Luxury 101: Items Women Should Have

The fashion industry is worth a staggering three trillion dollars. The womenswear industry, which typically includes everyday clothing, accessories, footwear, lingerie, and everything else that a woman wears (except bridal wear), is worth $621 billion. Meanwhile, the bridal wear industry is at $57 billion. In comparison, men’s wear is at $402 billion, while the luxury goods market is at $339.4 billion.

Given that ladies fuel the biggest chunks in the fashion industry, it only goes to follow that most fashion houses would try to court the bellas. In fact, many brands consistently offer updated items for women while only rehashing the ones they provide for men. Over time, the different trends for women’s clothing have transformed into classics, and most women have go-to ensembles for every occasion in their lives. In fact, some clothing staples become daily essentials; or at least, essentials for a particular event.

These “essentials” are often the items in a woman’s closet that are often used. They are showpieces and go-to-outfits for when the setting is both comfortable and uncomfortable. Since ladies like to flaunt their style and showcase their good taste, what better way to show off their flair for fashion than by using luxury items as their fashion must-haves?

This being said, a quick glance at society pages show that luxury items have quickly become staples to a well-dressed woman’s closet. Having a few tried and tested luxury items can complement several outfits and exude elegance and good taste at a glance, particularly if you are at a party where you wish to impress your contemporaries.

There is no hiding the fact that luxury items come with hefty price tags. From its very name, luxury items do not come cheap and are often out of the pay scale of the working class. However, if a woman plays her cards right, it’s ultimately her decision as to how she wants to spend her hard-earned money. Luxury items can save a woman thousands of dollars over the years. High-end items scream durability and longevity, which is why they are often passed on as family heirlooms.

Here are some closet staples that every woman should have:

The classic handbag 

Nothing screams posh and style than a classic handbag. A beautiful adornment that can create a loud statement, bags are functional and sturdy accessories that can complement every outfit. What’s more, these timeless bags are well-crafted and popular family heirlooms among women, passed on through generations.  

Many factors come into play when considering a classic handbag. For instance, think of the bag’s silhouette and color. The silhouette and craftsmanship would determine how long the bag will remain functional, while at the same time, would indicate how well the bag would keep its shape over the years. Similarly, you want a bag that goes with many of your outfits, so opt for a neutral color. If you’re the sort of person who likes loud colors, then choose a statement bag that can be the key to your signature look over the years.

What to look for: Chanel 10″ classic black quilted leather shoulder flap bag, Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Alma Bag, Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag, Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, Hermes Kelly Bag

The statement shoes 

Every woman’s choice of footwear depends on her personality, the occasion, and the location. For this reason, most women have dozens of shoes to choose from, some with the same style but in different colors. However, there are three kinds of footwear that all women must have in her shoe closet: a pair of sturdy, heeled boots, a beautiful and classic number, and a stunning showstopper.

Heeled boots can add height to any outfit, and is perfect for casual and business settings. When crafted by a luxury brand, boots can even be a conversation starter. Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Chanel all have gorgeous numbers in leather or suede.

On the other hand, a classic pair of Jimmy Choo can improve your silhouette without hurting your feet. From kitten heels, pumps, wedges, and sexy heels, a Jimmy Choo would never lead you far from the limelight.

Finally, every woman needs a pair of standout heels. These showstoppers are in bold, vibrant colors, often adorned with precious gems and stones. What’s more, the bold hue of the sole can often scream out your design preferences. Check out Christian Louboutin’s line for this unique find.

The go-to jewelry

Finally, the sparkles. Women love jewelry, and for all the right reasons. The value of jewelry can either increase or decrease depending on the brand, craftsmanship, condition, and other factors. Add to the fact the long-touted battle cry of De Beers that “a diamond is forever,” then you have the hallmarks of what constitutes a good piece of jewelry.

That being said, women need several kinds of jewelry. A low-key, unpretentious piece can be worn every day without having to be too loud. On the other hand, a bold statement piece is perfect for special occasions.

For simple, easy, and straightforward pieces, check out the incredible lines of Chanel, Prada, and Louis Vuitton. A personal favorite for everyday use is Louis Vuitton Color Blossom BB Star Pendant with white gold, onyx, and diamond. This gorgeous piece is an eye candy in an elegant, understated way. Of course, Tiffany & Co. and Harry Winston pieces never go out of style either.

Then you have the showstoppers, the showpieces that you wear to flaunt your collarbone or just bring the focus to your priceless piece of jewelry. You can wear a beautiful necklace with just a simple dress and your classic pair of heels. You can also put your hair up and add a little sparkle to your ears, letting the world see just how far you have come in life.

Luxury pieces are perfect items for highlighting the fine things in life. Even a simple outfit can become glamorous with the right set of accessories. That being said, you need these three luxury items in your life: a classic handbag, go-to pairs of shoes, and timeless jewelry. With these accessories on hand, your peers will know that you are a woman who prides herself on recognizing excellence and fine craftsmanship.

Thinking of buying luxury items?

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