Why There Is No Better Time Than Now to Sell Your Jewelry

They say diamonds are forever, and perhaps the same enduring love and adoration we have for diamonds also applies to gold, platinum, emeralds, and other precious metals and stones. But what if you have doubts? Similar to romantic relationships, jewelry is personal, and everyone has their reasons for letting go and moving on.

Maybe the Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra necklace you wore daily is now spending more time in a jewelry box than around your neck. Perhaps the allure of trending jewelry designs is becoming too irresistible. Whatever your reasons may be, if you are deciding between selling your jewelry or holding on to them, we can help sway you in the right direction.


Reasons to Sell Your Jewelry in Phoenix, AZ

Should you move on or trade your jewelry for something new and shinier? Make your way through our guide to find out.

Why You Should Sell Diamond Jewelry

 If your diamond jewelry has loose settings, appears dull, or has other issues, bring your jewelry to a repair and maintenance shop to make the most of the 4 Cs. Keeping your diamond jewelry at its shimmering best makes sense whether you want to keep it for yourself or sell and maximize your earnings. After all, fine jewelry in its best possible condition sells for more compared to pieces with flaws and imperfections. Fortunately, there are many ways to take care of diamond jewelry to prevent oil, dirt, and product buildup from hardening over time and threatening the structural integrity of your jewelry.

If you still love your diamond jewelry–keep it! There is no reason to part with a beloved diamond beauty that remains an essential part of your collection. However, if you are ready to let go and sell, ensure your piece is in excellent condition to make the most money. Worthy reported that now is the best time to sell diamond jewelry, as the price of round-cut diamond engagement rings, in particular, has increased by 46.9 percent in 2022.


Why You Should Sell Iconic Jewelry

Classics are iconic for a reason. They stand the test of time and go with almost everything. If you have been wearing a coveted piece for years and are ready to move on, consider yourself lucky. For example, the long-time favorite Cartier Love Bracelet can resell for $5,000 and up, with diamond-studded variations reselling for over $8,000. A symbol of love and status, the Cartier Love Collection, in general, has been in constant production since Aldo Cipullo designed it in 1969. Similar classics and iconic pieces usually retain high resale value and are always in demand among shoppers.

Demand is also high for top jewelry brands such as Harry Winston and Tiffany & Co. According to Steffi Lee, Director of Brand Marketing and Content at IPPOLITA, VCA Alhambra necklaces may sell for up to 95 percent of their retail price. Shoppers also snatch up pre-owned Tiffany T bracelets fast, with 80 percent of them selling within 30 days. The T bracelet’s aesthetically pleasing symmetry and easy-to-style characteristics have contributed to its popularity and consistency in demand since debuting in 2014, with sales increasing annually in the secondary luxury market. Jewelry from Hermès, such as the Clic Clac, is also on the rise, with an overall resale value up 18 percent in 2020.


Why You Should Sell Unbranded Jewelry

Maybe your jewelry collection is less about brand names and more about pieces that speak to you because of their design and materials. Unbranded fine jewelry refers to a piece that is not from a copyrighted or registered designer. Although brand names such as Cartier, Graff, Tiffany & Company, Chopard, and other luxury houses can drive the price of a piece, unbranded jewelry is a blank canvas that also fetches premium prices in the secondary market.

Many unbranded pieces hold value due to their materials, and certain styles command higher prices and demand in the resale market. Most types of 14K, 18K, and even pure 24K gold chain necklaces were up by a whopping 373 percent in 2020. One style, in particular, has been highly in demand: yellow gold paperclip chains. If you have one, now is the time to sell, as the popularity of this trendy piece remains prevalent.

Yellow gold hoop earrings are another jewelry staple that has shown a steady rise. Searches for gold hoops were up 68 percent in 2020, and 86 percent sell within 30 days, said Lee. Size is a matter of personal preference, so if you own a pair of small, medium, or large hoops that you no longer wear, sell your earrings to Biltmore Loan and Jewelry to renew their purpose and allow someone else to enjoy them. Hoops are similar to denim jeans in the sense that they go with almost anything, which is why they are one of the most popular types of jewelry today.


Why You Should Sell Emerald and Ruby Jewelry cartier burmese red ruby diamond ring

Emeralds and rubies are becoming more popular among modern jewelry enthusiasts, perhaps because everyone could use a pop of color, as well as some symbols of love, luck, and nature. The beguiling blue-green shade of emeralds has been a symbol of good fortune for centuries, something needed more than ever, whether you believe in luck or not. The rarity of the incredibly elusive emerald is a factor in its desirability. If you are ready to let your emeralds embark on a new journey, now is the time to sell. Searches for emerald jewelry are up 34 percent, with 70 percent of pieces selling within 30 days, revealed Lee.

The love between you and your ruby jewelry may no longer be burning, but it could be everything and more to someone else. The birthstone of July, rubies belong to a family of gemstones known as corundum. As one of the four main precious gemstones, rubies garner some of the highest prices on both the retail and secondary luxury markets. The hardness of a ruby, second only to a diamond, makes it an excellent choice if you are looking for a gem that embodies the passionate color of love. Burmese rubies mined in Burma (Myanmar) are significantly rarer and more expensive than rubies mined elsewhere, with the Jubilee Burmese Ruby selling for over $14 million at Christie’s New York in 2016.

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