A collateral loan, also known as a secured loan, is a loan where the borrower pledges some kind of car as collateral for the loan. That asset may include items such as cars, jewelry, diamonds, artwork, or basically anything of value that is worth more than the loan amount. In Arizona, loans classified as collateral loans are, by law, 90 day loans with interest rates set by the Arizona Revised Statutes. Many Phoenix loan companies will charge the maximum state interest rate but at Biltmore, these Arizona loan interest rates are negotiable depending on the size and type of loan.


Biltmore can also purchase your valuables outright and provide you with a legal Bill of Sale at the time of purchase.

Biltmore loans on or purchase the following items:

  • Gold/Silver/Platinum
  • Fancy Jewelry
  • Diamonds
  • Fine Watches
  • Antique/Estate Jewelry
  • Precious Metal Bullion  Coins
  • Native American Jewelry
  • Auto Title Loans
  • Boat/RV/Motorcycle Title Loans
  • Artwork
  • Antique/Collectibles
  • Sports/Music Memorabilia
  • High End Electronics
  • And More!

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Biltmore is Scottsdale’s premier purchaser and collateral lender. Please email us at [email protected] or call 480-991-LOAN (5626) to get a free appraisal and quote on your valuables. Please contact us today if you want to get a loan or sell your items today! You may also use our FREE Online Appraisal Form. No appointments needed!