1st to 10th Wedding Anniversary Gemstones

Happy couples are always looking for ways to make each relationship milestone special. If you, too, are looking for ways to sweep someone off their feet, a foolproof way to woo them over and over again is by celebrating your first ten wedding anniversaries with beautiful and meaningful gemstones.


Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gemstones By Year

Read on for a detailed guide to wedding anniversary gemstones (and one exceptional metal) for your first ten years of marriage.


Gold: 1st Anniversary

Gold represents strength – perfect for marking the beginning of a strong relationship between a power couple. Your first wedding anniversary is a time to cherish your special bond. What better way to commemorate this marital achievement than by giving each other a matching piece of gold jewelry? Nothing screams “we’re in love!” louder than couples jewelry.


Garnet: 2nd Anniversary Gemstone

A popular choice for couples celebrating their second year of marriage, the gorgeous garnet has been an emblem of love since ancient times. Its color symbolizes passion and affection, making it a wonderful representation of your relationship’s continued growth.

The gold jewelry you gave or received the previous year is a glittering reminder of the strength that binds you together. Meanwhile, this year’s garnet jewelry shall symbolize the passion that will keep you two connected.


Pearl: 3rd Anniversary

Although not a gemstone, pearls are one of the most popular anniversary presents for a couple’s third wedding anniversary. A beautiful, luminescent product of nature that embodies purity and innocence, pearls express your raw feelings for your other half.

As you look back on your first two years of marriage and dream of all that lies ahead, a strand of pearls is a romantic way to tell your spouse how calm and at peace your heart is in their hands.


Blue Topaz: 4th Anniversary

This gemstone is an excellent choice for marking four incredible years together. Blue topaz is an all-time favorite for this marital milestone, signifying everlasting love and unwavering devotion. Its beauty shines in various jewelry styles, from drop earrings and chunky bangles to eternity rings and statement necklaces.


Sapphire: 5th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone

The gift of choice among fifth wedding anniversary celebrants, the sapphire symbolizes wisdom and truth – qualities that allow a marital bond to last. Sapphire jewelry is a reminder of your enduring love and commitment to one another, through the good and bad. As you reflect on five years of marriage and revisit your vows, exchanging sapphire jewelry is a heartwarming way to honor your promises to each other. And, from cornflower blue to pure white varieties, you can choose from the many sapphire colors available.


Amethyst: 6th Anniversary

Amethyst is a stunning purple gem (with secondary hues of red and blue) to give or receive as you commemorate your sixth wedding anniversary. Believed to bring peace, courage, and stability are all essential qualities in a loving and lasting relationship. Also an emblem of loyalty, trust, and understanding, amethyst jewelry is an unmatched token of love after six years together.


Onyx: 7th Anniversary Gift

Onyx is a mysterious gem that offers its bearer powerful vibrations of protection, willpower, and resilience – characteristics that keep a marriage strong through hardships. The stone’s contrast between white and black layers represents fondness and affection between two people, making it a meaningful way to express your commitment.

Onyx is a popular stone in men’s jewelry, so this anniversary is a great opportunity to give misters a new accessory.


Tourmaline: 8th Anniversary

A sign of lasting endearment, this multi-colored gemstone signifies the joy and passion that will keep you and your spouse connected through the years. Whether set in a ring, bracelet, or necklace, tourmaline expresses tenderness and compassion for your life partner.

As you reminisce about your eight happy years of marriage, tourmaline jewelry is a beautiful way to mark your anniversary, especially as you push forward on the long but beautiful journey ahead.


Lapis Lazuli: 9th Anniversary

Mark your ninth wedding anniversary with lapis lazuli. Its unique blue hue indicates loyalty, trust, and devotion – ideal qualities to honor when reaching this major milestone in your relationship.

Like onyx, lapis lazuli is a sought-after stone in men’s jewelry.


Diamond: 10th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone

Celebrate ten years of marriage with the traditional and iconic tenth wedding anniversary gem – diamonds. The beauty and brilliance of this stone have been treasured for centuries, making it a genuine way to express your love and commitment. Diamonds symbolize clarity and strength – essential qualities for maintaining honesty and truth in a relationship. Whether in the form of a beautiful promise ring, pair of stud earrings, or a magnificent tennis bracelet, no other material possession epitomizes love like diamonds do.

Marriage is a precious and irreplaceable gift, and celebrating your annual milestones with small and meaningful tokens of love is just another dollop of sweet icing on the wedding cake. While there is no right or wrong way to commemorate your anniversaries, investing in lifetime pieces, such as anniversary jewelry set with symbolic gemstones, will remind your significant other why they said yes to forever with you in the first place. Congratulations, and may your union stand the test of time.


What’s Next?

Head on over to part two of our wedding anniversary gemstone guide, where we will talk more about the different gifts to give your spouse on your 11th to 20th wedding anniversary.

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