What Are Lab-Created Diamonds?

What are Lab-Created Diamonds?Diamonds created in the laboratory are produced similarly as their natural counterparts. Using advance technological process, the conditions under which diamonds naturally develop are duplicated. Thus, they have the same physical and chemical properties. Lab-created or cultured diamonds are still authentic diamonds and are on par when it comes to appearance with natural-state diamonds. In order to determine these diamonds, experts use comprehensive scientific evaluations. However, stones like cubic zirconia and moissanite are not considered to be synthetic diamonds since they are not genuine carbon crystals. These are created to mimic the looks of a genuine diamond but are made up of different chemical properties.

Diamonds are always high in demand, thus it was the reason for creating more cost-effective alternatives for the specific gem. They are made by means of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and high pressure high temperature (HPHT) processes. CVD is a process that involves multiplying diamonds from a chemical hydrocarbon gas concoction. They vary when it comes to color, with blue and yellow being common. However, lab diamonds are seldom colorless. Pink or green stones can be made by means of irradiation.

Lab diamonds are significantly low-priced in comparison with natural diamonds. A lab diamond can go for 600 dollars while a 3-carat diamond is sold for a whopping 40,000 dollars. Trace elements can be supplemented on lab diamonds to make more elaborate, trendy colors. In a laboratory setting, these colored diamonds can be generated without any difficulty. They are manufactured in similar conditions that would take place in natural environments.

Lab diamonds are conflict-free since it was produced in a laboratory setting. Countries, who are referred to as main sources of diamonds, at times finance military activities against local government by means of selling organic diamonds. These rebel factions subjugate innocent citizens, pressuring them with death if they refuse to work as miners for the diamond mines that the leaders of these rebel factions own. Because of this issue, the term blood diamond was created.

Diamonds that came from natural resources are the end result of geological procedures while lab-made diamonds are purely created by humans, thus they are the end result of technological procedures. If you love diamonds but cannot afford the real thing, then lab diamonds are your answer. Natural diamonds, as mentioned before, are more expensive and they can hawk in more cash if you sell or loan against it. Even jewelry buyers will take natural diamonds over lab-produced ones in a cinch.

Always purchase from a reputable diamond jewelry seller. Do your research; observe the way diamond appraisers do their job. Ask questions if you can and you can go online for more info too. Arizona residents can apply for loan if they need fast cash with their diamond goods as collateral. It is your choice whether you need lab diamonds or natural diamonds, but if you want great gem investments, you must always go for the later.

Img c/o Pixabay.