Upscale Diamond Loans Vs. Pawning Diamonds

pawning diamond ring for cash

Below, we will outline the difference between doing business with an upscale organization like Biltmore and going to a pawnshop to pawn diamonds.


All loans are done in a private, upscale office building. At Biltmore, there is no walking into a storefront filled with strangers and people you may know that may see you are coming to get a loan. All transactions are 100% confidential and discreet. You would be getting a loan with an upscale business, not going to pawn diamond rings at a traditional pawnshop.


Most pawn shops are in less than desirable neighborhoods which are not the safest places to travel with valuables. Biltmore is located in upscale Scottsdale. In addition, many people feel that going to pawn diamonds and leaving those valuables at a traditional pawnshop does not leave them with a feeling of peace and security.

All items at Biltmore are insured and stored in a secure vault with a high-level security system including motion sensors and 24 hour monitored alarm service and closed circuit cameras.

Quality Customer Service

Many pawn shops employ staff members who do not have formal customer service training, nor provide the highest level of personalized customer service experience that is given by Biltmore. We provide upscale collateral loans using diamonds as collateral, we do not refer to a diamond loan as going to pawn a diamond ring.


According to many of our customers who became loyal clients of Biltmore, the staff at various pawnshops across the valley can be crude, informally dressed, and carry firearms on their waist. Overall, this makes for a very unpleasant experience for an upscale client who simply wants a to get a loan, to sell their valuables, or to pawn a diamond. At Biltmore, all of our staff dress professionally and treat our clients with respect.

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