Recap: Biltmore can turn around a loan in as short as 15 minutes

Host: And we’re back with David Goldstein and our studio this morning we’ve been hearing all kind of stories this morning. Just fresh off the whole Barrett-Jackson thing, I don’t know if you were able to check out we did a couple of facebook lives from their.

David Goldstein: And that was so fun.

Host: You?What's It Worth On Sonoran Living Live January 24, 2017 Part 1 - 1

David Goldstein: It was so fun. We really enjoy that.

Host: It was fun.

David Goldstein: I really enjoyed it.

Host: It really was a lot of fun but uhm man, what a good show that was for you. A lot of people commenting on, on the beautiful bags and jewelry that you brought along. Uhm, but you say, you’re about to tell me that somebody came by and tell me how that..

David Goldstein: Uhm, I’m gonna little shout out to Emily because she came by and said to me: you know, you were there for us in a year a half ago and came through on a loan that we needed. And she is now, on her feet doing fantastic.

Host: ooh..

David Goldstein: And she came by to buy something…

Host: ooh..

David Goldstein: And you know.

Host: Hey Emily!

David Goldstein: So, a big shout out to Emily Knight.

Host: Yeah!

David Goldstein: I just want to say really that, it is all about that’s what we get our joy from. Truly you know, we say all the time you don’t leave without a hug. I mean, we are family with our customers. I mean we truly are, we separate ourselves very very clearly from everybody else. In the fact that, not only the environment you’re gonna come in to as you see our building in Scottsdale and the type of place you’re gonna walk into but you gonna deal with professional people and experts.

Host: So, let’s talk about the process because we have talked a lot about Barrett-Jackson. Your were selling a lot there but people just like Emily. You know when you run into a situation, you just need, you know a bridge to get from point A to point B. You will do that for people. People can bring in some of their items you used them as collateral.

David Goldstein: Yes.

Host: Right?

David Goldstein: Yes.

Host: And your loan based on those items.

David Goldstein: And we try to get them, the most we can. You know a pawnshop that’s what we called loan-own. They want to loan you as little as possible and hope you default. We want to loan you as much as possible and work with you as diligently as possible and as long as possible to let you get your product back.

Host: Absolutely.

David Goldstein: We’re really not in the product business wherein that’s a byproduct of our business. We really in a business of trying to help people get through difficult times.

Host: Well if you want to buy it, you’ll buy.

David Goldstein: Absolutely.

Host: But that is not the point…

David Goldstein: Not at all.

What's It Worth On Sonoran Living Live January 24, 2017 Part 1 - 2

Host: When it’s come to specifically for a loan and I think it’s important for people who are maybe hearing this right now. And thinking you know I could, you know this is a great idea. I can get anything from the bank. I could use a little help right now. Uhm, you will get your item back in the same exact shape you brought it today.

David Goldstein: It is sealed. You know, and you can look here you have to say to yourself it isn’t necessarily the bank. If you needed for short-term a thousand or two thousand or five thousand else. The bank pay for work cost more than your loan. So,

Host: And the time.

David Goldstein: And the time. For them

Host: How quickly can you turn around a loan for us David?

David Goldstein: Fifteen minutes.

Host: Okay see.

David Goldstein: Maximum thirty minutes.

Host: Because you know what could happen right now, somebody watching going you know what, they might even have a mistake jewelry. That they’ve inherited and they thought that oh you know what? Uhm, I don’t really wanna…

David Goldstein: It’s sitting in my vault.

Host: Right! I don’t really want to sell it. It means something to me but I could use extra money right now. This is where you go to make that happen.

David Goldstein: And you know, it could be jewelry sitting in a vault or it could be a piece of art on the wall. It could be things in the garage.

Host: Which by the way, if you don’t know the valuation of it. You will also help people with that as well.

David Goldstein: Free evaluations, we’re experts and you know I always say. I cannot owe it. I’m not always the bearer of the best news. But I am always the bearer of the truth. So sometimes, people get disappointed in the values. But most of the time, once they get through the learning curve and go and check. They’ll find it we’re quite accurate and will be on the high side of everybody.

Host: Well, and on top of that David has said numerous times, over and over and over again do your diligence go see everybody, uhm coz you said you probably be back. Alright, let me give you some information you wanna find out, you know what maybe you do need a loan. You wanna find out what your stuff might be worth. You can email the photo of it, all the information you know about it to [email protected]. David also has two locations to choose from, one in Scottsdale and Chandler (480) 991-LOAN or (480) 705-LOAN that’s a Chandler store. You can also learn more at or to buy some items you also has these website