Sell Gold or Use Them for a LoanGold, Silver and Platinum

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  • Sell Gold – Sell your gold, silver, or platinum for the highest prices paid in the state.
  • Collateral Loan Using Precious Metals – Get a loan using your gold, silver or platinum as collateral. Get maximum loan-to-value for your precious metals.

Sell Gold or Use Them for a LoanWhy Biltmore?

  • Biltmore is recognized as Arizona’s premier buyer and provider of loans involving previous metals.
  • We have been lending, selling, and buying gold, other precious metals and diamonds for over 30 years.
  • We buy and lend on all precious metals, regardless of condition. This includes broken, mismatched, unwanted and unused jewelry.
  • We buy and lend on all types of precious jewelry, coins, bars, ingots and more.

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If you have a question or are unsure if we are interested in your item(s), Biltmore will be more-than-happy to evaluate what you have for free with no obligation. Please use our appointment form here or you can visit our How it works page for more information. Walk-ins are accepted at our Chandler and Scottsdale locations. No need to set an appointment!

Chandler: 480-705-5626 670 N. 54th Street, Chandler, AZ 85226

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