Uses of Gold (Part 1)

Uses of GoldAfter having many years in the diamond, gold, and pawnshop businesses, the owners of Biltmore have a passion for building a reputation as a top Scottsdale gold jewelry buyers and gold buyer in Phoenix who helps people by getting them maximum value for their gold jewelry. In addition, our passion for gold extends to the desire to share of wealth of knowledge with our customers on the different uses of gold in society today.

Gold is a big part of American culture and we would like to share the information below.

Uses of Gold: Part 1

Throughout the course of time, almost every single civilized culture has used gold to symbolize accomplishment, beauty, and power. Gold has long been used in jewelry as well as for symbols of awards and accolades. In modern and ancient civilizations, we used gold for most of the significant and important objects in our society such as wedding rings, Olympic medals, Oscars, and more.


Jewelry is the primary use of gold and different civilizations have been using gold in the production of ornamental objects for over 6000 years. The use of gold in jewelry is the primary use of gold today, as about 78% of all gold consumed in a years is used in jewelry. Gold has many special properties that make it ideal for use in jewelry such as a desirable yellow color, a high luster, the ability to be drawn into wires and its softness which allows it to be made into various shapes.

Gold in its purest form is much to soft to handle the wear and tear that jewelry endures and for this reason, 24kt gold jewelry can rarely be found. Over the years, jewelry manufacturers and craftsmen have learned that gold can easily be alloyed with other metals such as copper, silver, palladium, and platinum. By combining it with other metals, gold can be made stronger and more durable to the stressed put on jewelry.

The majority of gold jewelry made today is alloyed with one or more various metals in different levels of purity. 10kt gold is 41.3% pure, 14kt is 58.3% pure, and 18kt is 75% pure. By combining gold with other metals, jewelry craftsmen are able to make gold jewelry more affordable to more people. Also, mixing the metals allows gold to be made into different colors of gold jewelry such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and more.

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Awards/Symbols of Status

Gold is widely used in many cultures for awards and symbols of status due to gold universal image of symbolizing accomplishment, beauty, and power. Due to it’s prestige, many people in the Arizona own gold jewelry and with the rising gold prices, it is very common to see the “We Buy Gold AZ” signs on hanging in many store windows. The crowns of many kings have been made out of gold because it’s high esteem and status as a metal.

Even though steel would have been a better choice because it is the strongest metal, gold carries a level of prestige and importance that is only fit for king’s crown. Gold is also associated with purity, which is why gold has been used in many religious objects such as crosses, communion-ware and other religious symbols.

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We hope you enjoyed learning more about the different uses of gold in the information above.

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