The Reason for Being: Biltmore Loan

Hi, David Goldstein, owner of Biltmore loan here, you know, I’m often asked, what was the impetus for the reason that you open Biltmore loan? And, you know, it really comes down to one simple answer. And that was lack of expertise available to the public. You know, you might have that fabulous piece of art that’s been handed down in the family for many generations. You could have a lot of jewelry that you’re not wearing, you could have fine china, you could, there are lots of collectibles, sports memorabilia, any of those things you may have.

And you say to yourself, where do I go to put a cash value on those and or maybe even to take a short-term loan against those will build more loan was the answer to that.

And what we really do is pride ourselves on expertise. I pride myself on expertise, I pride my staff on the expertise. And I’m going to tell you the number one thing, if I don’t know, I won’t give you an answer, I will do the research for you. And I will find out. I think it’s the most important thing, you owe it to yourself to bring something to Biltmore loan and jewelry here in the valley. And see the difference that Biltmore makes because we are fanatical about being experts and finding out everything we can about a product if we don’t know about it.

So if you had something you’ve always wondered what the value is. Come in, get a free appraisal anytime and Biltmore Loan and Jewelry. And we’re here to help you if we can, whether it’s something you need to sell, or something that you’d like to get a short term loans