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Biltmore Loan Simply Pays the Most in Arizona

Biltmore Loan and Jewelry is a highly acclaimed professional purchaser and collateral lender in Arizona with over 30 years experience in asset evaluation and appraisal. Staffed with knowledgeable, professional, and friendly buyers at two locations in the Valley (Chandler and Scottsdale), you will instantly discover the difference with Biltmore as superior to any pawnshop or corner gold buyer.

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Call or Text: 480-207-3377
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Call or Text: 480-405-4329
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How it Works

Biltmore buys or loans on anything you own and cash is paid immediately following your appointment.Items purchased or loaned on are similar to traditional pawnshops and we pay exceptional premiums on significant assets such as fine art, jewelry, designer watches, designer handbags, coins, antiques, and collectibles.Using the Market Appraisal form in the upper-right corner, provide a few simple pieces of information about the item(s) you have. A representative will contact you with details to set an appointment on the same or following business day. In addition, phone calls are always welcome to the location of your choice.

Your Comfort is our Priority

“Although the concept is similar, Biltmore Loan is not a pawn shop in the traditional sense. We provide lower rates, higher purchase offers, and exceptional client experiences. Everyone is welcome and treated with dignity, respect, and professionalism regardless of their situation. Our locations are comfortable, private, and a pleasure to visit. We walk you through the purchase and loan process and the decision to sell or loan is always in the hands of the client.”

-Biltmore Loan and Jewelry Staff

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Take a moment to watch the video below and get to know Biltmore's Owner, David Goldstein as he explains why Biltmore Loan is different to any other collateral based lender.