How Diamonds Are Formed

diamond buyersThe word diamonds comes from the Greek word “Adamas”, meaning indestructible. Other than graphite, diamonds are the only gem known to man made of a single element, carbon. Diamonds are carbon atoms that are crystallized in a cubic (isometric) arrangement, known as a diamond lattice. Diamonds are known for their hardness and have the highest hardness and thermal conductivity of any bulk material.

Diamonds are formed deep below the earth’s surface, about 75-120 miles below, under conditions of extremely high pressure and temperature. The carbon that is used in the making of diamonds comes from the melting of pre-existing rocks in the upper mantle of the Earth. In the mantle of the Earth, there are a large amount of carbon apples.

When the temperature in the upper mantle changes, it causes the carbon atoms to go deeper towards the Earth’s core where they melt. When the temperature then reduces, the carbon atoms become a new rock.

If the other conditions surrounding the carbon atoms such as pressure are correct, the atoms in the melting crystal rock bond to build diamond crystals. If the pressure drops or the temperature rises, the diamond crystals may totally or partially dissolve. If all conditions are right, the diamond begins its journey to the Earth’s surface over thousands of years.

All diamonds took the Earth millions of years to make and each diamond. The diamond that is mined out of the earth is known as a rough diamond and then has to be cut into the various shapes that can be seen in jewelry. Only ¼ of all mined diamonds are made into jewelry, with diamonds being used for many other uses such as diamond-tipped drill bits/saws, diamond powder for abrasives, and many more.

The diamonds that are typically not used for jewelry, or used for industrial purposes are poor quality and are valued more for their hardness and thermal conductivity.

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