Collateral Based Lenders in Mesa, AZ

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Office Hours: Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM
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Chandler Phone: 480-705-5626
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Office Hours: Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM
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Biltmore Loan & Jewelry is not your typical pawnshop in Mesa. From their elegant office situated in an esteemed financial district to their professional appraisals, you’ll know that Biltmore Loan & Jewelry offers way beyond what most pawnshops do.Biltmore Loan & Jewelry is all about experience. More than professional services, they provide convenience and the highest appraisals, thanks to their more than 30 years in the industry. Whether you decide to cash in on your valuables or simply use them as collateral for a loan, Biltmore Loan & Jewelry can give you a deal that most pawnshops or banks can’t.

Better than a Pawnshop in Mesa

What sets Biltmore Loan & Jewelry apart is the broad range of items that they buy or accept as collateral. Aside from the usual valuables such as jewelry, Biltmore Loan & Jewelry also takes in items that are not typically accepted in pawnshops such as musical instruments, furniture, vintage items, sports memorabilla and so much more.

More so, Biltmore Loan’s office doesn’t look like the usual pawnshop. There are no bars on the windows and no dealing with weapons. Instead, what you’ll see is a plush reception area where you will be welcomed by our team.

Cash In on Your Valuables

Take a look at your belongings and see if there are items that you think are of value. Who knows? Maybe that old jewelry set you haven’t worn for years, that antique table in your attic, or that old trunk filled with different sorts of things is actually worth thousands of dollars.

Whether you’re in an immediate need for money, decluttering and getting rid of items you no longer need, or letting go of pieces that are attached to a bad memory, you can take your valuables to Biltmore Loan & Jewelry and tap their value either through cashing in or using them as collateral for a loan.

If you’re ready to have them appraised, you can simply give Biltmore Loan & Jewelry a call, fill-up the online appraisal form found on this site or visit one of our 2 locations. No appointments needed!
Scottsdale – 480-991-5626 – Click here for a Map
Chandler – 480-705-5626 – Click here for a Map

Get the Right Appraisal

What most people are worried about appraisals is accuracy. But with Biltmore Loan & Jewelry, that’s the least of your concerns.

Biltmore Loan & Jewelry’s staff includes expert appraisers who are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Because of that, you can be confident that the evaluation made on your valuables are accurate and confidential.

Aside from accuracy, having your items appraised at Biltmore Loan & Jewelry imposes no obligation on you. You have the choice to accept the offer or not. More so, you are free to ask any inquiries you may have about your item and how it was evaluated.

Looking at different appraisals from several firms is a good way to shop around, but it will save you more time if you head to the experts right away. If you’re in Mesa, head over to Biltmore Loan and have your item evaluated by the experts and receive the highest appraisal in the market.

About Mesa

Before the city was named Mesa, it was known as Zenos. “Mesa” is derived from the Spanish word table, which describes the city’s table-top shape.

Mesa is the third largest city in Arizona and the 38th in the whole United States. As of July 2015, Mesa has 460,950 residents. During the 1960s, half of Mesa residents made a living with agriculture, which gradually declined with the suburban growth of the city.

Mesa is home to higher education facilities such as the Arizona State University Polytechnic Campus and cultural centers such as Mesa Arts Centers and Arizona Museum of Natural History.

There are various attractions in Mesa for residents and tourists alike. Outdoor activities such as golf, hiking, fishing, hot air balloon rides, and hummer tours are some of the activities that the city offers. Meanwhile, if you want to immerse yourself in Mesa’s culture and history, you can visit their museums and theaters.

Mesa is one of Biltmore Loan’s service areas. If you’re in the city and you have valuables you want to get appraised for a loan or sale, don’t hesitate to visit them.