What is it you do at Biltmore Loan?

Hi, David Goldstein here, owner of Biltmore loan. You know, people ask me all the time, what is it, you do it loan and jewelry. And it’s very interesting, we can bring a market price to almost any type of item that you may have. Were not geared for, for very, very low-end items. But we are more than willing to give you our professional opinion, and expert opinion. And I take that very seriously. When I say the word expert on whether it’s sports memorabilia, M for Mira history, old history, old books, fine art, fine jewelry, anything that you may have, that you’ve always wondered what it may be worth coming at one of our experts, and let them do the research for you find out if we don’t know what it’s worth, we’ll do the research for you. And more importantly, it’s not always a situation somebody sells something because they need the money.

There’s a lot of reasons we frequently talk about the four DS, okay, we’ll talk about death. It’s a certainty, unfortunately, death happens with all of us around and family member could pass, somebody could leave you something. And you just kind of stuck with a lot of things that you don’t know what to do with. We talk about another unfortunate thing, divorce, over 50% of marriages. And many times one of the significant others could be left in a cash crunch situation and need a short term loan for that. We talk about a very big phase of downsizing. We see the world downsizing right now. So we were getting rid of a lot of this excess. So we have and then most importantly, and we all can relate to is decluttering. We will we have stuff, monetize it, put it back into something that you can invest in and make money. I always say to people, if you haven’t used it for a very, very long time, it’s very, very likely that you’d be better off to put that into money some time and invested in something that’s going to give you a return.

So if you have something that you’ve thought about whether you’re in the real estate business and you’re waiting for a commission, whether you’re waiting for somebody to send you a check, you may be a contractor and you’re not in the third phase yet, or in the right face your next draw. So if you have something that you’d like to discuss with us, and you want it kept discreet, private, and confidential, come in and see one of our people here and we’ll try to satisfy that loan for you.