Turquoise Jewelry Maintenance

Maintaining Turquoise JewelryNative Americans believed turquoise stones contained powers that can protect the wearer from bad energies. Regardless of the beliefs that come with the stones, turquoise make great accessories and they do not go out of style. They are classic pieces you can buy to complete your outfit which can be a great investment too.

Turquoise is a mineral made from copper aluminum phosphate. It comes in different shades of blue-green color and is appreciated for its uncommonness and extraordinary tone. Even now, it is popular as jewelry. Places like Turkey valued turquoise, people decorated houses of worship with it. It is usually combined with silver jewelry or settings. A turquoise stone with an intense shade of blue can be very expensive, the value differs depending on the hues of the stone. Differences in color is caused by the existence of copper that’s why you have bluish-green turquoise stones. Iran produces plenty of this stone and in the United States, Nevada and Arizona are the premier sources for turquoise. Native American jewelry is often decorated with this mineral. There are plenty of stores that sell turquoise jewelry nowadays, from brick and mortar stores to online jewelry outlets.

The turquoise stone is vulnerable that’s why proper care must be observed. It is only a tad stronger than glass so it has a tendency to chip or crack easily. It can also change color due to exposure from certain chemicals like oil. In order to maintain their beautiful appearance, you have to make sure that you are following correct caring procedures, so here’s a few suggestions to make your turquoise collection stand out over time.

1. A soft brush or cloth should be used to clean your stones. First, wet the cloth or brush a little bit and gently polish the stones to get rid of lint or stains. Make sure that you dry the stones properly. Do not store them while they’re still wet.

2. Before wearing any of your turquoise accessories or jewelry, be sure that you are done with certain activities like washing the dishes, cleaning the house, soaking in the swimming pool, applying lotions or spraying on hairsprays or perfume. Those mentioned activities usually involve chemicals and these chemicals can harm the luster and appearance of your stones. In addition, always keep your turquoise jewelry in a closed container so it won’t get in contact with any items or things that may damage the gem stone, take note that turquoise are very porous. Chemical exposure is irreversible, there are no known ways to get your stone’s color back.

3. If you are doing strenuous chores like cleaning the house, car maintenance, tending the garden or painting, be sure that you take off your turquoise accessories first. As mentioned earlier, turquoise stones are vulnerable to cracking and chipping so avoid wearing your stones while doing laborious tasks.

4. Do not clean your stones with ultrasonic cleansing procedures. Ultrasonic jewelry cleansers usually employ the use of chemicals and these chemicals can harm the appearance of your turquoise stones. Also, if your stones were set in sterling silver, take care not to let one tiny drop of silver cleanser contact the stones because it might get damaged.

These days you can score turquoise jewelry online or from a trusted merchandiser. This valuable stone can be a  good investment, you can either sell or loan against it, should you need quick and easy cash. However, because of its rarity, fake turquoise stones are now produced. The first artificial turquoise stones were fashioned from enamel and glass but one can easily spot the fakes from the genuine. These days fake turquoise stones are almost perfect, only experts are able to distinguish authentic ones. If you want to invest on real turquoise jewelry, there is an enormous variety of turquoise available in Arizona, since the state is one of the premier source of it. Caring for turquoise may require extra effort, but its well worth it because you are sure that this precious stone will surely draw eyes wherever it goes.

Img c/o Pixabay.