What’s It Worth On Sonoran Living Live February 21, 2017 Part 1


Host: Well, if you collect items or if you have any fine jewelry you’re not using. But you know what, you wanna know what could they be worth? Could have possibly get some money for them? Perhaps used them as collateral for a loan? It’s important to trust who you take them to so that you know that you’re getting the best price possible. David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan & Jewelry he’s here week after week to tell us exactly how you go about the process and I know that you’re an expert in diamonds but you guys have been doing collectibles for a long time, tell me about your team.

What's It Worth On Sonoran Living Live February 21 2017 Part 1



David: You know our team is been trained by me and is given work all the time to study, to and always we’re trying to expand our horizon, always trying to learn you know. And today I brought a few different things to really open up your mind.

Host: I’ll say!

David: And you know it isn’t about what your options are, it’s I really want your business. At Biltmore we want your business, it’s we’re not a location that just advertises because we’d like you to come in. I really want you to come in and I want you to see the vast array of types of things that we buy and or lend on.

Host: And I think you did a great job giving us, helping opening up our minds today because you know what, a lot of people may not have purchased some of these items, maybe have inherited some of these items, acquired them somehow not even understanding exactly the value and then not knowing where to turn. That’s –

David: A really, a really great point you know and one that I’d really want to talk about is that we get kinda focus in on this. Now, this diamond ring, this is a cognac diamond ring that’s 8 carats. Okay, I want you to know I actually made the mounting for it but the diamond came from an older piece where a woman came in because it was brown and she was told in three different places that it was smoky quartz.

Host: Oh!

David: Three different places.

Host: Okay.

David: That’s the Biltmore difference.

Host: And so what’s the, what’s the value of the difference in the value between the smoky quartz and that beautiful diamond.

David: Great question! This is around twenty-five thousand, a the smoky quartz is around twenty dollars.

Host: No!

David: Yes!

What's It Worth On Sonoran Living Live February 21 2017 Part 1

Host: Oh my gosh!

David: A smoky quartz for intend of purposes is free.

Host: Okay.

David: Okay, so again you taking out to the experts they’re not going to tell you if they don’t have to. If we look at this other ring over here you’ll see this little pink stone in it, this little antique ring.

Host: Okay.

David: Okay. They brought that to me and I said I believe my instincts as a gemologist tell me it’s a certain particular stone called padparadscha, which is a very special color of sapphire. I took the stone out, had it tested for them, it turned out padparadscha. They got triple what their estimate was.

Host: Okay, so versus a pink diamond to a padparadscha what’s the value there? What’s the value and difference.

David: Well pink diamond would be priceless.

Host: Oh!

David: And the padparadscha where they thought that this was just a synthetic stone. This stone is gonna might be worth five to six thousand dollars.

Host: See, this is what we’re talking about here when you, when you kind of look around in your home and you think you know what everybody you know runs into trouble now and then maybe needs a little bridge to get them by. This is where you can take some of your items and maybe you kinda have an inkling that there’s some value to them but they can bring them to you. You could outright purchase or loan.

David: Or give them a short-term loan and we’re going to do the homework. If we don’t know it rather than give you a ridiculous lay it low offer which is what most places do. We say to you listen, “We’re gonna be there forever, you know that we’re trustworthy, you know that all we have is integrity to sell”. So, what we’re gonna do is they let us do the homework and get you the right information.

Host: Well, quite frankly it’s in your best interest to make sure.

David: In both.

Host: Yes.

David: In both.

Host: That the information is accurate.

David: Because I don’t wanna look bad.

Host: I know I don’t want to look bad either.

David: Right! I don’t wanna look bad and I don’t wanna look foolish.

Host: Alright! Let me get these some information. If you wanna know maybe you have something that you’re wondering what is the value of these? How can I find out? You can take a picture of it, all the information you know about it, email it to [email protected]. Again, the options are there, purchasing or a loan. They’ll give you a free evaluation, they have a Scottsdale location you can bring it in (480) 991-LOAN. They also have a Chandler location (480) 705-LOAN. You can also visit their website BiltmoreLoan.com or looking to purchase? Visit BiltmoreLux.com.