Why You Should Get Your Dad A Watch On Father’s Day (And Which Kind)

Every third Sunday of June, Father’s Day is celebrated throughout the United States. The holiday, which was first celebrated in year 1910, aims to realize and honor the contribution of every dad, uncle, grandfather, and father figure. It is a special day which celebrates the fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the efforts of male (sometimes female) parents towards their family.

In light of the occasion, you may wonder, “what should I buy my dad this Father’s Day?”

If you ask Biltmore Loan and Jewelry, you can never go wrong with a classic watch. For decades, a timepiece has been an ideal present for different occasions. Not only is it a memorable item, a watch is also something that your father can treasure for years to come. Whether your dad prefers leather straps or an all-metal feel, watches are investments in the sense that they consist of valuable components that retain value over time.

If you need more convincing, here are three additional reasons you should buy your dad a watch for Father’s Day:

  1. High-Quality Time Keeping

Beyond aesthetics, an essential function that every watch must do is tell time. Although watches are widely available in inexpensive price points, they are likely mass-produced by unskilled laborers. Whereas, it takes a trained and passionate artisan to craft a luxury timepiece that can operate for decades.

Some of the most famous watchmaking companies include Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet, which employ master horologists to piece together their signature timepieces. These household watch companies only work in state-of-the-art facilities, where standards of craftsmanship are maintained at remarkably high stakes. For instance, Patek Philippe’s luxury watches are so intricate that a master horologist may take anywhere between 10 months (for basic models) and two whole years (for extremely complex models) to finish a single watch. This top-notch level of quality, in craftsmanship and materials, ensures that luxury watches can reliably tell time even if a person passes them on as heirlooms in the future. Best of all, most luxury watches only require minor tune-ups every five years or so. Conversely, an inexpensive and mass-produced watch that can withstand the test of time is nearly unheard of.

  1. A Subtle Display of Wealth and Class

As much as we hate to admit it, we do live in a world where looks matter. A well-dressed man who knows how to accessorize is more likely to attract the right kind of attention. This fact is evident in the level of attraction several of the world’s most successful and influential men get, which include celebrities, presidents, prime ministers, and Fortune 500 CEOs. Luxury timepieces are a subtle way to say that the wearer understands and appreciates a more refined quality of life.

  1. A Potential Heirloom

For fathers with greater concerns in life than displaying their social class, a top-quality timepiece can be an heirloom that lasts for generations. A watch can become an archetypal tradition symbolizing one of the most important duty a man has: looking after his family.

In the case of daughters, keeping your dad’s old watch can help you remember the good times you shared when you were little. It is also a meaningful item to hand down to your own son, which he can wear to honor and commemorate his grandfather.

The Perfect Timepiece for Your Dad

Much like a suit and tie, a man’s watch needs to complement his personal sense of style. Choosing the right watch ties together the wearer’s ensemble and presence as a whole. Thus, you need to know your options.

Remember, luxury watches are the epitome of wealth and understated confidence that has nothing to prove. If you don’t know which luxury watch to pick up for your dad, here are seven different timepieces to consider for nearly every type of dad:

1. For the Stylish Authority Figure

What to get him: Audemars Piguet Geneve 18K Yellow Gold Watch

Audemars Piguet Geneve 18K Yellow Gold Watch

  1. For the Old-Fashioned Gentleman

What to get him: Baume & Mercier Automatic Dual Time Leather Watch

Baume & Mercier Automatic Dual Time Brown Leather Watch


  1. For the Dashing CEO

What to get him: Armand Nicolet Stainless Blue Dial Watch

Armand Nicolet Stainless Blue Dial Watch

  1. For the Collector

What to get him: Curtis and Co. Big Time Air Limited Edition Watch

Authentic Curtis & Co. Big Time Air Limited Edition No. 045

  1. For the Adventure Seeker

What to get him: Invicta “Master of the Oceans” Swiss Chronograph Watch

Invicta Pro Diver Master of The Oceans Swiss Chronograph Mens Watch

  1. For the Laid Back and Practical

What to get him: Citizen Eco-Drive Axiom Leather Watch


Black Citizen Eco-Drive Adjustable Length Strap Axiom Leather Jewelry Watch

  1. For the History Aficionado

What to get him: Arnold Nicoud 18K Gold Pocket Watch — though technically, this isn’t a watch. However, any old soul with a passion for the 15th or 16th Century will appreciate this intricate and beautiful piece of art.

Arnold Nicoud 18K Gold Men's Key Wind Hunter Case Pocket Watch








The Takeaway

Although any watch can provide the duty of telling time, luxury timepieces offer more to those willing to invest in them, including a lifetime of satisfaction for their current and future wearers.

Poor-quality watches — like those made of faux leather, plastic, and plated alloys — almost never command impressive prices in the resale market, nor do they survive for long periods of time. Conversely, another great factor in luxury timepieces is the long-term investment value in their distinguished brand name, which makes them all the more appealing as the ideal Father’s Day present.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop staring at that luxury watch at the display counter and buy it for your pops!

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