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    Chanel: Desired Throughout the History of High-Fashion

    When you think of high-end designer brands, glamour, and unparalleled elegance, one name that immediately springs to mind is Chanel. Sought-after by many for their quilted handbags, jewelry, little black dresses (LBDs), and the iconic double C logo—the French fashion house is one of the most well-known and easily recognizable brands in the world. Chanel handbags and their line of luxury goods not only evoke the ultimate status symbol as they are also smart investment pieces.

    Why You Should Sell Your Chanel to Biltmore Loan

    Since its founding in 1910 in Paris, Chanel has been synonyms with:

    • Celebrity status
    • Excellent craftsmanship
    • Timeless design
    • Functionality and practicality
    • Increasing value with age

    Not many brands can compete with Coco Chanel’s legacy and the classic appeal of their luxury goods. For this reason, the secondary market for Chanel is blooming. Today is the best time to sell your authentic designer items for commanding prices.

    If you need to make room for new designer acquisitions or raise money for some other purpose, we hope that you consider Biltmore Loan and Jewelry as your Chanel buyer in Phoenix, AZ. Our specialists can perform in-depth appraisals and make firm proposals to buy your Chanel bag and other high-end items, offering more than our competitors can match. If you are not 100% committed to selling your Chanel, you have the option to use it as collateral for a loan instead.

    Chanel Bag

    What We Buy or Accept as Collateral

    We pay the most for almost all luxuries from Chanel, including but not limited to:

    How to Maximize the Value of Your Chanel

    Identifying the condition of your Chanel is an important step in getting the best monetary return possible. We invest in authentic designer pieces in the following conditions:

    • Excellent: Chanel handbags and jewelry with barely-but-visible signs of imperfection are in this category. Original tags, dust bags, or boxes are often no longer included.
    • Pristine: Chanel luxury goods in pristine condition are immaculately clean, have no signs of wear, have their original materials and accessories, and look “store fresh.”

    Signs of a Chanel Bag in Selling Condition

    Luxe double flap bags, 2.55s (the original shoulder bag), and other Chanel handbags are known for impeccable workmanship. The question is: Have you been taking good care of yours?

    You can classify the selling factor of your Chanel purse through the following:

    • The leather: There are no evident marks, stains, creases, and extreme signs of wear.
    • The lining: The inside of the bag is clean and damage free.
    • The stitching: The stitching is straight, neat, and with no loose threads and lumps.
    • The hardware: The chains, locks, handles, straps, zippers, and other hardware are perfectly smooth and intact.

    Choose Biltmore Loan for Expert Appraisals and Reliable Purchasing

    Was your Chanel a gift? Get an appraisal at our location in Chandler or Scottsdale, AZ to guarantee its legitimacy.

    Handbags, diamonds, and other upscale pieces in our vault undergo a careful, step-by-step inspection process by our certified appraisal veterans. Starting with an extensive review by hand, we check every detail—from the craftsmanship, materials, logos, labels, serial codes, to the manufacturing period of your item. Here at Biltmore Loan and Jewelry, we only accept high-end valuables that are backed by our confidence in authenticity.

    Our knowledge and experience in authentication processes allow us to offer higher selling payouts than pawn shops, banks, online buyers, and other competitors. Get the best price for your Chanel now!

    The Biltmore loan Guarantee?

    Biltmore Loan is a reputable business that engages in purchasing and granting asset-based loans. We ensure excellent service through:

    • A convenient process. With Biltmore Loan, you can receive cash immediately wither from a sale or loan grant. After the appraisal of your handbag, you will receive an offer right away. If you agree to it, you will get the cash immediately.
    • 30 years of business experience. With our knowledge and team of expert appraisers, you can expect to receive an accurate evaluation and top dollar for your items.
    • Confidential Transactions. All business dealings in Biltmore Loan are guaranteed confidential and conducted in our plush offices in Chandler and Scottsdale.

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