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Biltmore Loan & Jewelry is not a pawnshop, it is way better than that. Unlike a typical pawnshop in Scottsdale, Biltmore Loan buys significant assets and provide collateral loans on a broad range of valuable items including jewelry, antiques, timepieces, signature handbags, artwork, and even land.There are several reasons why Biltmore Loan should be your go-to place in Scottsdale if you want to cash in or borrow against the worth of your valuables. Let’s look at each of them.

Unmatched Credibility

Biltmore Loan & Jewelry is better than most pawnshops because they recognize the real worth of your items.

A pawnshop may turn you down for bringing original artwork used in a TV show or movie, but Biltmore Loan will be able to appraise it accurately and determine its actual worth, thanks to their 30 years in business. More so, their staff includes highly experienced appraisers with certification from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Aside from accuracy, Biltmore Loan also gives the highest offers when purchasing or providing a loan on a valuable item.

Integrity and Customer Service

Biltmore Loan & Jewelry maintains their competitiveness by giving fair and confidential appraisals as well as upscale services in their Scottsdale office, which is situated in a prime location alongside esteemed financial firms.

With Biltmore Loan, you can expect to receive top dollar for each item in a professional and private setting, which can be likened to talking to a financial advisor or a bank. After discussing the result of the appraisal, you can accept or turn down the offer. You will not be forced to decide on the spot and any questions you may have will be entertained. Biltmore puts you first and they are inclined to point you to the right direction.

At Biltmore Loan, there is no guesswork involved. Smooth transactions are the norm and clients keep on coming back because they are satisfied with the value of each appraisal.

Immediate Cash

With Biltmore Loan & Jewelry, there’s almost zero waiting time. As soon as the appraisal is made and an agreement is signed, you will receive the payment or loan amount for your item. There are no credit checks required, because Biltmore Loans only purchase valuables or grants collateral loans based on the value of an item and not on the financial record of the client.

Insured by Lloyd’s of London

Lloyd’s of London insures all valuables taken to Biltmore Loan & Jewelry. That’s why they are able to provide a higher level of security and service compared to a typical pawnshop in Scottsdale.


Biltmore Loan & Jewelry is situated in a prime location in Scottsdale, Arizona, a city in Maricopa County. Their upscale office is in the same building where title companies, financial advisors, and CPA firms are located.

Biltmore Loan’s office doesn’t have bars on windows. More than keeping transactions private and secure, they want to make their clients as comfortable through every step of the process. That’s why all appraisals and discussions are done in a cozy and plush setting.


Biltmore Loan purchase or grant loans on valuable items such as:

Biltmore Loan has a simple approach in providing their services to clients. First off, you need to have your items appraised. You can get an appraisal via phone or through filling up the appraisal form found on this website. Once a date is set, you will bring you valuables to their Scottsdale office and have the appraiser evaluate it. Afterwards, you will receive an offer. By then, you will decide whether to sell the item, borrow against its value, or explore other options. Walk-ins are also welcome.

Appraisals and discussing any inquiry you have is free of charge. Biltmore Loans will be happy to look at your items and help you determine their value without imposing any obligation on you.

Better than a Pawnshop

If you want to save time and receive the highest appraisal on your valuables, go straight to the experts. More than giving a high offer, Biltmore Loan & Jewelry provides the flexibility and customer service that pawnshops can’t.

About Scottsdale

Scottsdale is located in the eastern part of Maricopa County, Arizona, and is popular for the nickname “West’s Most Western Town”. It is the sixth largest city in Arizona with a population of approximately 230,512 in 2014.

Scottsdale’s original name was Orangedale. Albert G. Utley, a banker from Rhode Island, owned 640 acres of near Scottsdale roads. He set aside some of that land, which he called Orangedale, because that area was considered as a prime spot to cultivate citrus.

Orangedale was next to land owned by Winfield Scott. Most of the time, Utley directed his people to Orangedale by saying, “It was near Scott’s”. As a result, a newspaper mistakenly identified Orangedale as Scottsdale, and somehow that name stuck and had a stronger recall.

The New York Time’s dubbed Scottsdale as the desert version of Miami’s South Beach and took note of the city’s buzzing nightlife and hotel scenes. On the other hand, Scottsdale can also be a haven for those looking for a relaxing and pampering time, thanks to the numerous spas around the city. Scottsdale has the highest number of spas per capita in the United States.

Scottsdale is home to one of Biltmore Loan & Jewelry’s offices in Arizona. If you’re in the area and you have items you want to sell or use as loan collateral, our team will be happy to take a look at them.