What Types of Things does Biltmore Loan Buy?

You know, it’s… I find it very interesting people say to me all the time, what types of things do you buy what types of things you loan on? Well, the only thing I can tell you that we don’t do is we don’t do guns and ammunition. I just feel like that’s just a spot that we want to stay out of, because I want everybody to feel comfortable in here. Everything else from sports memorabilia, from glassware from silver, from fine old art, lots of art. in teaching antiques, collectibles, you name it, we take entire estates, we work with banks, we work with attorneys, we work with trust officers.

So you may be one of those unfortunate ones, that someone in the family passed along and you’re left having to liquidate the estate. We can make that so much less painful for you, and so much easier for you. So you could be out of state and have a member here. And we see that often.

So if there’s something that you need taken care of with anything with literally something you just want to know what is that worth? Give us a call of Biltmore loan and jewelry. I promise you, you’ll get a respectable and honest answer.