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The Four C’s of Diamonds: Part 2 – Cut

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The cut of the diamond is very important since the brilliance, or shine of a diamond is heavily dependant on the quality of its cut. When cutting a diamond, diamond cutters need to make a choice between more weight (carat size) or more brilliance in the stone The cut of a diamond is not the same as its shape. The shape of a diamond refers to the style or general appearance of a stone, such as round cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, pear cut and more.

When speaking of a diamond’s cut, it is a reference to the reflective qualities of a diamond.

When a diamond is cut badly, the light that comes in through the top of the diamond (the table) and reaches the side grooves of the stone (the facets) leaves the stone through the bottom or the side of the stone. When this happens, the light does not reflect back through the top (the table) at hit the person’s eye who looks at the diamond. Regardless of your diamond’s cut, you can sell diamonds in Scottsdale, AZ to Biltmore.

When less light reflects back to the eye, there is less brilliance and it is ultimately less valuable. Many diamonds are not cut correctly and most people who buy diamonds cannot identify a diamond that has an inferior cut. Many diamond cutters have a financial incentive to not remove weight from the rough diamond; so many stones on the market have heavy or deep cuts.

When a diamond is well cut, the light will come through the table of the diamond and go through to the pavilion, when it bounces off the different facets, and then reflects back through the table of the stone. When this happens, the effect is a brilliant and fiery light that flashes and gives diamonds the flashing, mesmerizing effect that makes them so popular.

The ability of a diamond to handle and reflect light brilliantly is due to the angles and finish of the diamond. Diamonds that have the best cut are ones that stick to a specific set of standard angles that have been calculated to maximize the brilliance of a stone. These standards involve specific angles for the different facets and proportions between various parts, such as depth vs. diameter, table vs. diameter and more. If your diamond is cut well, you can sell diamonds in Phoenix, AZ to Biltmore for more money today!

There are different grading methods that are used to evaluate the cut quality of the diamond. Gemological laboratories use sophisticated measuring devices to determine how well a diamond is cut. The most commonly used grades are:

  • Ideal
  • Premium
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Fair & Poor

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