What’s It Worth On Sonoran Living Live February 7, 2017 Part 2

Host: We are back now with David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan. And he’s telling us where we can take our items to get the most for what they are worth. I want you to do yourself a favor go into your jewelry box, go into your closets, look around, see if you have some items that you just wanna know the value of and then take it to David and his team. Good to see back again! And if I want people to understand there is nothing that we have in our homes right now that we should know the value of. Right?

What's It Worth On Sonoran Living Live February 7, 2017 Part 2

David: You know.

Host: It’s too simple.

David: It’s so fascinating. First of all, I think those ladies look fabulous so the skin topology must be working.

Host: It’s working.

David: But, uhm. You know I just got back. I’ve been six weeks on the road doing gem shopping network. Doing the Barrett-Jackson show, doing the Tucson-Gem show and doing a watch show in Bassin and Las Vegas and now I’m off to the Miami antique show after today. So, what I really find fascinating Susan is that I’m doing this and I’m. If you haven’t gotten the idea. I’m pretty passionate about what I do.

Host: Sure.

David: I really love and what I do and I love to learn. And here I was, I have this pair of earrings that I wanted to find some center stones for. Then I got this entire education on different types of coral and this all happen in the last two years and now some corals worth ten, twelve, fifteen times as much as others.

Host: Wow!

David: And I talk about that expertise. So, here’s.

Host: And someone shared that knowledge with you.

David: Absolutely.

Host: At the show, you walked up and thought you’re gonna selfies for fourteen thousand and you said no, you can actually get seventy thousand.

What's It Worth On Sonoran Living Live February 7 2017 Part 2

David: Yes!

Host: Was that mind blowing for you? Because you, you pride yourself for doing your own research.

David: I’m always, always turn to keep up to date but you know there’s always new techniques and new procedures coming out. And I’d like to tell little story about a, about a dealer that came to me as a broker for a client, about a month and a half ago. And she came to me in Tucson to tell me the story and she showed me a little Tiffany 1930 Sapphire ring and it was a small sapphire. And I told her I thought, six to eight thousand dollars I’d buy it for six thousand. I’d wanna test it and I think it could be worth somewhere in the fifteen to twenty-five thousand dollars, it was tested. And her client wanted twenty thousand dollars. She couldn’t get the twenty thousand dollars. She decided, she didn’t wanna have us tested and the client, the broker came to me in Tucson and said to me “I asked her about the ring she actually said “I sold it.” and the woman end up taking seven thousand five hundred dollars. And I said to her “You know, I think that was an injustice because I really would’ve like to have that tested for.” Well, she didn’t turn the next page and showed me that the piece was ven tested and certified after it was purchased. It was a Kashmir Sapphire and it’s now for sale for a hundred and twenty thousand dollars.

Host: Alright! So, hundred twenty thousand.

David: Seventy-five hundred to hundred and twenty thousand. And here’s the toughest part.

Host: And all you wanted to do was.

David: Let her know that. .

Host: Let her know that.

David: But the amazing thing was the client actually found it listed. And a hundred and twenty thousand dollars. And folks can I say something, could you imagine, you just sold something for seventy-five hundred dollars ‘coz you entrusted somebody and their expertise. And then after that, you find out that it was worth in six figure money. You know that’s what we try to do. I’m not looking to buy your ring for seventy-five hundred. In fact, I actually try to instigate her and compel her to want to get a GIA certificate because some things we cannot tell by our eyes.

Host: Right! And you have to do the research. So, don’t be sick about the purchase or sale that you make unless you go to the expert. That’s the bottom line.

David: And that’s we wanna do. We wanna teach you, we wanna give you the information. If there something you’ve ever wondered about. Whether it’s sports memorabilia, antiques, collectibles.

Host: Silver which we have here.

David: I mean everybody has ancestral flatware and these silver pieces.

Host: Alright, let’s give you some information. If you got some items right now, and you wanna find out what their worth email David and his team [email protected] that’s where you send your email. You can also get a free evaluation: Scottsdale and Chandler locations, accepts walk-ins (480) 991-LOAN, Chandler: (480) 705-LOAN. Visit their website BiltmoreLoan.com and David also sells items at BiltmoreLux.com.