What’s It Worth On Sonoran Living Live February 21, 2017 Part 2


Host: We are back now David Goldstein at Biltmore Loan joining us this morning and he’s telling us the value of items that we may have at home, that we no longer want or use or whatever it may be but we had a little fun with this item this morning. Because it came and I was like David what is this? It’s got a little base on it, okay.

David: And it’s sort of like a Victorian shoe from probably the turn of the century.

Host: Right! But we don’t really quite know, so we took it to guys out there I post it on Facebook I said, “We’re stomped! What is this?”. So Stasha believe it’s a doorstop. She thinks that a doorstop and Jill said, “It looks like it could be a stirrup”.

David: I think that the concept is right on both of those. My instincts tells me it’s not heavy enough to be a doorstop and I think it was done in for decorative purposes or maybe stretching of a shoe that type of thing.

Host: There you go. I thought it was a shoe stuff but I guess you’re right.

David: But if it’s not a shoe stuff.

Host: Or shoe horn I should say.

David: Or shoe horn.

Host: Right:

David: Or it’s not a piece of decorative item that is something that you may have in your home and you wanna know what it’s worth. What I’m gonna show you today, what you’ve seen today is from glass, from the finest glass smith in the world Dale Chihuly. You have a fabulous statue here done by Gucci. You have a collector bag here done by Louis Vuitton. You have a fabulous Swiss music machine that –

Host: Let’s listen to that.

David: Listen to this.

Host: Oh! It’s beautiful.

David: And look at that, that’s all nickel plated. All the paperwork in there originally from the 1950’s.

Host: But that’s what I asked you it’s important that we keep all of these stuff with an item like this intact.

David: Absolutely!

Host: Right? It keeps the value.

David: It keeps the value and makes so much more collectible.

Host: Its gorgeous.

David: You gotta see padik bullet, watches, Rolex watches, diamonds, gold, Mont Blanc. You have from Renoir, you have Tiffany fibreglass, you have 1700’s Stiegel glass and all the way to –

What's it Worth on Sonoran Living Live February 21 2017 Part 2

Host: And this is my favorite.

David: A beautiful cobalt blue Lalique.

Host: Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

David: And when I show you all these things and I say to you “Not only do we pay top prices and buy and loan on these things on an everyday basis”. But I wanna say to those people that are out there that are watching in they may have be only a select few, but if you have something that’s special that’s always been in your family that you’ve just wondered the value; it could be a piece of jewelry; it could be a piece of artwork; it could be a piece of glass; it could be anything that’s unusual that you’ve always wondered. I’d find it an honor if you give Biltmore a chance in coming in see me or one of my educated staff to get an opinion on that. Because this is really what we do. I live for everyday finding something you need that I can talk about or that I can find the value and give them to research.

Host: And when you go into David’s store, I’ve had a privilege of going to both your Chandler and your Scottsdale location. You carry so many brands, there’s so many different brands and you’ve gotta be knowledgeable in all of them to do your job well.

David: You know, it’s so true Susan. And there’s really, you know, we say we’re not always the bearer of good news but we’re always the bearer of the truth. There is no greater feeling for me than when I go in and I have this ring that somebody; this diamond that somebody told them is a quartz.

Host: Yeah, this is the story you told them on the first segment, right?

David: You know. I mean, and they were offered twenty and thirty dollars for it and we were paying twenty-five thousand dollars for it.

What's it Worth on Sonoran Living Live February 21 2017 Part 2
Host: ‘Coz it’s really a diamond?

David: ‘Coz it is a diamond.

Host: And then maybe they were telling them that on purpose in hopes that they would be ignorant enough to leave it, right?

David: I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt, so I am not here to sling stones. I really am here to say that I am an expert, my staff is an expert. And what we really want is the privilege to serve you by letting you come in and get an expert opinion.

Host: Alright. And you do free evaluations. So call now for free evaluation. Let’s give you some information, if you’ve been holding on to an item long enough and you said “God, I know the worth!” , the value here, email David and his team [email protected], that is the website or the email address that you can send it to. You can also give them a call for that free evaluation in Scottsdale (480) 911-LOAN. If you’re calling the Chandler location (480) 705-LOAN. Both accept walk-ins so bring your items. You can also visit the website, Biltmoreloan.com and if you wanna buy some of the items you see, go to BiltmoreLux.com.