Prada Countdown: Here are the Most Expensive Prada Items Ever Sold

Nothing blends vintage and modernity quite like Prada. From its iconic nylon bags to its dashing flame sandals, the luxury brand offers a broad range of products that magnificently fuses the nostalgic pop-retro look with futuristic, avant-garde designs. No wonder celebrities, tycoons, and young shoppers alike spend thousands of dollars just to own items made by this fashion powerhouse.

While it’s not as expensive as other top luxury brands, such as Hermes and Chanel, Prada remains elusive to the general public. Among its most expensive products can cost you over $1000. For your guide, we’ve rounded up the priciest Prada items ever sold. Try not to get your jaw dropped as you go through each of them. Read on.

Most Expensive Prada Items Ever Sold

  • Most expensive wallet: Ostrich Leather Zip Around Wallet – $2,250

What befits the budget of the elite other than a $2,250 Prada wallet? Neat, elegant, and space-friendly, this luxurious money holder is made out of ostrich leather that is soft and comfortable to the touch. The item comes with three (3) bill compartments, twelve (12) credit card slots, and three (3) document pockets, making it perfect for people who love to keep a stash of cash, cards, and receipts with them anywhere they go. 

The item measures 10.3cm in length and 20 cm in width. It’s also smartly designed with a slim appearance to help make it slip easily into jeans and handbags.

  • Most Expensive Shoes: Prada Crocodile Leather Sneakers – $2,900

Classic crocodile leathers are among the most sought-after leathers in the world. They’re elegant, formal, and princely. Clearly, the material is considered the ultimate emblem of the typical elite gentleman. But while the said leather type is often seen in classic loafers and oxfords, Prada took the luxurious material down into the casual and athletic realm by introducing its iconic Crocodile Leather Sneakers.

These sporty shoes come in a striking black color and feature a modern round-toe design for maximum comfort. They also come with leather-lined insoles and have thick rubber soles perfect for on-the-go activities. The shoes can fetch up to a whopping price of $2,900.

  • Most expensive jewelry: Prada Fine Jewelry gold and diamond earrings – $ 7,300

Gold jewelry items have always been costly, but they’re even more skyrocketing when they come with the iconic Prada logo. This pair of fine jewelry gold and diamond earrings are part of the first fine jewelry collection introduced by Prada in 2019. Each piece features a golden robot-shaped charm that dangles from a chain, creating a deluxe, regal appeal.  

The earrings are made of 18-carat gold and embellished with two (2) small and two (2) large diamonds each robot charm. The pair is perfect for formal events, parties, and even random celebrations. The earrings are currently priced at a staggering price of $7,300 on Prada’s official website.

  • Most expensive jacket: Prada Leather Biker Jacket $ 7,800

Leather jackets aren’t simply a trend; they are a form of lifestyle. What’s even more interesting about them is that the more vintage they look, the cooler they become. Prada’s leather biker jacket is a testament to this. 

First introduced as part of the Spring Summer 2022 collection, the item was specifically designed to have a worn appeal reminiscent of the classic bikers in the Forties and Fifties. The jacket features a front zipper closure and welt pockets for both fashion and convenience. It has a rustic, vintage-inspired look that evokes a blend of maturity and a typical teen rebel spirit. 

  • Most expensive bag: Brandy Top Handle V2 – $10,200

No other Prada product perfectly epitomizes the brand’s high-end fashion other than its Brandy Top Handle V2. Considered the most expensive Prada handbag to date, this luxurious item is built from exotic ostrich leather and comes with a pair of snap-lock clasps. 

The bag features three inside pockets and measures 27x16x14 in centimeters. This ultra-expensive version comes shortly after the release of the original Prada Brandy Top Handle, which costs $9,600 at the time of its release and provides only one snap-lock clasp.

The current Brandy Top Handle V2 is now considered among the go-to luxury handle bags of many celebrities, influencers, and young millennial shoppers. 

What Now?

Impressed about our list of the most expensive Prada products ever sold? Bold, nostalgic, and eccentric, Prada has proven itself countless times to be a timeless fashion brand that stylishly blends the memories of the past with the demands of the present time.

As the Italian luxury brand continues to explore and reinvent the fashion world, you might want to consider investing your money in its most popular products to date. Whether for use or mere display, these best and costliest Prada items will help keep you at the forefront of fashion and high-end lifestyle this 2022 and beyond!

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