What’s It Worth On Sonoran Living Live January 24, 2017 Part 1

Host: Are you a collector or maybe you’re a fashionista? And you’ve got a great collection of stuffs like handbags, accessories that you could get some money for, if you wanted to get rid of them. Where do you take ‘em? This guy David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan, he is here to tell us how he and his team can help. Good to see you.

David: It’s so good to be back.

Host: It’s great to be. How do you here? coz we’ve been out at Barrett-Jackson with you last week.

David: We spent the whole week out at Barrett-Jackson and you know I want to put a little shout out to my team here of Terry and Susan because I have to tell you, I spent seven days at Barrett-Jackson and I don’t think that there was less than five times every single day that somebody said to me I’m a religious watcher of Sonoran Living, I see you all the time. I love the show so I maybe fun, you guys are amazing.

Host: Oh! Well thank you.

Whats it worth on Sonoran Living live January 24 2017 Part 1

David: And we have so many people that come out and say I watched you, I see you. I have one lady auctioneers talking to customers she was I know that place, I know that place I’ve watched it all the time.

Host: You’re a family remember we say that. You are one of our Sonoran Living team members and family.

David: I appreciate that.

Host: So we appreciate you, as well. So for those who are not familiar aside from those who watched you on our show week after week. Am what do you do, what is your expertise?

David: I’m, we’re my own personal expertise is jewelry and antiques and we have buyers that take care of accessories, art, crystal. Am we say at Biltmore we buy our loan on anything you loan and so if you don’t wanna sell something and you just short term cash and plaques. We’re great for just a short term loan, if you have things in your closet and these things look familiar to you and you say look at all these ordinary regular jewelry that we’re showing today and you can say how many of these things are sitting on my jewelry box.

Host: Absolutely!

David: And I’m not wearing them and we see what the woman, with the handbags and accessories so often they’ll see another bag that they want. So they have their own bag and they say I don’t need it. Right! So you can trade it in.

Host: Well that last season right? I haven’t forget you carry a last season bag. But you also carry some very unique bags and I know we’ve talked about these before but the designer of these bags they have a story.

David: Yeah! That’s our Fantasia the red and green are Louis Vuitton it does a collectors item. They were done by a very famous artist named Yayoi Kusama and she’s an Asian artist who did the Louis Vuitton window in New York and they were standing in line to see the window. Her paintings bring an excess of 5 million dollars and this is the type of patterns that she does this circles. And she did a commemorative bag about five years ago for Louis Vuitton and they are now collector items. Somebody bought them, they’re in perfect condition, they’ve never really been used you can’t get anymore and now you can still get it.

Host: And now you have them. You know this is mind blowing that there’s nothing. We can’t get these anywhere but David has.

David: And you’ve seen so many things.

Host: Yes!

David: Because it’s really interesting you know we’ll talk about jewelry like these and why somebody might wanna come to our organization.

Host: Right! That’s why I asked you about these.

David: Right! And this is a perfect example. This is a signed Mario Buccellati necklace. Now we know Buccellati but Mario Buccellati died in the late 60’s and his work was even more deserve, now his brother have taken on the company so very collectible. So if you have a piece that you’ve always wondered what it’s worth, what is the resell value of it. That’s what we bring to the table, expertise.

Host: And it’s important to go to an expert because then we don’t feel that we’re getting duped.

David: If you go to the pawnshop, the pawnshop is buying it for gold weight and that’s it or they’re buying it for just the melt value or a handbag they don’t touch or accessories like art they don’t touch or a cars that we do title loans they may not touch. So we really try to bring value that anything.

Host: Anything. And some of these items which we were talking these are basic, these are things that probably a lot of us have you know the stud, diamond earrings, right? Bracelets.

David: In your jewelry boxes you’re not wearing anymore and that’s what we try to show you today is, we show so many one of a kind pieces that I wanted to show you we do everyday jewelry that you can’t, that you’re not wearing anymore.

Host: Right! And I know we can, you sell these items but you you’re more into the business of buying items?

David: We buy and we’re loan and we talk about the Biltmore difference and you know we have two locations in Scottsdale and in Chandler and if you’ve been by our Scottsdale location you can see the building, you can see the type of environment we try to create. It is a professional atmosphere where you dealt with in a professional manner.

Host: Alright, so let’s give you some information the numbers there on your screen (480) 705-LOAN that is for the Chandler location. If you’re heading out to Scottsdale (480) 991-LOAN that’s (5626) on both of those numbers. BiltmoreLoan.com is the website and you can look for items if you would like to purchase at BiltmoreLux.com and David’s just getting started you’ll be back with us in just a bit.

David: Just warming up.

What's It Worth On Sonoran Living Live January 24, 2017 Part 1