Diamond Certificates

The Four C’s of Diamonds: The 5th C – Certificates

A diamond’s certificate is the blueprint of a diamond. The certificate tells you about the quality of the diamond and the details of its cut, as well as its exact measurements and weight. Certain certificates can be used as proof when identifying a diamond. On a certificate, it lists all of the characteristics of the diamond that are useful in determining the value of a diamond and when you sell diamonds.

Certificates are used by diamond buyers to evaluate a diamond before making an offer on it.

However, a certificate is not an appraisal. A certificate is a description of the characteristics or quality of a diamond and does not specifically state the monetary value of a diamond. Certificates, along with a good knowledge of the market for diamonds, can be used to determine the value of a diamond. An appraisal specifically states a monetary value of a diamond, be it resale or wholesale value.

Appraisals are only as accurate as the skill, training, and knowledge of the person doing the appraisal. Keeping this in mind, we are confident in our skill as appraisers and diamond buyers. Currently, there are no educational or training requirements that one needs in order to conduct appraisals. They can be done by anyone, including someone with virtually no training.

Appraisals may include subjective diamond quality or characteristic opinions but they are not certified or official like a GIA diamond certification.

Certificates can be issued by many companies such as the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), AGS (American Gem Society), IGI (International Gemological Institute), EGL (European Gemological Laboratory) and more. However, not all diamond certificates are equal. The GIA and AGS have very high grading standards and their certificates are the most respected and regarded in the world.

The GIA is the most well known and respected diamond laboratory in the world. The GIA is famous for being extremely strict on their grading and also laser inscribes the certification number on the side of the diamond (girdle) for identification purposes. The AGS is equally if not more strict than the GIA but not as well respected as the GIA.

DiamondsIf you want to bring in your jewelry to a diamond buyer, it is very helpful to bring a certificate with you, but it is not mandatory. There are many smaller diamond grading laboratories with different grading standards, some being more lenient than others. It is highly recommended that people only purchase GIA or AGS certified stones to ensure that characteristics of the diamond have been accurately stated.

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