. The reason is that more fake bags competing against each other means that the fakes are becoming more advanced. With the market being flooded with fakes, it is harder to tell which the authentic Hermes Birkin is and which isn’t. On the other hand, if you know what to look out for, you may be able to spot a fake immediately.

This is always a practical way of saving yourself from buyer’s remorse. There are a few guidelines to keep in mind when planning to buy your dream Birkin. This way, you know you are buying the real thing. Inspecting every detail is a good idea. The tiniest flaw is a red flag. The logo, stamp, zipper weight and stitch quality all matter. Trust your instincts when it comes to buying your dream bag.

Check the ID

There is an ID code tucked discreetly away on the right strap’s reverse side. This letter and number combination identifies the person who crafted the bag. The square contains a letter and this stands for the year it was made.


On a Birkin’s hardware, there should be delicate and not deep engraving. For example, the clasp should read Hermes Paris. On great replicas, you will see chunky lettering and deeper engraving. Run your fingers across the engraving and if you feel it is delicate rather than deep, then this may just be the real thing.

Dust Bag

Dust bags always come with a brand new Kelly or Birkin bag. These are made with the same quality as the bag. A neat, high stitch count is on the dust bag. Dust bags are orange and light beige. The dark brown Hermes logo is used. Fake bags are grey with a stamp that is burgundy. On the dust bag, there are drawstrings made of one hundred percent cotton. Polyester strings or other materials are fakes.

Authentic Cards

Face it, Hermes does not issue these. For this reason, any bag you buy that has an authenticity card is a fake, ironic as that may be. The same holds true for Kelly bags.

Authentic Designer Bags


“Hermes Paris Made in France” is a logo stamped on the bag. These should be in a neat, delicate font not affected by the leather texture. Logos on fakes look blocky, big and irregular. Make sure the bag logo is centered properly without being crooked, lopsided or uneven in any way.


A Hermes Birkin or Kelly bag’s interior lining is created with a lot of care. Most are lined with goatskin called chevre leather that is not smooth. Rather, it is grained. There are Birkin and Kelly bags that use other fabric. However, these should be similar to the exterior leather. Interior lining authenticity can be checked with neat stitches and no loose threads as well.


The Hermes name is on the zipper. The reason for this is that Hermes makes their own zippers. It is a good idea to realize that fake manufacturers are also able to have Hermes zippers printed out. Knowing a fake zipper from the real deal takes a bit of work. The real zipper does not hang ninety degrees from the zipper line. At all times, this needs to remain parallel to the zipper. The zipper needs to be designed with high quality. Hermes creates zippers to lock the zip into a position parallel to the zipper. A hanging zipper is a counterfeit.


On Hermes Birkins, toggles are one method of doing an authenticity test. The real deal should turn smoothly, not unlike a watch movement. On fake bags, toggles that fit have a tendency to weight lither and feel like grains of sand when you turn them. Some even turn stiffly. It is a red flag when you feel resistance when you twist the toggle.


Hermes bags have authentic hardware that is genuinely precious metals, always. These are usually plated gold or palladium. Every piece of hardware feature small marks indicated that these are high quality precious metals that feel heavy. Using metals that are precious on Hermes bags indicated that these won’t tarnish. What does this tell you? It tells you that tarnished hardware equals fake. Fee the weight of the bag’s hardware pieces. Feel each stud, key and lock. The weight should be somewhat heavy and valuable. If they feel cheap and light, a red light should go off in your mind.

Bag Shapes and Handles

The handles and the actual shape of the bag are great indicators of fakes versus authentic bags. The bag should stand neatly. There should be no bulges or slouching. On the handles, this should apply as well. There are cases where wrong storage has caused the Kelly or Birkin to slouch or bend the handles. However, with restorative care, authentic bags ought to get back to their original pronounced postures. Bags that are fake have rounded handles or misshapen ones.


Every bag by Hermes is stitched by hand. Every model is handmade. This means that authentic bags equal flawless sewing lines. Obviously, there should not be any irregular patterns or seams that are crooked. There should not be out of place stitches. To check for authenticity, use your finger to spot a fake. Follow the stitch carefully or use a glove. Feel for crooked or out of place stitches and the lines of seams. If you find sloppy stitches or signs of a flaw, an alert should immediately come up in your head.

Now that you know how to spot the real deal, the only thing left to think about is what color your new Birkin is going to be.