Top 10 Watch Brands Every Gentleman Needs To Know

No matter how advanced the technology gets, the traditional mechanical movements of a classic wristwatch remain to be a captivating work of art. It’s a timeless piece that has been perfected and fine-tuned over centuries of relentless dedication, sophisticated craftsmanship, and passionate innovation.

Renowned horologists who have passed down the ingenuity of their work gives us a look of precious heirlooms from the past. The luxury watch reveals a gentleman’s regard for class, style, and most importantly, tradition. Whether you are a prominent collector or a neophyte to the wonderful world of watches, here are watch brands you need to know.

1. Alpina

This Switzerland-based brand is made for the adventurous. Specializing in sports timekeepers, you’ll find an Alpina watch on the wrists of climbers, skiers, and divers alike. Built to withstand the most demanding elements of nature, these watches can endure a rugged lifestyle.

Famous Norwegian voyager Børge Ousland wore the brand’s feature watch, the first Horological Smartwatch, in his unsupported expedition across North and South Poles. The Seastrong Diver 300 and Alpiner 4 are also excellent timepieces for the natural explorer.

2. Arnold & Son

For more than 250 years, Arnold & Son has produced prestigious timepieces rooted in English horology. A company founded on technical expertise, John Arnold crafted the first of his watches with the goal of finding longitude at sea. The eminent English chronometer maker was among the most prominent figures in the heroic days of watchmaking. His work helped the great seafaring nations, England and France, in conquering the oceans and leading maritime trade.

Upon their global comeback in 1998, Arnold & Son has continued to innovate using only the finest materials. They have since released groundbreaking timepieces, such as a Longitude Timekeeper, a Deck Marine Timekeeper, and a triple-zone watch. Slide on a wristwatch from the Royal collection to experience the classic piece that upholds the brand’s technical brilliance.

3. Bell & Ross

Every single Bell & Ross wristwatch contains up to 350 select parts. Their opulent watches are a reflection of French engineering which defies conventionality. Originally designed for divers, pilots, and astronauts, a Bell & Ross timepiece can resist extreme conditions while preserving unparalleled functionality.

A high-tech collection for the risk-taker, a vintage series for a man of authority, a GMT line for the luxury traveler – each wristwatch has a purpose and a meaning. Keep a Bell & Ross on your wrist to guide your adventurous lifestyle and enjoy its sleek styling, mechanical excellence, and unmatched precision.

4. Breguet

A window into Europe’s impressive cultural heritage, a Breguet timepiece tells a tale of ancient nobility, classical elegance, and unspoken beauty. These are stories told by the Fist Republic, Louis XVI, and most notoriously, Napoleon. Many of the continent’s great rulers have worn nothing less than a Breguet watch throughout their leadership.

Breguet invented the tourbillon, a household piece in the realm of high-end wristwatches. Known for their secret authenticity engravings, modern timepieces of the brand feature reeded edges, guilloche silver dials, and the Breguet signature. For everyday wear, consider the Marine or Transatlantique collections. If you’re a collector, dive into the rich history of their classical line and become a part of Europe’s intriguing past.

5. Cartier

A Paris-based powerhouse, Cartier upholds a reputable role of delivering luxury jewels and watches across the world. When you slide on a Cartier timepiece, you get a feel of their wonderful craftsmanship guided by ingenuity and class. A category of their own, the company designs chronographs which redefine precision and temperament, with special regards to aesthetic.


Japan has always been a leader in technological advancement, making Japanese brands worth looking at for cutting-edge watches. From their classical 3-Hand Analog style to their Pro Trek Smart Outdoor Watch, CASIO has extensive collections for different lifestyles. For a durable, high-quality timepiece from these watchmakers, check out the G-Shock series. They’ve easily become popular for their hyper-militaristic design combined with great functionality.

7.  Graham

Enthusiasts and collectors alike can spot a Graham chronograph from a mile away. These unique watches are characterized by their large, eye-catching design with thick rubber straps and luminous elements. By far, these are the only, true deep-sea diving timepieces for professional divers. The construction allows them to resist tearing, endure underwater pressure, and keep accurate time.

On land, Graham offers various styles that incorporate luxurious elements like color bracelets, silver, and diamonds. Notable to the brand is the Tourbillograph line, a beautiful collection of luxury watches with chrome, silver, black, and gold. They give a robust touch of elegance for any occasion, and an effortless way to captivate an audience.

8. Hublot

Hublot MDM Geneve Depose Automatic Watch 37mm Black Rubber Strap w Black Dial

Beyond the release of their avant-garde Big Bang Red Gold, Hublot has earned their spot at the top. They’ve amassed many awards in their journey, such as the 2005 Design Prize, Best Oversized Watch, and Sports Watch Prize.

Bringing a fusion of contemporary masculinity and traditional horology, the company creates a new meaning for men’s luxury timepieces. They’ve become international timekeepers for ski championships, NBA teams, and FIFA World Cups. Their most coveted, best-selling Big Bang collection feature sapphire crystal glass, gold encasement, and automatic movements any gentleman will sure to appreciate.  

9. Omega

This brand is synonymous to perfection. With their precise timekeeping and distinctive designs, these Swiss watchmakers have, time and again, showcased their skill to making long lasting, quality watches. It’s a name worthy of being the official timekeepers of NASA, the Olympics, and James Bond films.


10. Rolex

ROLEX Presidential Oyster Perpetual Black Dial Day Date 18K Yellow Gold Mens Watch

Steeped in heritage, Rolex consistently revolutionized the classics, earning them a plethora of “firsts” in the industry. The company has developed watches for extreme sports, rough terrain, including polar exploration and Mount Everest expeditions. Counterfeits are everywhere, so make sure you purchase your Rolex from a reputable retailer.

Take time to look at different brands when deciding to buy a luxury watch. Know where they came from and what inspires them. Appreciate their craftsmanship and details, as every piece is a work of art. They also make for a good investment, as one can last for several generations.

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