Where Can I Get A Cash Loan In Arizona?

Loan Cash from Biltmore AZThere are times in a person’s life when one would seek financial support, and all the usual suspects from which to get money from (parents, friends, bank) are nowhere in sight. This is where your resourcefulness comes in – from selling your valuables, loaning and/or pawning on them, to working odd jobs to make ends meet – these are the things one does to get their finances in order. Where better can you get a cash loan in Arizona than in Biltmore Loan and Jewelry?

Biltmore Loan has been in the industry for quite some time and has established itself as a name to trust. When banks say no, we give you a resounding YES.

History and Process

Biltmore Loan offers different kinds of loans like short bridge loans, diamond jewelry loans, loans on watches and fine timepieces, estate jewelry loans, auto title loans, art and sport collectible loans as well high-end electronic loans and to be blunt about it, almost all your assets with significance or value.

BBB Accredited

This is why we are one of the most trusted establishments in Arizona. We are compliant with the federal law set for loans. So you don’t have to worry when making a loan, as Biltmore follows the guidelines for lending procedures set by the State. Every application for loans are thoroughly studied for approval. There are two ways on how to get a cash from Biltmore Loan. Sell us your item and get cash straightaway or loan your item as a collateral where the item is put in a safe place until you finish the payment for the loan.


Perusal of review sites and you’ll notice the strong stellar reviews of various individuals when it comes to their experience with getting a cash loan with Biltmore. We welcome reviews – whether the positive or negative kind, because with the former we know we’re doing our customers right, and with the latter, we can improve on our weakness as a company. Both works wonders for us.

Qualifications and Requirements

Getting a cash loan with Biltmore is as easy as counting 1-2-3. Anyone can come visit the Chandler location with their item or you can contact us via the website. Have your item appraised so we can identify the value and also compare it to the amount you will be borrowing. It’s as easy as that. Other terms and condition will be discussed once you have agreed with the loan amount. The items that will serve as a collateral will be kept in a safe place, so you don’t have to worry about your valued items getting damaged. The website shows items you can loan on with Biltmore so you can check ahead of time what items can be accepted by Biltmore.

Getting a cash loan in Arizona isn’t hard especially with Biltmore Loan! Give us a call today and see how we can help you bridge the gap between pay checks!

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