Diamond Loans

Why should someone get a diamond loan with Biltmore?

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The owners and managers of Biltmore have been in the diamond business for over 30 years buying, selling, and conducting on various types of diamond loans. With our tamper proof bag system and high security vault, you can feel comfortable leaving your valuable jewelry in safe hands at Biltmore. We feel confident that our company is able to pay the most for diamonds as a loan or purchase in the Phoenix area.

Please feel free to obtain quotes from fly-by-night diamond buying operations or other businesses that claim to pay the most for diamonds. We strongly believe we will pay more as well as have the ability to provide diamond loans, which many diamond buyers are not licensed to do.

Why is now a good time for people who are looking for diamond loans?

Diamond prices have been increasing over the past number of years and due to the high value of diamonds, it is always a good bet to use diamonds as collateral if you are looking for get larger loan amount. With our diamond loan service, you do not have to sell your diamond ring but instead can get a loan on it and when that loan is paid off, you can get your diamond back. Do not feel obligated to sell, it may be better to get a loan since holding onto your diamonds may prove to be a wise investment for the future.

What types of diamond jewelry can people use to get a diamond loan on?

At Biltmore, we loan on all kinds of diamond jewelry including the following, but not limited to: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, wedding rings, engagement rings, watches, pendants, and loose diamonds. Regardless of the mounting or what type of jewelry the stones are set in, you can get cash as a diamond loan using any of your diamond jewelry as collateral.

How do diamond loans at Biltmore work?

Getting a diamond loan at Biltmore is a very easy process. You first bring in your loose diamonds or jewelry and we will appraise them. Our diamond grading experts will evaluate the color, cut, clarity, and carat weight of your stones and make you an offer for either a loan or outright purchase. All loans at Biltmore run in 90 day increments but you can take out your diamonds at any time upon full payment without any prepayment penalties.

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If you have a question or are unsure if we are interested in your item(s), Biltmore will be more-than-happy to evaluate what you have for free with no obligation. Please use our FREE Appraisal form or you can visit our How it works page for more information. Walk-ins are accepted at our Chandler and Scottsdale locations. No need to set an appointment!

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