Video Transcription: What’s it worth on Sonoran Living live January 11, 2017 Part 1

Host: I know.. I actually posted this on my Facebook page. I actually cleaned out my closet for the New Year. I truly did and if you’re doing the same thing and you might come across some items you may think hmm.. I wonder if this has any value too. Or make sure you take it to the experts to find out what it’s worth. Our friend David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan is here to tell us how he and his team can help. And that’s one of the things that I think a lot – that we kinda forget to talk about, about you is your years of knowledge and expertise and if you don’t know, you’ll find out.

What’s it worth on Sonoran Living live January 11, 2017 Part 1David: You know I’m passionate and we as a business are passionate. I’m involved into day to day operations and you talked about New Years and how many resolutions we make. Did we say we’re gonna clean out our garage, I know. My wife came to me and said “You have till the first, till the first”.

Host: So you’re late?

David: clean out. And I’m still working on it.

Host: Okay. Okay.

David: But the good news is when I do and it’s gonna be done this week. You’re gonna get to all see that coz its all gonna come out.

Host: It’s all gonna come out on this table.

What’s it worth on Sonoran Living live January 11, 2017 Part 1

David: And you’re gonna get to see it coz we have some amazing things. And you know, people come to us for a lot of reasons. They come to us because they may run into a short term jam and an unexpected expense that they didn’t realize was coming up.

Host: Maybe the bills are catching up from over the holidays right?

David: You know I was watching that on TV and they were saying was interesting. They said that Alaska, they had the most credit card debt.

Host: Wow. Wow.

David: And it was like $7,700 spent just for Christmas.

Host: So you find yourself in a jam, people are gonna call you and whether it be maybe you come across some items like this. And it’s just something that, maybe you’re not wearing it, maybe it’s been sitting there for a while and you’re thinking maybe it was passed down to you, maybe it was given to you as a gift. You know, it’s just really not my thing.

David: I’m not using it. It’s been sitting there you know. It’s the old added job. If it’s been in that closet or that drawer and you haven’t open it up for six months chances are you’re never gonna open it up again.

Host: Right?

David: It could be hand bags that you now want a newer style.

Host: Yeah, right. But well, and handbags is a whole another chapter with you.

David: So we talked about product, the difference between us is the variety of the product that we buy and or loan. So if you have a handbag and you wanted to get a new handbag, one, you may find a handbag with us in a big discount or two, you can sell your handbag. Don’t give it to consignments to await three months and get 40 cents in a dollar. Go in, sell it. We buy them outright. It could be jewelry which is a big big part of our expertise. And something you know that I say that jewelry’s one of those things that everybody has some jewelry and most people have a car.

Host: And it may not be this.

What’s it worth on Sonoran Living live January 11, 2017 Part 1

David: And may not be a 15 karat fancy yellow diamond but somebody did have that.

Host: Right.

David: And they weren’t wearing it anymore. That’s the big story.

Host: So let’s say somebody does not want to sell. They simply want a loan. Let’s talk about what they – how quickly that can happen and the fact that well, tell me quickly that you will loan on that but they get their items back. That’s the good news.

David: Yes.

Host: They’d made a loan back you get it back and it’s safe.

David: So often, people run into that short term jam they need a short term loan. You can taken in, it will be sealed, it would be kept in the mean condition, it’ll never be touched once it’s in there. And you can take a short term loan on it.

Host: So if you have something like this, right?

David: Yes.

What’s it worth on Sonoran Living live January 11, 2017 Part 1

Host: How many karats is this?

David: This is 15 karat.

Host: And the value of this would be?

David: In this we originally loaned $150,000 on.

Host: So you’ll know that over Biltmore Loan and Jewelry it is kept safe and at the end of your loan you will get this back. Alright, let me give you some information on Biltmore Loan and Jewelry. They have two locations to choose from and if you have something – maybe you found something when you were cleaning out the closet or David’s gonna find something on his garage. [email protected] that’s where you send the photo of the information. Ask the questions that you need to know about. Two locations, one in Scottsdale 480- 991- LOAN, one in Chandler 480- 705- LOAN. Learn more at or you wanna buy that beautiful ring I just showed you, you can go to

What’s it worth on Sonoran Living live January 11, 2017 Part 1