11th to 20th Wedding Anniversary Gemstones

Did you know each anniversary has a corresponding gemstone that symbolizes your relationship’s development through the years? Our previous article provided a rundown of the types of gemstones to give your spouse on your 1st to 10th anniversaries. Today, we are expanding our list with the 11th to 20th wedding anniversary gemstones.

If your special day is coming up, tradition says the following are the best stones and jewelry to surprise your better half with.


Turquoise: 11th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone

Turquoise comes in many colors, from light blues to green-blue hues. This stone often contains flecks of copper or silver, giving it an almost hypnotizing yet alluring look.

The name “turquoise” is of French origin, meaning “Turkish stone.” Believed to be a talisman promoting a prosperous and healthy path ahead, giving or receiving turquoise jewelry is a great way to commemorate surpassing ten years of marriage. 


Jade: 12th Anniversary Gemstone

On your 12th wedding anniversary, show your significant other how much they mean to you with a jade pendant or brooch. Known as the “Stone of Heaven,” people have admired jade and its beauty for thousands of years. Deep greens, whites, and blues are among the array of colors available. Surprise your spouse with jade-adorned jewelry to bring balance to your relationship.


Citrine: 13th Anniversary

Thirteen years of marriage is a special milestone few couples are lucky to achieve. Citrine is a golden-yellow stone that symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and positive energy – all elements that help establish a stable, long-lasting marriage. Citrine is also thought to bring harmony and balance. It should inspire you to celebrate each day of your marriage with joy and enthusiasm, regardless of the difficult times in between.


Opal: 14th Anniversary

Opal’s mesmerizing rainbow colors represent the different aspects of love that come together to create one harmonious union.

Opals are treasures from nature — pieces of fine art crafted by Earth itself. Rarely found in its purest form, this stunning translucent stone is the perfect reminder that beauty lies in unexpected places, similar to how love knocks on your door when you least expect it.

There may be no better gemstone than an opal to give the love of your life on your 14th wedding anniversary. It may even bring more happiness, luck, and good fortune to your marriage.


Ruby: 15th Anniversary

Fifteen years of marriage is a momentous occasion, and the wedding anniversary gemstone associated with it is the remarkable ruby. The Sanskrit word for ruby is “ratnaraj,” which roughly translates to “King of Precious Stones.” A vibrant red gem symbolizing deep passion, love, and devotion, it’s the perfect 15th wedding anniversary gemstone for the queen (or king) of your heart.


Peridot: 16th Anniversary

Peridot is a semi-precious stone that brings light and beauty to the world. Its healing properties may aid in emotional and physical well-being and help open the heart chakra – ideal for keeping the love alive for a long and happy marriage. Some of Cleopatra’s favorite gems are said to have been one of the oldest peridots known to humankind, originating from Egypt, whose people began mining peridots over 3,500 years ago.


Wristwatch: 17th Wedding Anniversary Gift

The one exception to this list of anniversary gemstones, the traditional gift for marking 17 years of marriage is more specific: a wristwatch. Whether made from precious metals or adorned with gems, a watch is an ever-present symbol of the special bond between the person who gave it and the recipient. So, mark your wedding anniversary with a watch from your spouse’s favorite brand – a meaningful gift that will last many generations.


Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl: 18th Anniversary Gemstone

Cat’s eye chrysoberyl is a rare and fascinating gem renowned for its captivating “eye,” which appears to move as you view the stone from different angles. In addition to being visually striking, it is also of exceptional durability.

Cat’s eye is a vibrant yellow-green stone representing stability, perseverance, and balance. An exquisite and one-of-a-kind wedding anniversary gemstone, it will make your better half feel extra loved on your eighteenth anniversary.


Aquamarine: 19th Anniversary

Aquamarine comes from the Latin words “aqua” and “marinus,” meaning water of the sea, due to its deep blue-green color reminiscent of ocean waters. The stone can range in hue and saturation, though it’s consistently recognized for its delicate and calming beauty.

Aquamarine symbolizes eternity, loyalty, and trust – perfect for celebrating this momentous occasion.


Emerald: 20th Anniversary

The 20th wedding anniversary gemstone is emerald, a precious stone that has dazzled people for centuries. Known as the green variety of the mineral beryl, emeralds have varying colors that range from light yellow greens to deep, velvety forest greens. The rarest and most valuable emeralds have an intense hue and clarity, making them sparkle like no other gem. Emeralds are mainly from Colombia, Brazil, Afghanistan, and Zimbabwe.

For those who adore its splendor and wish to own emerald jewelry, many different cuts and hues are available. Also a symbol of growth and renewal, “perfect” is the only word to describe this traditional gift for reaching a significant achievement in your marriage. Congratulations are in order! That’s two great decades together.

Celebrate your marriage milestones with these symbolic tokens of love. While there are endless ways to commemorate anniversaries, lifetime jewelry pieces stay as precious and irreplaceable as your marriage. Congratulations on making it so far, and may your love for each other continue to flourish for many years ahead!


What’s Next?

Have you been happily married for much longer? Or are you helping your folks or grandparents come up with ideas for their upcoming wedding anniversary? Either way, keep an eye out for our following wedding anniversary gemstone guide, where we will explore the most lavish stones to celebrate the big numbers with – your 21st through 60th wedding anniversaries.


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