Brand Spotlight: Nancy Gonzalez Luxury Handbags

After the two-year death anniversary of Santiago Barberi Gonzalez—the son of luxury handbag designer Nancy Gonzalez—Biltmore Loan and Jewelry thought it would be a fitting time to dedicate a few words to a high-end fashion brand close to the hearts of many, which Santiago Gonzalez helped transform into a household name in New York.

Nancy Gonzalez: An Underrated Brand for the Rich and Famous


Coming from Cali, Colombia, Santiago and his mother founded the Nancy Gonzalez handbag brand in 1998. The family-owned label is known for its genuine crocodile designs in bold colors, which upscale department stores such as Neiman Marcus, Harrods, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bergdorf Goodman carry for selling.

However, in an unfortunate turn of events, Nancy Gonzalez herself confirmed via Instagram that her son died in his sleep on March 24, 2017. He was 40 years old and the creative director of the thriving brand.

Where It All Began

When Santiago’s friends convinced him to try marketing his mother’s gorgeous handbags, his aunt’s neighbor agreed to schedule a meeting between him and Dawn Mello, an American fashion retail executive and industry legend. She introduced some of the biggest names in couture today, including Armani, Fendi and Michael Kors. Mello, who at the time was president of Manhattan’s elite fashion retailer Bergdorf Goodman, agreed to attend Santiago’s home sale in his aunt’s New York apartment. Mello put in a request for 30 bags.

During this time, Nancy Gonzalez was creating luxe bags in her hometown in Cali, Colombia. On the other hand, Santiago Gonzalez was a student at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. He had no idea of the potential of his mother’s craftsmanship, and so they chose to print the words “Nancy Gonzalez—New York” on the labels, having assumed that “Colombia” did not illuminate high-fashion extravagance like New York—the fashion capital of the world.

Little did everyone know that the 30 handbags at Bergdorf Goodman would sell out so quickly, prompting Dawn Mello to order more from the promising brand. Within a few short years, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, and other Hollywood style icons were seen toting Nancy Gonzalez handbags.

Nancy Gonzalez in the 21st Century

Today, enthusiasts and collectors from around the world admire Nancy Gonzalez handbags. Her designs are a beautiful representation of Latino culture combined with high-grade exotics skins. She uses crocodile, python, lizard, and then color them with vibrant South American hues, such as lime green, pink, orange, and many others. Nancy’s world-class materials originate from South American soil, where her employees convert them into stunning high-end goods. Most of the skins are from their own farms in Colombia, while others are from neighboring countries.

As Nancy Gonzalez herself puts it, “I incorporate elements into each piece that make us smile; a color, a texture, a detail, a surprise.” Colombian symbols and patterns, such as shells and Amazonian butterflies, adorn many pieces in her collection. Other designs incorporate small aesthetic twists, including bamboo-patterned handles and “guitar straps.”

Nancy Gonzalez, although still considered new in luxury high-fashion, has gained the respect of fellow designers and consumers for their quality, creativity, and artistry. The value of Nancy Gonzalez handbags is remarkable, too. While the costs of crocodile from the likes of Hermès can start at $12,000, Nancy Gonzalez versions of comparable dimensions are often found for under half that price at premium quality.

Introduction of New Products  

Nancy Gonzalez is no longer exclusive to women’s handbags. The brand now manufactures lavish leather shoes and more recently launched a menswear line inspired by the late Santiago Gonzalez. The new venture includes several fashion-forward men’s bags, such as crocodile-skin backpacks and satchels. In spite of his passing, Nancy Gonzalez herself will continue to expand their menswear line and proceed to astound us with her exquisite South American handbags.

Why You Should Invest in Nancy Gonzalez

Here at Biltmore Loan and Jewelry, we spend an ample amount of time researching and informing you about the most expensive and anticipated bags of the season—if not, decade. If you are in the market for a designer handbag that is not as identifiable as Chanel or Louis Vuitton, we are here to tell you that Nancy Gonzalez can solve your arm candy dilemmas.

Nancy Gonzalez handbags tend to be more under-the-radar, but that is precisely the advantage. Instead of signature logos and hardware, the brand focuses on exotics, particularly crocodile from Nancy Gonzalez’s native Colombia. Her timeless, classy, and sophisticated bags vary from structured and clean to embellished and elaborate, and they will immediately elevate your look in the most luxurious way. Also, pertinent to how much other high-end fashion houses charge for crocodile, these exotics from Nancy Gonzalez are incredibly well priced, with many pieces in between the $2,000 to $3,000 range.

There is something praiseworthy and glamorous about the distinctive yet straightforward designs of these handbags. While Nancy Gonzalez stripped bags are absolute head turners, the growing brand also dallies in the other end of the handbag spectrum with extensive patterns and piled-on details, which are always a favorite of many. The bright colors of these exotic bags are some of the prettiest in the world, and the animal skin adds another high-end element. To add, the celebrities who carry them are just as head-turning, such as the fabulous Sofía Vergara of ABC’s Modern Family.

Nancy Gonzalez Buyers in Scottsdale and Chandler, AZ Nancy Gonzalez Cristina Croc Handbag Satchel in Brown and Black

Nancy Gonzalez’s eye-catching handbags and clutches—made of lime-green crocodile, pink ostrich, lavender python, and other beautifully dyed exotic skins—are elegant beacons for fashionable women around the globe. If you are a proud owner a timeless handbag from Nancy Gonzalez and are looking for an outright buyer in Phoenix, AZ, complete our online form to request a free market appraisal.

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