Urge to Purge: Get More with Less

Urge to Purge: Get More with LessThe Conflict

Having watched a number of TV shows like “Hoarders Family Secrets” and Hoarding Buried Alive focusing on helping people to clean up what others consider possession that to many is just a matter of obsession, and helping others to put an end to what majority of people would consider disparaging “addiction,” I noted that the stereotypical perception that having more is better. People engage in everyday transaction to get more out of life, presumably to find the satisfaction that they want. Most end up wanting for more, realizing that there could never be enough.

If you would really think deeper, perhaps compare a bare room, from a room filled with basic furniture pieces and decors that is just enough to suit the word “entertainment,” and a room with every possible stuff –even with things that do not normally go with the space. Why not consider looking at this space in front of you. Imagine a bare page, with nothing on it, a page with some data (perhaps an image or two to complement the text), and a page filled with everything else that do not bring out coordinated thoughts. I bet, most would agree that there could really be more with less. Even those who would, at the onset, would consider the extremes, upon a closer inspection, would note that there really is a need to have what is exactly that fits the space—no more, no less.

The Urge to Purge

Perhaps now you get the point. The urge to purge may be deep seated in us. We purge to get even with life thinking that we are maintaining the balance. We purge to get more of the space that we need and earn more from having done it.

Now may be the time for you to have the urge to purge. Look around you? Do you think you have just enough to keep harmony in sight? Or do you think there’s just so much around you that you can’t even think of what to do with any of them. Well, I have a suggestion to make. Remember that in the process of purging, what is relieved from you may be what others need for the moment. Why not give out what could turn out later on to be a prized possession to others?

The Consolation

Now you’re thinking. That’s a good sign. Get ready to purge and have more with less. Here’s some suggestion you may consider:

  1. Keep a paper and pen handy. You can use it to list down all things that you need to let go or to keep.
  2. Consider your priorities. These will order your choices of what to have at the moment and otherwise.
  3. Create a roadmap. Where do you want to go from here? This would limit your options and allow you to bring in only what’s needed along the way.
  4. Consider a win-win exchange. When looking for things to purge, think of other ways you can get more from it. Will it matter if you throw it or give away? Will it give you better returns if you look for people who need it and who are willing to pay for it? Any of these options will give you more and will make you even more satisfied than what you think you had been.

Have the urge to purge and earn more with less. This will give you even more joy later.