Picking A Watch Based On Your Lifestyle and Personality

No gentleman goes out without his trusted wristwatch. As an article you use almost daily, your watch is essentially an extension of yourself, and as such, must reflect your personality. When choosing a new timepiece, the two main factors to consider are functionality and design.

In addition, you should seek something that suits your lifestyle. That way your new buddy can match your wardrobe and your daily activities better. Whether you’re the type to go on rugged adventures or love to travel in luxury, your watch serves as a statement of who you are. Here’s how to choose the right piece for your style.

For The Thrill Seeker

Breitling Chronomat Evolution D13050.1 Men's Automatic Watch

Breitling Chronomat Evolution Men’s Automatic Watch

If you love skydiving, paragliding, and anything to get you airborne, you’re likely a thrill seeker. If this sounds like you, then a pilot watch is your ideal companion. Inspired by aviation, pilot timepieces have a rich history and served an important job during the World Wars. Today, these watches sport stylish embellishments and impressive features that are perfect for the sophisticated man.

Synthesizing technical aspects, such as compasses, flight timers, pilot’s logbooks, GPS, and airport databases, with user-friendliness, pilot watches are both functional and chic. Whether you’re the type of thrill seeker who prefers bold and high-the designs or likes polished and suave accessories, you’ll be able to find a pilot’s watch that’ll get your heart racing. The Breitling Exospace B55, Bremont ALT1-ZT/51, and Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 are alluring options for a pilot watch.

For The Opulent ROLEX Presidential Oyster Perpetual Black Dial Day Date 18K Yellow Gold Mens Watch

This is for the gentleman who demands a timepiece that’s elegant and a little decadent. Only a real gold watch will have this desired effect and suit such tastes for luxury. Not only does the shine of a gold chronometer make an excellent statement against a suit, but it also invokes images of grandeur and power.

Consider this accessory if you fancy yourself a high-roller. Despite being a bold addition to any outfit, a gold watch still has an air of class and refinement. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date 15037, Gucci G-Timeless Dial Gold-Tone, and Cartier Tank are some of the top picks under this category.

For The Active



An old watch won’t do for the active man. He requires something that can keep up with his hectic day-to-day life and take him from the gym to work and home for his evening jog. If you’re always on-the-go, consider fitness and running watches as your ideal companion. Not only will these wearable gadgets track and measure your activity and exercise, but they’ll help you train and achieve your fitness goals.

To find the right piece, look for the functions that will suit your needs, be it measurements for distance, speed, or heart rate. There are also watches that allow you to set training programs and compete against previous exercises, along with audio prompts. On top of those, you can get the most out of your workout and timepiece by choosing a light, comfortable, and athletic design. Some of the best fitness watches in the industry are the Garmin Forerunner 235, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, and UP3 by Jawbone.

For The Minimalist

Montblanc Meisterstuck 7019 Watch

This watch and other Men’s watch 

For certain aesthetics, less means more. If you find yourself leaning toward muted color palettes, clean designs, and plenty of black and white, chances are you’re a minimalist at heart. Owning accessories is often unnecessary for the minimalist man, but a watch is a useful companion you can’t go without. Of course, no person who lives with the mantra of having “less” would be caught dead in a flamboyant and over-the-top watch, so minimalist pieces are the way to go.

Look clean and sharp with a fuss-free watch. Opt for sleek and modern designs that feature a clear window, free of complicated displays and dials. You should also keep an eye out for understated bands that border between contemporary and classic for a timeless charm. The Breitling Transocean 38, De Ville Tresor Omega Master Co-Axial, Montblanc Heritage Spirit Date Automatic are beautiful, simple timepieces that come with delicate embellishments and discreet date window.

For The Quirky

This gent loves to explore fashion – one whose unique, comfortable in his, and not afraid to stand out from the crowd. The quirky man is always on the hunt for something edgy and extraordinary. What better way to show off his taste than through a skeleton watch? These fascinating timepieces are designed to reveal their inner working and components. Wearing one is a statement that you appreciate the construction and mechanism of this delicate piece.

In a sea of conventional designs, skeleton watches deserve admiration for their uniqueness. While most gents would play it safe with something more traditional, the quirky and contemporary man can pull off these bold accessories with ease. The Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic Skeleton Gent Auto, Cartier Santos-Dumont Skeleton Watch, and Hublot Classic Fusion Ultra-Thin Skeleton Titanium are some of the skeleton watches that are to die for in 2019.

For The Rugged Breitling Bentley 6.75 Men's Watch

A tough man needs a tough watch. While some watches lend themselves to decorative and flashy elements, there’s one set that exudes an authentic masculine feel. Military and tactical watches sport rugged exterior combined with durability and practical applications.

Undoubtedly tougher than other breeds of chronometers, military timepieces specifically built to resist the elements. Night lights for evening adventures, water resistance, and world-time functions are but a few of the great things these useful timepieces can offer. Although these watches tend to be chunky in design, there are some slim and classic styles for the gent who’s both edgy and sophisticated. Consider Breitling Cockpit B50 Night Mission, Rolex Submariner 116610LN, Timex Expedition Camper if you watch strength and durability that fits an outdoor lifestyle.

Keep track of time with a watch that represents your values and suits your style. Whether you’re out chasing sunsets or working toward your fitness goals, there’s a timepiece to ensure everything you do is done on schedule. The more things you have in common with your watch, the more you’ll look forward to wearing it on your wrist.