Diamond Clarity

The Four C’s of Diamonds: Part 1 – Clarity

Diamond Clarity The clarity of a diamond refers to the natural imperfections that may be present on or inside of a diamond. Flaws that are within a diamond itself are known as inclusions. The imperfections that are present on the outside of a diamond are known as blemishes. While these flaws are the so-called “birthmarks of nature” and make each diamond unique, they affect the beauty and ultimately, the value of a diamond.

It is important to know all the inclusions and blemishes in your diamonds so you are well equipped when you say “I am interested in selling my diamonds.”

When a diamond has blemishes or includes, the clarity grade of the diamond is lower and the stone itself becomes less valuable. The fewer inclusions and blemishes a diamond has, the more rare and valuable it is. Also, the identity of a specific diamond can be determined using a plot chart that shows the various location, size and type of any blemishes and inclusions it might have.

Clarity grading with diamonds is done using a 10x loupe magnification but microscopes may also be used to assist in finding flaws within the diamond that are hard to find on higher quality stones. When you think “I want to sell my diamond” come in to Biltmore and we will show you how to use a loupe look for inclusions/blemishes in a diamond.

The grades start with flawless and range to I3 – these grades are described below:

F (Flawless)
*No external (blemishes) or internal (inclusion) flaws in the stone can be seen when examined by a skilled grader using 10X magnification

IF (Internally Flawless)
*No inclusions in the stone and only insignificant blemishes are present under 10X magnification. A very minor re-polishing of the stone can bring a grade from IF to F.

VVS1-VVS2 (Very Very Slightly Included)
*Flaws are not visible to the naked eye. Very minute inclusions can be found by a trained gemologist under 10X magnification but are very difficult to detect, even for a highly skilled grader.

VS1-VS2 (Very Slightly Included)
*Flaws are not visible to the naked eye. Minor inclusions can be detected using 10X magnification and can range from difficult to somewhat easy for a skilled grade to see during examination

SI1-SI2 (Slightly Included)
*Flaws may be barely visible to the naked eye. Inclusions can be are noticeable and can be easily seen under 10X magnification.

I1-I2-I3 (Included)
*Flaws are visible with the naked eye as well as under 10X magnification. The inclusions are fairly obvious and can be seen easily when the diamonds are viewed face up. In lower I grades, such as I3, the inclusions can affect the durability of the diamond.

Please beware that many jeweler’s and diamond appraises will under or over-grade a diamond depending on their motive. It is very important to deal with a trustworthy, BBB rated business when you decide to that you want to sell a diamond. For example, a jeweler who is selling a nice looking SI1 stone may tell his customers that the stone is a VS2 in order to make more money off the sale.

Another example would be a diamond buyer who receives an SI2 stone but tells the seller that the stone is an I1 to buy it for cheaper. When buying a diamond on a budget, it may be wiser to select a diamond with a better cut quality, higher color grade, or larger size than to pick one with a higher clarity grade.

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