What We Look for in a Designer or Branded Handbag

Hi, my name is Erin and I am General Manager of Biltmore loan and jewelry. And what I wanted to show you is just some of a few of the items that we do like to purchase or land on. One of them being is handbags, we have a fantastic collection of handbags. And we look for Chanel and Gucci, Hermes, YSL, Givenchy, quite a few. So, if you’re ever not sure, you always just give us a call, we’d happy to take a look at it through an image. But there’s certain things that we look for when we’re authenticating purses. One of them being, you know, date codes on the inside. And, you know, a lot of times people when they’re looking at Chanel’s and they have what is this card, which is an authentication card, which is fantastic. But every just about every fake Chanel will have one of these. So this does not matter to me, this is not what I look for, what I look for is the actual date code on the inside, and there’ll be a hologram sticker on the inside with numbers, a hologram, and two little like razor slashes, this one happens to have the two numbers starting in the front of two, eight. So this tells me that this purse is a 2019. Okay, so on with Louis Vuitton, their date codes are a little bit different. And on the inside of this purse, there are is a date code on the inside here. And these are interesting because it’ll have two letters of origin of where it was manufactured. And more towards the present for numbers, the first and third number being the week that it was made. And the second and fourth being the year that it was made. So this purse was made on the 14th week of 2007. So I’m going to put this on our website, because it always is helpful. And if anyone ever has any questions, they can just submit show the images and we’d be happy to take a look at you know, some of the things that I’m going to look for is, you know, the stitching the hardware, believe it or not, this is a really strong magnet. And one of the things that we do know, for instance, is Chanel and everyone else for the higher end purchase purses, the chain, the metal portion is not magnetic. Okay, so that’s one of the things that we test for along with date codes, ditching interior lining, so forth, and so on. So, and if you’re not sure, just bring it in, and I’d be happy to take a look at it. But we do purchase anything from you know, handbags, sunglasses, accessories, artwork, collectibles, antiques. So it all just really depends what type of secondary market, no secondary market when I mean by that is Pre Owned. So sometimes certain items will have a stronger secondary market than others. So, you know, these are all very strong. There are other purses, not so much other collectible things like Waterford Crystal, not so much. So it’s really, really going to depend on what I can sell things for on a secondary market and what I can give you, but I do pride myself on being extremely transparent. It’s very private, and you come into my office here, or Mario’s office, and we go through and assess everything super comfortable. Like I said, both Mario and I have been doing this for 25 years. So we like to make everyone feel comfortable. And again, you know, like, I pride myself on transparency, and if you ever have any questions, and if you’re in need of a short term loan or some cash, then you know, please bring your items in, you can always just send us images if you’re further away, so that you can get an idea. But like I said, we’re here for you if you need a loan, or if you just have too much stuff and you want to get rid of it. So again, thank you so very much and I appreciate it.