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What's It Worth On Sonoran Living Live February 21 2017 Part 1

What’s It Worth On Sonoran Living Live February 21, 2017 Part 1


Host: Well, if you collect items or if you have any fine jewelry you’re not using. But you know what, you wanna know what could they be worth? Could have possibly get some money for them? Perhaps used them as collateral for a loan? It’s important to trust who you take them to so that you know that you’re getting the best price possible. David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan & Jewelry he’s here week after week to tell us exactly how you go about the process and I know that you’re an expert in diamonds but you guys have been doing collectibles for a long time, tell me about your team.

What's It Worth On Sonoran Living Live February 21 2017 Part 1



David: You know our team is been trained by me and is given work all the time to study, to and always we’re trying to expand our horizon, always trying to learn you know. And today I brought a few different things to really open up your mind.

Host: I’ll say!

David: And you know it isn’t about what your options are, it’s I really want your business. At Biltmore we want your business, it’s we’re not a location that just advertises because we’d like you to come in. I really want you to come in and I want you to see the vast array of types of things that we buy and or lend on.

Host: And I think you did a great job giving us, helping opening up our minds today because you know what, a lot of people may not have purchased some of these items, maybe have inherited some of these items, acquired them somehow not even understanding exactly the value and then not knowing where to turn. That’s –

David: A really, a really great point you know and one that I’d really want to talk about is that we get kinda focus in on this. Now, this diamond ring, this is a cognac diamond ring that’s 8 carats. Okay, I want you to know I actually made the mounting for it but the diamond came from an older piece where a woman came in because it was brown and she was told in three different places that it was smoky quartz.

Host: Oh!

David: Three different places.

Host: Okay.

David: That’s the Biltmore difference.

Host: And so what’s the, what’s the value of the difference in the value between the smoky quartz and that beautiful diamond.

David: Great question! This is around twenty-five thousand, a the smoky quartz is around twenty dollars.

Host: No!

David: Yes!

What's It Worth On Sonoran Living Live February 21 2017 Part 1

Host: Oh my gosh!

David: A smoky quartz for intend of purposes is free.

Host: Okay.

David: Okay, so again you taking out to the experts they’re not going to tell you if they don’t have to. If we look at this other ring over here you’ll see this little pink stone in it, this little antique ring.

Host: Okay.

David: Okay. They brought that to me and I said I believe my instincts as a gemologist tell me it’s a certain particular stone called padparadscha, which is a very special color of sapphire. I took the stone out, had it tested for them, it turned out padparadscha. They got triple what their estimate was.

Host: Okay, so versus a pink diamond to a padparadscha what’s the value there? What’s the value and difference.

David: Well pink diamond would be priceless.

Host: Oh!

David: And the padparadscha where they thought that this was just a synthetic stone. This stone is gonna might be worth five to six thousand dollars.

Host: See, this is what we’re talking about here when you, when you kind of look around in your home and you think you know what everybody you know runs into trouble now and then maybe needs a little bridge to get them by. This is where you can take some of your items and maybe you kinda have an inkling that there’s some value to them but they can bring them to you. You could outright purchase or loan.

David: Or give them a short-term loan and we’re going to do the homework. If we don’t know it rather than give you a ridiculous lay it low offer which is what most places do. We say to you listen, “We’re gonna be there forever, you know that we’re trustworthy, you know that all we have is integrity to sell”. So, what we’re gonna do is they let us do the homework and get you the right information.

Host: Well, quite frankly it’s in your best interest to make sure.

David: In both.

Host: Yes.

David: In both.

Host: That the information is accurate.

David: Because I don’t wanna look bad.

Host: I know I don’t want to look bad either.

David: Right! I don’t wanna look bad and I don’t wanna look foolish.

Host: Alright! Let me get these some information. If you wanna know maybe you have something that you’re wondering what is the value of these? How can I find out? You can take a picture of it, all the information you know about it, email it to Again, the options are there, purchasing or a loan. They’ll give you a free evaluation, they have a Scottsdale location you can bring it in (480) 991-LOAN. They also have a Chandler location (480) 705-LOAN. You can also visit their website or looking to purchase? Visit

What's it worth on Sonoran Living live January 11, 2017 Part 2

What’s It Worth On Sonoran Living Live January 11, 2017 Part 2

Host: And we’re back with David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan. And he’s telling us about the values of the some items you might have. And you know what? You might wearing some of those items while you’re out looking at some fancy beautiful cars of Barrett-Jackson. Or you might just run into this guy right here. You’re gonna have a booth out, huh?

David Goldstein: And Hopefully you will. And we are first time Biltmore Luxury have a huge booth out there and you were going to see my collection of eclectics from jewelry, designer handbags, arts, silver Ahh anything you can imagine.

Host: When you say we can see your collection. You really mean we can buy your collection.

David Goldstein: You will actually have first choice in buying every in the first time that we’ve ever brought it out to the public in it’s full form were really excited about it, into great way first to come buy, say Hello to me, come buy and see some of our stuff, see the eclectic things that we buy and or loan on. And you know one of the, we talking earlier about how jewelry has something that almost everybody has. Well, a car is something that almost everybody has and you see these title loan places and I see them popping up everywhere.

Host: Right.

What's it worth on Sonoran Living live January 11, 2017 Part 2

David Goldstein: All I can say and all I try to do is say to people come in and see the difference. You know I had to excuse one second because I had a client commit last was, she thought she was going into a pawnshop.

Host: Really?

David Goldstein: And she said she’s with her son and she came in and she was very upscale lady and she was wonderful and we’ve now become friends. We did some business and I’m doing some more business with her. And she when she came there she said I had no idea what to expect. And that’s really what I try to convey to people. You won’t have any idea what to expect when you come in to one of our offices and you see the personal touched that we do and how we take it personal.

Host: Right?

David Goldstein: We wanna make the best decision for you as well as for us.

Host: Well let’s be real if you are going in, if you were reconsidering going to a Title Loan Company chances are you’re in a situation where, you know what it can be a little distressing, may be a little humiliating, a little embarrassing. But that’s.

David Goldstein: And that’s we will eliminate instilling when you walked in the door you’ll get a hug, will sit down, you’ll literary will.

What's it worth on Sonoran Living live January 11, 2017 Part 2

Host: Now people are gonna expect to hug now David.

David Goldstein: They are going to get a hug and they are gonna get to sit down and talked about the situation privately.

Host: Yes.

David Goldstein: Not in the counter. Privately in a private office with an educated person.

Host: And how about this. Making a deal that is comfortable for them. A lot of times, you’ll go in other places it’s black and white and you don’t have any options. Everybody’s situation is different to work with people.

David Goldstein: Do you know it’s so true so often I’ll see when they go into these places we sent shoppers out that they’ll sit, they’ll asked what are the rates and they’ll hand them a state rate sheet that says “that’s the most below will allow them to charge”. Ok! And that’s how will explain to the people.

Host: Okay.

David Goldstein: So what I really tried do, is say that my goal is to make sure you get the most free product if you’re loaning on it. Okay. Were not loaning to own. We don’t want you to deal for it.

Host: You don’t want to stop at the end.

What's it worth on Sonoran Living live January 11, 2017 Part 2

David Goldstein: Correct! We would want to work with you so that you can get back in anyway. And a car is one of those that with Barrett-Jackson coming up with such a prominent thing that people have. And it’s a great way to come in and get a short term loan.

Host: And chances are if you have to do that with your car. I’m pretty sure that you do want it back. You wanna be able to drive it.

David Goldstein: Of course.

Host: Alright will you stop buying and say hi to David Goldstein while he’s out there at Barrett-Jackson. In a meantime, if you wanna visit either one of his location; he has two of them to choose from. And if you’re wanting to know, maybe you have an item, maybe you do have a car that you’d like to short term loan on. You can send a photograph of it and everything you know about to Scottsdale location (480) 991-LOAN. Chandler location (480) 705-LOAN. Learn more:, or if you wanna buy the items see some of previous, some of the items that he’ll be offering of it Barrett-Jackson look at

What's it worth on Sonoran Living live January 11, 2017 Part 2

What’s it worth on Sonoran Living live January 11, 2017 Part 1

Video Transcription: What’s it worth on Sonoran Living live January 11, 2017 Part 1

Host: I know.. I actually posted this on my Facebook page. I actually cleaned out my closet for the New Year. I truly did and if you’re doing the same thing and you might come across some items you may think hmm.. I wonder if this has any value too. Or make sure you take it to the experts to find out what it’s worth. Our friend David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan is here to tell us how he and his team can help. And that’s one of the things that I think a lot – that we kinda forget to talk about, about you is your years of knowledge and expertise and if you don’t know, you’ll find out.

What’s it worth on Sonoran Living live January 11, 2017 Part 1David: You know I’m passionate and we as a business are passionate. I’m involved into day to day operations and you talked about New Years and how many resolutions we make. Did we say we’re gonna clean out our garage, I know. My wife came to me and said “You have till the first, till the first”.

Host: So you’re late?

David: clean out. And I’m still working on it.

Host: Okay. Okay.

David: But the good news is when I do and it’s gonna be done this week. You’re gonna get to all see that coz its all gonna come out.

Host: It’s all gonna come out on this table.

What’s it worth on Sonoran Living live January 11, 2017 Part 1

David: And you’re gonna get to see it coz we have some amazing things. And you know, people come to us for a lot of reasons. They come to us because they may run into a short term jam and an unexpected expense that they didn’t realize was coming up.

Host: Maybe the bills are catching up from over the holidays right?

David: You know I was watching that on TV and they were saying was interesting. They said that Alaska, they had the most credit card debt.

Host: Wow. Wow.

David: And it was like $7,700 spent just for Christmas.

Host: So you find yourself in a jam, people are gonna call you and whether it be maybe you come across some items like this. And it’s just something that, maybe you’re not wearing it, maybe it’s been sitting there for a while and you’re thinking maybe it was passed down to you, maybe it was given to you as a gift. You know, it’s just really not my thing.

David: I’m not using it. It’s been sitting there you know. It’s the old added job. If it’s been in that closet or that drawer and you haven’t open it up for six months chances are you’re never gonna open it up again.

Host: Right?

David: It could be hand bags that you now want a newer style.

Host: Yeah, right. But well, and handbags is a whole another chapter with you.

David: So we talked about product, the difference between us is the variety of the product that we buy and or loan. So if you have a handbag and you wanted to get a new handbag, one, you may find a handbag with us in a big discount or two, you can sell your handbag. Don’t give it to consignments to await three months and get 40 cents in a dollar. Go in, sell it. We buy them outright. It could be jewelry which is a big big part of our expertise. And something you know that I say that jewelry’s one of those things that everybody has some jewelry and most people have a car.

Host: And it may not be this.

What’s it worth on Sonoran Living live January 11, 2017 Part 1

David: And may not be a 15 karat fancy yellow diamond but somebody did have that.

Host: Right.

David: And they weren’t wearing it anymore. That’s the big story.

Host: So let’s say somebody does not want to sell. They simply want a loan. Let’s talk about what they – how quickly that can happen and the fact that well, tell me quickly that you will loan on that but they get their items back. That’s the good news.

David: Yes.

Host: They’d made a loan back you get it back and it’s safe.

David: So often, people run into that short term jam they need a short term loan. You can taken in, it will be sealed, it would be kept in the mean condition, it’ll never be touched once it’s in there. And you can take a short term loan on it.

Host: So if you have something like this, right?

David: Yes.

What’s it worth on Sonoran Living live January 11, 2017 Part 1

Host: How many karats is this?

David: This is 15 karat.

Host: And the value of this would be?

David: In this we originally loaned $150,000 on.

Host: So you’ll know that over Biltmore Loan and Jewelry it is kept safe and at the end of your loan you will get this back. Alright, let me give you some information on Biltmore Loan and Jewelry. They have two locations to choose from and if you have something – maybe you found something when you were cleaning out the closet or David’s gonna find something on his garage. that’s where you send the photo of the information. Ask the questions that you need to know about. Two locations, one in Scottsdale 480- 991- LOAN, one in Chandler 480- 705- LOAN. Learn more at or you wanna buy that beautiful ring I just showed you, you can go to

What’s it worth on Sonoran Living live January 11, 2017 Part 1

david webb brooch 1

Recap: Biltmore Loan will find the value of your items

Host: And we’re back with David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan and you know we’ve been talking here just in the break David about some of the, the items that are, are coming back right. That are popular kind of the retro ——

David: The return of everything.

Host: The return of everything and I, my I immediately went to this piece right here. I’m gonna set it right down here and I want you to focus in on that. Now let’s say, you’re going through Grandma’s jewelry box, let’s say you’re going through Grandma’s deposit box and you go, hmmmm… is that real? Don’t be fooled because you know what! This could have tremendous value and you don’t even know it.

biltmore loan accepts items of varying kinds 1

David: And that’s such a great point.

Host: I think something like this to you and say you know I have no clue David. What do you do? What’s the first thing that you do?

David: It actually if you look at this carefully you could get easily it confused with costume or fashion jewelry.

Host: Absolutely!

David: And I pick that out on the side and I said to you “Look at this.” And you kinda gave me the googly-eyes and said to me “Okay, what am I supposed to like about this?” Well, this is David Webb, who is America’s fine, one of America’s finest designers it’s 18 karat and platinum ——

Host: Wow!

David: All enamel with diamonds and rubies but the beauty is that. This doesn’t sell so well necessarily here in the States but we have a big clientele for this in the far east.

david webb brooch 1

Host: Okay, see that’s what, what we won’t know and that’s what you know, so tell me what is the value of this.

David: A piece I got should bring around fifteen to seventeen thousand.

Host: Okay, you’ve gotta be kidding me. Now actually, I —— I’m picking it up and I can tell it’s heavy.

David: Yup!

Host: But, but you know the untrained I would be like “Yeah! Costume jewelry, what! Seventeen thousand dollars ——

David: Fifteen to seventeen and all this pieces.

Host: And just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean somebody else will but that’s what you can help me do, right? Take this pieces.

David: It’s more different. It’s so true, Terrie I mean we can look at the gramophone, do you like it?

Host: Cool piece! Cool piece!

David: Okay, may I see. And everybody is attracted, I mean you could look at this art. Now this is all brass with nickel plated from the 60’s —–

gramophone zimbalist 1

Host: It’s so great!

David: From the Zimbalist company and this actually plays ——

Host: Yeah like ——

David: And has all the, all the cassettes in it.

Host: Oh my gosh!

David: Literally, you could actually open this ——

Host: This is ——

David: And it was done in Switzerland.

Host: Look at this! This is a cool piece, right.

David: And you can see and the box has all the, the songs in it and everybody.

Host: Talking about, you mean gift ideas huh hahahah.

David: Correct! And you know everybody has something different. This necklace is Tiffany. What we do is, what our goal is, is most importantly is to come to tell you. Look what you have.

Host: Yes.

David: You know we had a gentleman on the other day that I’m working on a jade ring. Jade is one of those items that very few people understand. He thought that it was worthless. Now I’m, I’m I’m having it checked and I’ve gotten the first result and it looks like it could be a ten to twenty thousand dollar piece of Jade.

Host: So, Oh my gosh! Okay. hahahah

David: And I get so excited to be able to tell him that ——

Host: Pick up the phone.

David: Because I said to him my instincts tell me “We need to check these”. And he said to me “If it’s your instincts ——

Host: Go for it.

David: …Here, check it”

Host: You got it. You know what here’s the thing, how how long have you been doing these David?

David: Thirty five years and in the diamond and jewelry business and it’s my passion.

Host: And, and on top of that he’s got a complete staff, 2 different locations but people will help with the research. So somebody sends in a photo maybe they can’t get to you. They send in a photo, ah just give us, give you as much information as much as you possibly can.

David: A photo, an email, a phone call, just give us a little information. Our job is to work for


Host: Like it.

David: Okay, it’s not to buy it as cheap as we can or the low, the littlest we can.

Host: And that’s the point, uhm it’s a whether it’s a loan or whether it’s an outright am selling to you. Uhm if it’s something that and I this is just a perfect example even if it’s something that you think “You know what this is just not my style”, as you mentioned it, it is somebody else’s style.

David: It is somebody else’s style. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Host: Actually I’m just thinking that it looks really pretty on my sweater.

David: And you see their coming back now ——

Host: I like it!

David: So, if you’ve ever had something ——

Host: And it’s only seventeen thousand dollars.

David: No, not for you.

Host: Oh! Fifteen.

David: Now if you’ve ever had something that’s in a family, in a house, you have an at stake, you wanna know what’s something is worth. Please give us that opportunity, I think you’ll find a huge different between the way that we do business at Biltmore and everyone else because we love what we do.

Host: Let me, you’re so cute. Let me give you the information., Scottsdale location: (480) 991-LOAN, Chandler location: (480) 705-LOAN, or buy the items by that cool pen right there at

biltmore loan scottsdale location 1

Recap: The advantages of Biltmore Loan over an auction house

Host: It is the holiday season and if you need a loan to get you through, there is a way to get what you need and no it’s not a bank. This is David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan and he’s here to tell you how he and his team of experts can help you get through. Great to see you!

David: It’s great to be back.

Host: Oh it’s wonderful and you have fine jewelry that you are gonna be talking about. We have everything on the table today!

David: We have a little of everything. You know, everybody just got down with Black Friday. You might have been a little exuberant. You might have spend a little more than you wanted to. You know Biltmore is a place where we say we buy our loan on most things you won’t and we can do a short term loan, we can purchase from you. We get lots of estates and a lot of people calling us recently. They would really notice calling us about their estates that people are trying to get done before the end of the year.

Host: Sure. Getting business in order right?

David: Coz there’s some tax advantages as well. Or they might have a loved one that passed under on a year. You know we hear so many people call us about estates and auctions and I thought it was a great concept and topic today to talk about. Because auctions are everywhere and they have come into mainstream America. Used to be we only knew about Sotheby’s and Christie’s and now there’s thousands of other online auction houses. The thing that I tried to explain to people we just had this situation occurred last week that I thought was so apropos for today’s clip would be that somebody takes that piece of product to a local auction and the problem is if you don’t get two people or three people that want that same piece, you will immediately get a very very low number. On top of that, with the smaller auctions when you’re not talking about one of a kind pieces, what happens is the auction houses charged you at 15 to 25 percent commission to the seller and then another 15 to 25 percent to the buyer. So by the time the seller is all done he’s getting about 40 to 50 cents on the dollar.

Host: And if it’s someone who doesn’t understand, for example the Graff earrings that you have here, if someone at an auction house has another value?

David: A perfect example. I mean this was somebody that came in that had these in a fairly long time and they bought them about 15 years ago. They won’t wearing them anymore. I mean this is an excess of $200,000.00 that we paid for them. This is my expertise, these diamonds, jewelry, watches, collectibles. I love to find out the information. I love bringing good news to somebody.

Host: Right. It’s 250 you said for these?

David: These are retail around $500,000.00.

Host: So the opening bid is $200.00 you know you’re in trouble.

David: And that’s the problem.

Host: Right.

David: You know so many of these people come back to us and find out after we’ve offered them that they sold it in auction and they ended up getting – they hear that number of 3,000 but 1,500 only goes to them.

Host: Ugh! They’re sick about it.

David: So they could have sold it us for 2,000 and 2,200. So many people are really finding the options. We’re showing now why they would come to us because these pieces here in the fine jewelry this was one collection right here of all David Webb pieces. And David Webb was one of America’s finest designers in the 60’s and 70’s.

Host: Beautiful.

David: And he’s now passed on these become very collectible.

Host: And I want everyone at home to see this cool piece. Pull it out. So give me the ring.

David: I told you that you’d love that. This is just one of the cute rings that we bought that I thought everybody would just love it and here it is wearing it.

Host: It’s beautiful.

David: And it’s adjustable. And watch this. She can now put that on and wear as a bracelet.

Host: I love this! So what is this? What is the value?

David: So it’s adjustable. And this is a $400.00 bracelet.

Host: Oh it’s gorgeous!

David: That we sell this for $400.00 and this is – it can be adjusted to any size. You can wear it as a ring. And it was just a great concept piece that came in and we are going to do the research for you. So when you see these unusual things here today, please give us an opportunity to come into our place where we’re experts and we’re gonna do anything and everything we can to even get you the most for a loan or the most if you like to sell something.

Host: And you will do free evaluation as well, right?

David: Always free evaluation and there’s nobody that likes giving a good news more than I do. So come visit us.

Host: That’s right. He and his team will do the work for you, okay. You’re gonna come back and you’re gonna have a little – another segment for us as well. But right now if you’re sitting at home and you’re thinking “That’s me David. I over spent for Black Friday” I need to get some of this stuff into your hands. Email at You can also give David a call and you will get that free evaluation in Scottsdale if you live in that area 480-991-LOAN. If you live in the Chandler area 480-705-LOAN. You can also visit their website and a lot of the items that you see in the show can be sold at

Recap: Biltmore Loan buys Vintage Men’s Accessories

Recap: Biltmore Loan buys Vintage Men’s Accessories like Dupont Lighters, Mont Blanc Pens, LV briefcase

Host: If you are a collector or maybe you’ve been inherited some collectible items along the way and you wanna know what they’re really worth. Our next guest and his team they are experts, they can certainly help you. David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan he is here this morning to tell us what they can do to bring value to your collectibles. Great to see you!


David: It is good to be back.

Host: It’s good to have you back!

David: I have been gone for three weeks for those of you who are avid watchers….

Host: We’re so excited that you’re back this morning give you big hugs. Well you brought some interesting things — lighters, pens, briefcases. Why?


David: You know we talk, week after week and those who you have seen me, we bring value to stuff and stuff could be jewelries, stuff could be cars, stuff could be lands, stuffs could be antiques collectibles memorabilia but today’s stuff that we use as an example was a little bit more men’s accessories and here you see some vintage great vintage dupont lighters…

Host: Beautiful.

David: …Uhm, there are this some great Mont Blanc and cross pens here that you’ll see here I love that DuPont lighters…

Host: That’s gorgeous.

David: …I mean just great piece of history. And then this is one of my favorites, this is a beautiful Louis Vuitton briefcase…

Host: briefcase, and it looks like it’s never been worn.

David: ... that’s never been actually used and I’m gonna open it up just to show you and what’s amazing about it is the tags have literally never been tied, never been used and what’s really interesting is this has the original invoice from 2010 and it’s never been used.

Host: Alright, so I have to ask you what’s the prize for something like this brand new?

David: In 2010, this was $4,600 and today its a little over $6,000 and it’s never been…

Host: Wow, look at the appreciation!


David: Yes…

Host: And what did you get it for?

David: …And this is something that will be on our site so we’re not gonna tell you what we actually paid for but this is gonna range in anywhere from 30 to 50% off of the retail.

Host: So consumers out there, you can buy this.

David: You could by close to half the retail…

Host: Wow! That’s great.

David: …And then what I thought was really interesting is today I brought you a great collection of for men pens and this one in particular is really fabulous. This is a Montegrappa pen and this is all sterling over enamel and this is the Bruce Lee its called and is limited edition and this retails is $5,700. This are all Visconti pens and…

Host: Are this for sale too?

David: …Mont Blanc and these will all be online for sale and what’s fabulous about these are, these are some of the finest pens you’ll see in the world and there are lots of pen collectors.

Host: And what a beautiful collection! I mean it’s gorgeous.

David: A beautiful collection even with the original pen box and to more Cartier and DuPont lighters.

Host: You do everything!


David: It really isn’t about the product what we really like talk about is about if you have a really a reason to still use this things and if you don’t, come to a place that will bring real value to them not consignment turning it into money instantly and we have experts that will tell you the values.

Host: Well gosh it’s like you’re my head I was just about to ask you we use to use the term expert. For those watching what does that mean to them as a consumer?

David: You know I’ve been, I’ve come from a jewelry business for 35 years I’m a gemologist and I’m in the diamond business and I see so often people taken a piece of jewelry somewhere and I’ll say you know I got an expert opinion. I think expert is probably one of most loosely used terms in the trade and I think that that’s the difference between Biltmore and anywhere else that you go. That is the Biltmore differences. We have about 85 years of…

Host: Comprehensive?

David: Comprehensive. Thank you for the word. Comprehensive, the experience and I think you will see the difference if you come in by, if you have something that you wanted to sell loan on or just literally just get rid of.


Host: And the beautiful part is guess what you can buy some of these items too so David’s gonna be with us throughout the morning so we’re gonna come back with him ’cause he’s got some incredible Native American jewelry that you’re gonna wanna see. So to find out how much your stuff is worth, how much you maybe worth from the experts, email them at Give them a call for a free evaluation. For the Scottsdale location, (480) 991-loan, that’s (480)-991-5626 or their Chandler location, (480) 705-loan, (480) 705- 5626 or visit them online and all of these items that we talked about that are gonna be for sale that website is


Biltmore Loan and Jewelry Scottsdale

Recap: Biltmore Loan buys and loans on some of the most unusual and eclectic things!

Host: David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan joining us again talking about ways that his team can help you out of the financial slump with stuff that you may already have that you’re not just using anymore. And we talk about some really eclectic items that you brought in the first segment. Now you have native american jewelry, you do everything.

David: You know, I try to show a plethora of different types of product. And we get very unusual, very interesting things. But we’re so often compared to pawnshops and I really like to take a second to try to explain to people that the differences that there’s a place to go, there are restaurants and there are restaurants. and this is, if you’ve seen our office, if you’ve gone online and you’ve seen at the backdrop, you can see here pictures of our office. It’s a first-class experience for someone who has a situation that either wants to sell something, would like to borrow on something, would like to downsize or declutter. There are a lot of reasons of people come to us; it could be divorce, it could be death, we talk about those four D’s, you know, and there are a lot of reasons that, you know, I find myself at 57 years old after spending a long weekend with my wife and saying to her, “Maybe it’s time to downsize a little?”

Biltmore Loan and Jewelry Scottsdale Office

Host: There’s a little of four D’s. So D is Downsizing, Death, Divorce, and Decluttering. So those are the things that we, that life….

David: And you know, we just accumulate things as we get older and we find, we’re not using it, no one’s wearing it anymore, this has been sitting in the garage, this has been sitting in the safe deposit box.

Biltmore Loan AZ buys antique

Host: Yes, like this belt, maybe you wore it in the 1980s but you’re not wearing it anymore.

David: Alright, and now there’s another part of the country that is wearing it, or another part of the world and we really find that market. What we don’t do is like any of these, I use the term competitors, we don’t do sales, we don’t do, “We’re gonna give you $50 more for your golds.”

Host: So those are red flags?

David: Those are really red flags because if somebody’s giving you $50 more for your gold, it just means that they are paying you $50 too little for an everyday basis.

Host: That’s true, because the market is what it is. Gold and silver is going for what it’s going for.

David: And it should be that way. And you know, I always say, for anybody’s been in this city for a long time, I like to consider myself like the Lou Grubb of loaning and valuing different types of items.

Host: And you do free evaluations, right?

David: Free evaluation. Come in, see one of our experts. I think you will see the Biltmore difference.

Host: And you have two locations? Scottsdale and Chandler?

David: Scottsdale and Chandler, both walk-in now, our Chandler’s location been open for three years. Our Chandler’s location, we just open our newest ones which is now walk-in just in Scottsdale road, north of Shea. And we want you to come in and see the difference.

Host: Okay, so there’s somebody watching right now, David, they’re watching and they’re saying, “You know, I’ve had this item and I just, you know, it was handed down to me from my grandmother’s grandmother, I don’t know what to do with it.”

Luxury Necklace

David: It could be a painting that’s been on your wall, and you had a great story from the grandmother, from the aunt, and it’s been handed over and maybe that’s a valuable painting that you could you to get you out of a financial jam and/or you’re not just using it. So there’s a lot of reasons you can come to us, we make it comfortable professional, and we won’t send a spokesperson to you, we don’t send a spokesperson, it’s a family-owned business. It’s me, it’s my team. So you’re not gonna see a spokesperson telling you what we do well or what we don’t do well. You’re gonna see me and my team when you come in and we’re gonna give you the honest facts.

Host: And I have been in your office and you guys will do the leg work. You will dig, I’ve seen you looking in books, and then online to really find out the value.

David: We love it. And when we can give somebody a bare good news. There’s nothing more fun for us.

Buy Tiffany Necklace at Biltmore Loan AZ

Host: Alright, so let’s give you some good news. You can easily contact David and his team to find out how much your items are worth. Give them a call for that free evaluation. The website: That’s when you can, if you snap a photo, they’ll look at your pictures, too. They could get the ball rolling as well. Two locations: Scottsdale | Chandler (480) 991-5626 is the Scottsdale Office. For Chandler (480) 705-LOAN. You can also visit their website and if you wann buy some of the items that you’re seeing David featured today, you can go to


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Grand Opening Celebration of our Scottsdale Location Sept 29 – Oct 1st


The Grand Opening celebration for our new Scottsdale flagship store is September 29-October 1st!

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Friday, Sept 30

What It’s Worth Day
Bring in anything you want for a free, expert evaluation including:
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Saturday, Oct 1

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Biltmore Scottsdale AZ - David Goldstein

Recap: Biltmore Loan helps you discover what your item is worth

Host: Alright, well  are you a collector? Or maybe you think you are? You might have some fine jewelry in your jewelry box handed down or 

something you’ve collect along the way and today, what do you think they might be worth? But do you really know what they might be worth. I’ll tell you who does. David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan. He’s here to tell us how he actually can help you discover that and I’ve already heard an amazing story. Oftentimes, people will send photos in which you can do yourself of items you have. It’s whatever, right David? Art, jewelry, carves, land.

Biltmore Loan David Goldstein Sonoran LivingDavid: Crystal, cars, land, literally what we do is monetize a product. So if jewelry is a big part of our business, crystal, art, is a very big part of our business. Lands and cars are a very big part of our business. And today we’re just showing you samples of the different things that we may have.

Host: Okay, here’s what you don’t know. You don’t know what you don’t know because here, this is a great example. Come over here and show this nice and close up for me if you will. Somebody brought this into you…

David:  One of my favorites.

Host: Okay and not sure was exactly the reasoning was but you, what did they think this was worth?

What is your item worth by Biltmore AZDavid:  They inherited this ring. And if you look at it, it look like just a two-stoned pearl ring with some little diamonds in it. And then, we did some research and looked at it and something about the pearl is just, my 35 years as a gemologist kept telling me this more to this. So I looked further and I found the Tiffany mark on it. And then I went and sent the pearls off to GIA and these are natural pearls.

Host: Which means, okay, I always think of, well a pearl’s natural, you know, it comes out of a…

David: Right. Which is where the experience of myself in Biltmore come into play. Because a natural pearl is a pearl that is created in the mollusk of the shell without any instigation. So in theory…

Host: How do you know it’s natural?

David: Because they x-ray it.

Host: Shush up.

David:  Yes, these are actually x-rayed.

Host: Okay, see that’s what we’re talking about. That’s about the difference of finding expertise– someone who knows what they’re doing and if, uhh, do you know if they took this in in anybody else to find out what the value was?

David: They did. And of course they were told it was a pro ring and I don’t even wanna tell you the value that they figured it. Because I take the time cause it was so little it was almost embarrassing.

Host: No way, okay.

David: Because pearls are not that desirable today and except natural pearls.

Host: Okay, so you valued it at what?

David: We paid for this ring $8,000.

Host: $8,000. Okay you gotta tell me what did the other guys say.

David: They gonna offer it for $800.

Host: Sush up.

David: They did. And I don’t like to talk about what people offer and what they do different than us. But we show Tiffany Van Cleef Cartier pieces or Fred or Louis Vuitton, Chanel, any of these finer pieces,

Host:  This finer pieces down here that we’re referring to.

Buy Designer Handbags from Biltmore AZDavid: You will really see the Biltmore difference and that’s what we do- we study it to bring the most we can to the customer. It should be a win-win situation.

Host: Because if you’ve watched our show our show for any length of time, even when David brings on not just jewelry pieces, David, which I know that is absolutely your forte, but, um, your passion is in so many other things. Even something as simple, I’m gonna just recall a situation where you brought in a designer hand bag. And you pointed out as simple as just stitching on it that set it apart from everything else by thousands of dollars.

David: And that’s really, If I didn’t have that expertise, or our team didn’t have that expertise, would be just like everyone else. What we try to do is look for the eclectic, look for the unusual, try to get a win-win situation cause in most times and many times, people will bring in a piece and then they wanna trade it for something else.

Biltmore Loan's Tiffany NecklaceHost: Oh my gosh. Okay, real quick, what’s the value of this beautiful blinging necklace? I was holding it.

David: That necklace is a $120,000 and it was $400,000 in Tiffany originally.

Host: Oh my gosh. Okay, see? That’s what I’m talking about. You don’t know what you just don’t know. You gotta let the experts handle it. So here’s what you do, you have something, perhaps you need a little short-term loan, perhaps you’re looking to sell, you can send a photo of it with a description of it to biltmore loan at Info@

Biltmore Loan AZ Contact InformationYou can also take that item, whatever it may be, if it’s too big, send a picture. (480) 991-5626 (LOAN) That’s the Scottsdale location, they’re newest location. And you can also visit Chandler: (480) 705-5626 (LOAN). You could look at or if there’s something you saw on the table that you have to have, visit

How to Get More from Your Jewelry

Recap: Biltmore Loan helps you liquidate your assets

We are back with David Goldstein of Biltmore Loan. We are talking about how he can help you find the value of the items that you have in your home and get really good money for them or maybe you wanna buy something that you see David feature here on the show but I wanna start with this: Why do you come on Sonoran Living?

David: You know that’s a great question I’ve been doing this now this is I think close to 3 years and I come we kept a week and I watched the show as well and what I find really interesting is how many people take and don’t have the time. I’m a really busy person and I find the time we kept a week because I think it’s imperative. it’s very very personal to me and what I do is very personal to people. When they need either a loan or they want to sell something or they just even in a situation where in a state needs to be liquidated, they wanted to– that’s personal to them. And I don’t think there’s a lot of people that you know a bank is personal about as long as you have enough assets, they’ll loan the money but those two percent the people don’t need the money so I come here week after week because I believe it’s personal and I think that we at Biltmore make a difference.blj4

Host: You know you call yourself you’re the new bank as what you like to say that’s kind of phrase you have coined for people who don’t understand what this is, why you have beautiful designer handbags and jewelry, what do you do for the clients?

David: In a very simple statement we buy our loan in most things you own so what you do is it’s very very very personal it’s very private it’s wherein Scottsdale and just north of Shea on Mercer and Scottsdale road our new location.

Host: Congratulations by the way.

David: Thank you which you seen the picture of now we’re really excited about you don’t need an appointment now, we have another one on 54th at Railroad in Chandler and soon to be opening in the West Valley. So what we try to do is give you, show you the Biltmore experience. Don’t come in and expect to go into a place where they’re going to say “This is what we’re gonna give” kind of thing. We don’t use coupons because coupons is one of the things I see so many these mailers and to me coupons is like an absolute guarantee than not paying you enough on a regular basis.

Host: Are you a pblj5awnshop?

David: not even close. We don’t do guns, we don’t do musical instruments and bicycles. We do finer musical instruments, but we don’t do bicycles, firearms, TVs that type of thing electronics. We’re for up skill assets to turn significant assets into significant cash.

Host: And I have seen you bring uhm artwork into our studio and you have literally have gloves on, you’ve taken such good care of it but the possessions that you do get especially those of people want back.You take very fine care of them and you protect their reputation and who they are, their anonymity’s incredibly important to you.

David: It no different than a bank, you need your privacy. Your good should be handled the same way, your money should be handled carefully. So, it’s stored in an ensured, locked, safe environment. So, so many times people come into our short term situation where they’re not expected. You know, I was watching earlier the segment on social security and we talked about people who have an unexpected health issue, all of a sudden, and, now they’re caught a little short-handed. That’s what we can come in, give you either a short-term loan or sell some assets that have sitting a long time that you’re not using but in a professional upscale environment.

Host: You love what you do, don’t you?

David: We’re really passionate about what we do. And that’s why we come week after week, it’s to show you that it’s personal at Biltmore.blj6

Host: Alright, if you’ve got something and you would like David and his team, you wanna know it’s worth, all you have to do is call (480) 991-5626 (LOAN) that’s the Scottsdale number. If you wanna call the Chandler location, (480) 705-5626 (LOAN). is the website and David does have a special website for those who wanna buy these incredible items: