What’s It Worth On Sonoran Living Live February 7, 2017 Part 1


Host: If you are a collector or if you just like fine jewelry and you’ve got a great collection of items that you may not want anymore or maybe you just need a loan to get you over. There could be some money out there. You need to go to the right people to get it. This is David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan and he’s here to tell us how he and his team can help you. We’re taking Native American jewelry today. I have on a beautiful – I wanted a pieces off of your table.

What's It Worth On Sonoran Living Live February 7 2017 Part 1

David: Yeah. Fabulous, fabulous Zuni Petit Point bracelet.

Host: Oh, it’s gorgeous. Usually some of these items David are worth thousands, how do we know what to look for?

David: You know, being here in the Southwest, living here over forty years. When I was fifteen years old, I actually started in Native American jewelry and that’s where my beginning came from my jewelry background. And what I find fascinating is that you – in every phase of jewelry, in every category of jewelry there’s a Vancleef or Cardia. So when you get to Native American, if you should have Jesse Monongye or you should have Charles Loloma, these are the…

Host: Names that we should be looking for.

David: Yes. If you should have a piece of Loloma or very fine Monongye, that’s where we’re gonna come in because Loloma can bring insane prices.

Host: And you know this because you were just back from The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.

David: I spent ten days there.

Host: And they were telling you that these stones are going for really thousands and thousands of dollars in some cases.

David: I’m always updating my knowledge. You know, as much as we know things occur and things changed. So, when I say to people that come to the experts, that’s really what I do. You know, if somebody doesn’t know me and they wouldn’t know- I would tell them my story, I’ve been here forty years in the valley. They could go to goldsteindiamonds.com and see what I do for thirty-five – forty years. Then, I now open this new business like over five years ago, Biltmore. Which is to get people a fair price. Get them the expert and the knowledge that they are entitled to. And if they have a short term situation where they wanna actually loan against it, they could loan against it. And if they wanna sell it, they’re gonna get maximum price because we’re professionals and we’re gonna do the work.

Host: So, who’s your customer?

David: Our customer is everybody, Suz. And that’s the amazing thing, you know. I go and travel around the world all the time and I introduced myself and I’ll say to people what I do and how I do this now. And it could be uhm- we hear from restaurant tours, we hear from commission sales people, we hear from attorneys waiting for settlement, we hear from home mortgage – home seller – real estate sellers that a commission may not be coming in a short term situation. We make that short term loan a fifteen minute situation. You can’t do that in the bank and more importantly, it’s in a professional environment with professional people.

Host: Alright. So we’re looking inside your Scottsdale showroom. What happens to our item once you know, if we do want that loan, are they protected?

David: Yes! Everything is sealed right there in front of you with the seal you can never be opened again. It’s gonna be handled by a professional in that particular department of whatever the category is that you’re bringing in; whether it’s art or crystal or antiques or sports memorabilia or a car or a piece of land.

What's It Worth On Sonoran Living Live February 7 2017 Part 1

Host: You do have a –

David: We literally, we buy our loan on most things you own so we will bring the value to it if you’re not sure of the value and you think you may have something valuable. And we’re gonna talk about that in my next segment because really hit me hard when I heard one of these and I was telling you the story and I wanna share with our audience but this is what it’s about. Come to the professionals we’re gonna give you either a value for a short-term loan and or we’re always aggressively buying.

Host: And the Scottsdale location was the first location but then you saw second location which is in Chandler. Walk-ins are welcome there and when I walk-in I got a free estimate? Walk me through how the process goes if I and bring something like this.

David: Yes, there is no cost to you. You’re gonna have professional look at it. If in fact there is something that we’re suspect of and we wanna do more research, we’re gonna do that for you for the purpose of both pro and con.

Host: Okay.

David: So we’re not – as I say always – we’re not always the bearer of good news but we’re always bearer of the truth. And you will see a professional person talked to you and you will walked out in a comfortable environment. Our whole goal is to make you come back.

Host: And the cool thing is, he’s gonna show the story in the next segment. He keeps learning and you’ve said that just a minute ago. He was blown away but when he found out when he was travelling, and you travel a lot since you just back of a six weeks trip.

David: – Of a six week trip. And I have to tell you – I was telling you the story. And I must have gloated about of this to four or five of my dearest friends saying “I’m fifty-eight years old, I learned something this week at The Tucson Gem Show that most of my coworkers and subordinates do not know and I found it just fascinating.

Host: Fascinating. And he’s gonna continue to bring that expertise to you. So I wanna give you some information. If you are sitting on an item right now and it’s just get nagging at you – you know what I’m talking about! It’s nagging at you.

David: You’re just curious!

Host: And you’re curious. Let these guys know. David and his team will look it up for you. [email protected] is the email address. Give them a call for that free evaluation, in Scottsdale (480) 911-LOAN. If you wanna head out to the Chandler location, (480) 705-LOAN. You can also visit the website, Biltmoreloan.com and if you wanna buy an item, BiltmoreLux.com.